Glazer: Fight Narcolepsy, Vote For Sly James!

The election’s tomorrow – Sly James vs. Mike Burke

Sly’s the wild card; an experienced lawyer who thus far has crushed Burke in their on-air clashes. That being said, Sly’s black with a white wife while Mike Burke is old guard – which means means status quo. Everything now is ALRIGHT. Which it’s not. And not just because of the Funk but all the tax giveaways doled out by former KC mayor Kay Barnes to people like…Mike Burke.

Burke has 30 years of experience downtown with City Hall. He helped dole out the corporate big buck deals, few of which have worked out thus far. Mike seems to be a decent sort, but just more of the same. Again, like Barnes.

So Mike will go to the meetings, hand out plaques, shake a lot of hands and likely be kinda forgotten.

Face it, he’s no fireball.

Sly, well he’s saying the right things and acting like a player, but only time will tell if he can make a difference. He’s sharp, dresses well, has a strong presence – best speaker since Emanuel Cleaver.

As most of you probably agree, Kansas City’s been on a downward spiral since the early 70’s.

The city is mostly lower income, except up north and along Ward Parkway and the Plaza. KCMO has a growing urban population and crime is high. Our Crown Jewel, The Plaza, needs some energy and new attractions. Westport is hanging on but with zero help from anyone but themselves. Waldo and Brookside have become the new Westport but could use some energy as well. Downtown was a total failure and there’s no out card. And 18th and Vine – don’t ask and don’t tell.

Christ, what a joke it is.

Union Station is finally seeing some daylight, but it’s taken 20 years and $300 million to get it rolling. The Zoo needs animals and people. And overall the mayor’s office has been beyond horrible.

Cleaver, the biggest fraud of the group, had a shot to get the city going but fell short. The misplacement of casinos, and now Legends is getting one right on top of the shopping district that will be a big hit due to its location. I still don’t know what Cleaver really got done? Nothing as far as I can see. I worked with him quite a bit – again great presence, good speaker – but kinda like Kansas weed; it looks good, smells good but that’s about it!

Can Sly actually do anything? Maybe.

If he has guts, makes inroads with other cities – something we have never done – and I think he can mend fences with the city council. Get them to stand behind him, where Marky Mark didn’t.

That’s a good start.

Sly will need to establish a national presence – again only Cleaver has had that and he did nothing with it. But he kinda did have it for a time.

Ah, if only Stan Glazer had become mayor of KC. Like him or not, things would be much better. He had the goods and the swagger, these other mayors didn’t.

This crap about ONE vote, the mayor doesn’t matter! Dead wrong, a strong leader matters.

People listen and follow.
For my buck, it should be Sly James, with him there is a chance for a positive movement.

Mike Burke will likely be more of the same. Not much happening there. I’ll go with Sly.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Fight Narcolepsy, Vote For Sly James!

  1. bate says:

    If Stan would of been Mayor the city would not have any money. Chapter 11

  2. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    The City Is already Broke
    I get a kick out of hearing that Stan was somehow a crook? How? He never to my knowledge did any crimes. Well maybe he just never got caught. Craig I do agree Stan would have been fun and he would have at least tried to help. These others were sleep walking.

  3. cowboy says:

    I’d have paid money to see you run and win Glazer
    I remember when you were on the verge of running in 2000 or so. You debating Kay, how much fun that would have been. Hey at least the strip bars would still be open. I don’t know much about either of these guys, but I did hear James on the radio, sounded pretty cool.

  4. Black Barbie says:

    You Like The Black Man!
    My momma told me you wanted a black mayor. Now thats shocking to me Craig. Well maybe not, bet he has some hot looking daughter or girl or something you must like. We not closed. Temptations is open, come see me will you.

  5. Kellys man says:

    I’m for whoever Nigro Isn’t for
    I know Nigro likes this guy so I don’t.

  6. Bill Nigro says:

    Kellys Guy (not a man)
    I heard you got thrown out of Kellys!

  7. rocko says:

    “up north” we’re voting “not Sly”
    not sure if the boring white dude will do us much good

    but we all KNOW Sly won’t

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