Glazer: All Aboard; Humble Scribe Predicts KU National Championship

Get ready for the Final Four finale, KC…

Yep, it’s gonna be Kansas versus Ohio State. Even though the Prez picked KU, the rest of the predictions now favor Ohio State. Some like Duke, but not too many people are picking KU.


Because KU doesn’t seem to have that one KILLER player to go to when it matters. But the truth is they have TWO, the Morris Twins. They’re kinda like one player rolled into two. Most experts feel with the Twins and Thomas Robinson Kansas has the best three big man combo in the game.

And I agree.
I have no clue why Josh Selby, who I predicted would be a huge help to KU getting to Final Four, is even thinking NBA next year. He needs to play at least one full season to see if he can be what everyone’s hoped for this year. I just don’t see him competing in the NBA next season. Hell, he’s not showing that much in the NCAA. He’s the 8th man on KU’s squad.
So KU has three games to get ready for Ohio State.

Doesn’t it piss you off that all the on-air guys say, "There are no great teams out there this year." 

Hello, Kansas,Ohio State, maybe Duke – not too shabby.

I want to see our elite local sports team win it all.

We have no other talked-about sports teams that matter. Yes, the Chiefs may start the march towards counting but they aren’t there yet. And even if you’re a K-State or MU fan, come on, lets back our local Champs.

It was nice to see USA Today give KU a full three page story this week. The best college team by all the numbers over the last five years. Four No 1 seeds, a national championship in 2008 and the best won/loss record over that period. Nice.
Prediction: Ohio State vs. Kansas in title game. Final score  Kansas 72 Ohio State 69.
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14 Responses to Glazer: All Aboard; Humble Scribe Predicts KU National Championship

  1. bschloz says:

    Houston We Don’t Have a Problem
    How would you like to game plan for Morris Twins? 2- All American caliber 6’9 Clones? If this is not the best story in hoops today– I don’t know what is? ….
    I feel so sorry for Coach Self having to deal with these tough rotation issues like finding minutes for future lotto picks Selby and Robinson. It must be really stressful work.

  2. flyaway says:

    pretty easy to make a finals prediction when the field has been reduced by 75 percent. where were you a week ago?

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    I like KSU and MU… but I also like watching the best at what they do… and KU is an awesome team.

  4. dp says:

    Nice Pick
    Way to go out on a limb. KU has the easiest Sweet 16/Elite 8 set up in tournament history and can only face heavyweights Duke, UNC and Ohio State in the title game.

  5. JayJay says:

    KU Sucks
    Glazer you are a jerk, KU won’t beat Richmond. I got money says KU won’t cover the six and a half….takers?

  6. Mark Brenner says:

    You Are A Fool Jay Jay
    I’ll bet you if I could find you, must be an MU fan. Loser.

  7. harley says:

    Glazer goes all out….here’s my predictions
    just like glazer picking ku to win it all after the set up they’ve gotten…here’s what i predict
    1. Green bay wins super bowl
    2. Royals lose at least 70 games in 2011
    3. LeBron James will play in final series
    4. Obama will run in 2012 for reelection
    pretty safe bets right.,
    I do see ku having more problems than most people expect. They havent had that really
    really bad game this year…and its coming…if not they play in national championship game
    against duke or ohio state…..

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