Starbeams: Escaping Japan to KCI, Shrinking Sprint & Royals Opening Day Pitcher

A group of Japanese exchange students arrived at KCI Monday.  The students were thrilled to be here, relieved to escape the radiation scare but a bit surprised to see our airports ceilings still covered with asbestos.


The first-ever face transplant in this country was performed in Boston this week.  A construction worker who had his face disfigured in a terrible power line accident received a new nose, lips, skin, muscles and nerves from a dead person. If all goes as hoped, the 25 year-old man should look more natural than Joan Rivers.

AT&T is trying to buy T-Mobile.  Which would leave Sprint as the smallest of the three big carriers.  I kinda figured Sprint was the smallest phone company when I called customer service and Dan Hesse answered my questions.


The Royals will go with Luke Hochevar as their starting pitcher opening day.  He was the first overall pick in the 2006 draft and after 5 years, they’re betting the Royals pitching coaches haven’t yet ruined his abilitie


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2 Responses to Starbeams: Escaping Japan to KCI, Shrinking Sprint & Royals Opening Day Pitcher

  1. Super Dave says:

    Hope Guy Looks Better Than Her
    Joan Rivers look natural? I’d like to maybe see someday if I could play her face like a snare drum. I really wonder what sound it would make. Only hard part be getting her to be quite long enought to try it.

    But no really her skin has to be stretched tighter than the skins on my drums and I expect any day one of those will pop.

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