Hearne: Sly James Victory Dance To Go Down at Negro Leagues Tonight

With all due respect for the political prognosticator known as Jimmy C….

The losers I talk to are forecasting a victory for Sly James in today’s KC mayoral contest. Not for Mike Burke, as my well-heeled colleague Jim Fitzpatrick (Fitz choked out a cool five grand to Burke) wishfully predicted earlier today.

The reason: For starters, the weather.

Today’s pleasing climes will turn out voters in parts of town and of an age that will likely countermand the waspy white, older voters to whom meaningless support of over-the-hill former mayors counts for something.

In other words, it will bring out younger, hipper voters, to whom staid endorsements from the old guard are more likely to be seen as a reason to vote against rather than for Mike Burke.

That’s what I’m hearing anyway…

Younger voters want a canddidate who won’t be a Kay Barnes clone and give away even more of KC’s farm.

Of course, unlike Jimmy C, I neither have a dog in this fight – no cash investment and I live in Kansas – nor do I pretend to know what the actual outcome will be.

Just passing along what I’m hearing.

Including that the forces for Sly are working hard up north to get out the vote for the Family Stone. And who, by the by, won’t be partying at Crown Center or anyplace uppity like that.

James victory dance tonight – if indeed he dances it – will go down at the Negro Leagues Museum at 18th & Vine.

See you there.

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2 Responses to Hearne: Sly James Victory Dance To Go Down at Negro Leagues Tonight

  1. bschloz says:

    Hanging Chad
    I’m predicting dramatic finish.
    No dog in the fight here either…but I think its important for Metro.
    Not much of a campaign …I saw a few signs for James and the 1 double full page in The Star today for Burke?
    I guess if my wife can pick her brackets by the colors of uniforms and mascot names…Its fair I can choose Mayor of KC based on name.
    Sly James is just a badass name,no? Gotta be good for KC.

  2. smartman says:

    Pimp My Mayor
    Sly James is second only to Velvet Jones as the perfect name for a PIMP. The brotha has ishes as REVRUND Jackson would say. Can’t go by his given name Sylvester.Keeps his white wife off the radar during the campaign. What else is Sly hidin’ from us?

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