Glazer: Two Hot Ladies for City Council, Tracy Ward & Daina Kennedy

In the sixth district at large we have The Pink Lady Tracy Ward.

Believe it or not, this former waitress makes lots of sense. She believes the city council should amend many rules and laws that stand in the way of small businesses. She’s open minded to making positive changes downtown. And her youth and drive will go along way towards getting the council fired up again.

What’s not to like about any of that?

Plus her husband still plays in a rock band at age 35, ao they stay up on what’s going on with young adults in the area and Tracy believes in giving everyone a fair shake.

And with that pink hair, everyone will know who she is at a glance.
Another young lady, Daina Kennedy, is running for council in District One (at large).She’s got the right last name, huh? Daina has spent years working with non-profit organizations like Family Outreach for teens and youth. Her programs help keep young people off the streets with evening events like live bands, carnivals and cookouts in the inner city. Daina is the vice-president of Cooley Highlands, a group that works on keeping the area clean and neat, reducing crime and supporting family unity.
Daina’s husband works hand in hand with his wife to make their neighborhood better.

She’s from a union family and believes in the people.  She also believes in showing people respect to gain theirs.

"I think city hall needs to stop arguing amongst themselves and work as a unit to make this city much more business friendly," she says.

Like Tracy Ward, Daina wants to see small business get rolling again.

"Get off their backs," she says. "There are too many government agencies with their hands out – enough already."
These two ladies would make an excellent team.

We need the breath of fresh air at city hall.
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5 Responses to Glazer: Two Hot Ladies for City Council, Tracy Ward & Daina Kennedy

  1. BarKeeper says:

    Tony Left a Big Hole
    Hearne, your lackeys aren’t doing much of a job filling the major gap created by Tony taking flight. Their shallow abilities have truly been exposed. Better reel Tony back in, or put out the recruiting banner. You ship is listing hard to starboard.

  2. Cliffy says:

    (LOL) Is this a joke?

  3. Super Dave says:

    Two Women Kansas City Needs
    Tracy Ward and Daina Kennedy are what Kansas City needs. They are grass roots kind of people who work for the people of Kansas City rather than sit back and see what Kansas City can do for them.

    Kansas City needs a fresh new look and attitude in city hall and these two ladies are the ones who can get that ball to rolling.

  4. Super Dave says:

    Tony Left a Big Hole?
    Appears to me Tony as well left a few big A-Hole commenters as well.

  5. BarKeeper says:

    You Would Include Yourself As Well, Right?
    “Appears to me Tony as well left a few big A-Hole commenters as well”.

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