OTC: March Madness Goes Charlie Sheen On Day One!


“The first day of the tournament never lets you down!”
Doug Gottlieb, ESPN Radio
GH: Maybe not never but it sure was Christmas on St. Paddy’s Day yesterday! Buzzer beaters become the norm even before Jack Harry’s afternoon nap. Gottlieb and Jay Bilas took turns filling in for Mike Golic this week on ESPN Radio’s popular Mike & Mike morning show. It was not a coincidence that Golic happened to take a vacation during March Madness’ opening weekend. Greenie is weak enough when it comes to discussing college hoops but Golic’s hoops knowledge ends with knowing the games are played indoors.  
“Props to Mr. President: On Day 1, Obama correctly picked 14 of 16 winners and is in the 99.7th percentile in ESPN.com Tournament Challenge.”
Seth Davis, Twitter
GH: Maybe the Pres should roll that national debt into Vegas and wipe it out over the weekend. CBS reported about 3:30 PM (CT) on Thursday that there were no perfect brackets remaining of the hundreds of thousands that were submitted online.  This was after three games! March Madness on Tigerblood!
“So what do you guys think of the new TV setup? Send me some feedback. Please be respectful.”
Seth Davis, Twitter
GH: With four channels broadcasting every game, the viewers only limitations were how many TVs did you have set up and how quickly you could find what station was broadcasting the game you were looking for. During the afternoon games, some coworkers and I had a flat-screen TV, an iPhone and an iPad set up in the company break room to watch multiple games on various pieces of hardware receiving the telecasts. The scream we collectively let out when that deep three buried Louisville’s tourney hopes brought HR into the room to ask if anyone needed to file for workman’s comp.
“Gotta say I love the tourney on multiple channels. Finally control in our hands….no waiting on affiliate or guessing what we’re gonna get.”
Bryan Truta, KC 105.1 FM radio jock, Twitter
GH: I agree. There was some growling from K-State fans last night (and rightly so) when CBS unexplainably switched from the KSU/Utah State game to show the final seconds of the MSU/UCLA thriller but other than that it was up to the viewer to pick and choose. BTW, you can follow Truta, the former 1510 intern, on Twitter at @TruTaForm.
“Jimmer Ferdette (of BYU) did not have a particularly good night even though he scored 32 points.”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: You know you’re good when you pop for 32 and your day is described as not “particularly good.” I think Jimmer might go for 50 before this tourney’s done. He is the single most exciting player since Texas’ Kevin Durant.
“Why March Madness is great: Oakland w/ a $5.9 million athletic budget is playing Texas w/ a $130 million budget!”
Darren Rovell, Twitter
“I think Texas is the most complete team in college basketball. And I’ve said that since the middle of the year.”
Hubert Davis, ESPN analyst, ESPN Radio
GH: Davis said he doesn’t agree with a lot of the talk that has Oakland upsetting the Longhorns. I sure hope Hubie is correct because I have the Horns in my Final Four.
“It’s joke. We’re lucky to win here today.
Frank Martin, in postgame interview following K-State’s win over Utah State, TruTV
GH: What’s it take to make Frank happy in March? Frank sounded like his team had just lost to Nebraska at Wichita State. K-State played extremely well against a quality and experienced opponent. Maybe Frank thinks the Goodfella’s persona is necessary but I think it detracts from the great effort his team put in and that of the Utah State team.
“K-State is done shooting free throws in the face of Wild Bill. He’s not changing seats. Wildcats were ready for him, made 11 of 11.”
Kellis Robinette, KC Star beat writer, on the unique super fan of Utah State, Twitter
GH: Wild Bill is a 20-something fat guy who sits under the opposing team’s basket dressed in a large diaper and bed sheet in order to distract the opposition while shooting free throws. After seeing Wild Bill’s act, I am starting to think these Utah folks might want to mix in some college sex just to avoid more WBs.  BTW, K-State hit 24 of 28 frows. Looks like the joke was on Wild Bill.
“Wisconsin is not a very physically overwhelming team.”
Austin Meek, beat writer for Topeka Capital Journal, on K-State’s next opponent, 810 AM
GH: Translation: Wisconsin has a lot of white guys.
“K-State’s unis are the best in the dance. Period. Dear Frank, I will take Spradling’s when u are done.”
Doug Gottlieb, Twitter
GH: I gotta think somehow, some way Frank Martin is gonna think of a way to get Gottlieb one of those grays.
“We’re excited for the future.”
Mike Anderson, in his postgame interview following Mizzou’s loss to Cincinnati, 810 AM
GH: Anderson had every reason to be as down as Frank but he chose to be positive – which has to be tough when you consider how poorly Mizzou has played of late. I’m not sure everyone in Missouri is quite as excited as CMA would like them to be about his returning players.
“Headed home after a failed MU season. 14-1 start, 9-10 finish.”
Mike DeArmond, KC Star beat writer, Twitter
GH: Wow! This is why I have dubbed the Tigers the Benjamin Button team of the year. They played backward all season long.
“Split Decision”
Headline in Friday’s Kansas City Star
GH: I know no one reads the printed version of The Star anymore but I wanted to compliment the Sports Daily on their recent designs and artwork for the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments. One of the best reasons to get the pulp paper is the artwork – and The Star has delivered the past few weeks with dramatic stuff. Now if only I could have found the box score of the K-State game somewhere in the Friday edition…
“A pair of former Park Hill Trojans have qualified for the NCAA Wrestling Championships
as Freshman.  Alan Waters is a 125 pound wrestler at Mizzou, and Kaleb Friedley is a 141 pounder
at Northwestern. I think it would be great if these two kids could get a little recognition from the local media.  I realize that wrestling isn’t popular with a large majority of fans, but these kids have had a great season.”
George Olson, Email to OTC
GH: Okay, this doesn’t quite fit here but I wanted to give these two kids some props. There isn’t a more demanding sport than wrestling and none more humiliating when you consider your opponent’s objective is to pin you in front of your girlfriend while you’re wearing your underwear. Congrats to these two Park Hill kids and good luck at the NCAAs.

GH: Today’s broadcasting teams for the NCAA matchups courtesy of TheBigLead.com
12:15, CBS, Tulsa – Texas vs. Oakland (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr)
12:40, truTV, Charlotte – Michigan vs. Tennessee (Nantz/Kellogg)
1:40, TBS, Chicago – Notre Dame vs. Akron (Spero Dedes/Bob Wenzel)
2:10, TNT, Cleveland — George Mason vs. Villanova (Gus Johnson/Len Elmore)
2:45, CBS, Tulsa – Arizona vs. Memphis (Albert/Kerr)
3:10, truTV, Charlotte – Duke vs. Hampton (Nantz/Kellogg)
4:10, TBS, Chicago – Texas A&M vs. Florida St. (Dedes/Wenzel)
4:40, TNT, Cleveland – Ohio St. vs. UTSA/Alabama St. (Johnson/Elmore)
6:50, TBS, Tulsa – Kansas vs. Boston U. (Albert/Kerr)
7:15, CBS, Charlotte – North Carolina vs. Long Island (Nantz/Kellogg)
7:20, TNT, Chicago – Purdue vs. St. Peter’s (Dedes/Wenzel)
7:27, truTV, Cleveland – Xavier vs. Marquette (Johnson/Elmore)
9:20, TBS, Tulsa – UNLV vs. Illinois (Albert/Kerr)
9:45, CBS, Charlotte – Washington vs. Georgia (Nantz/Kellogg)
9:50, TNT, Chicago – Georgetown vs. Southern California/VCU (Dedes/Wenzel)
9:57, truTV, Cleveland – Syracuse vs. Indiana St. (Johnson/Elmore)
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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15 Responses to OTC: March Madness Goes Charlie Sheen On Day One!

  1. bschloz says:

    Charles Barkley doing NCAA hoops?….Awesome…VEGAS BABY!

  2. Tracy Thomas says:

    Check the time for KU tonight: other places say 5:50pm
    So perhaps was that source using Eastern time?
    I don’t take the Star, and since they didn’t bother to even report the box score for KState from last night, one might not find them a dependable source.

  3. Gavin says:

    a small criticism
    Nice column, Greg, but could you have maybe listed the tipoff times as CST instead of EST or at least noted that the times are eastern? I imagine you did a cut-and=paste and I appreciate the service, but if anyone doesn’t figure out the time difference, they might miss an hour of their game. Just a thought. Still a great column.

  4. tracy thomas says:

    Gavin, we are CDT now, Central DAYLIGHT Time
    But yes you are right, the KU game tips off at 5:50 PM here, in CDT. Hey, that’s only Greg Hall’s second mistake this millennium…the first being when he stated that KU going together to the funeral of Thomas Robinson’s mama would be bad for the team. Give Greg a break. He actually went to Mike Murphy’s funeral this week, so he’s having a breakthrough.

    And props to Hearne, the comment section now has spellcheck prompting! Now we just need photo captions. Come on people, don’t make me be the only person nagging Hearne for that feature.

  5. Gavin says:

    I always get mixed up between the CDT and CST. I don’t know why that is, but the point we both made is that Greg was giving eastern times. Still, it is a niggling error and I appreciate him trying to help us out. And, you’re right, Greg almost never makes mistakes, so we should be forgiving on this one.

  6. LOL at retards says:

    LOL at morons
    If you fktards are not watching the games close enough to keep up without having the times in this time zone then you do not deserve to have anything, you are lucky we give you free air.

    If you have lived in KC for more than 2 months and are still whining and scratching your stupid (probably mu fan) heads….please shut the fuck up, before you complain so much gh does not even post the info for us. You fking cry babies…The KC Star vesion of times looks more like a puzzle to be solved, tahn any useable info For you idiots, all you need is the 4 divisions…and …ah anyway..fking retards make me laugh.

    gh I very much appreciate the cut paste info. I actually watch the games so the 4 dividions are all I need. who knows what these other (probly mu idiots) are complaining about….please continue to post the times, or at least retweet, thx

  7. typo king says:

    speell check? where / what?
    “”And props to Hearne, the comment section now has spellcheck prompting””

    i dont see any spell check thingy…… it must be one of those “special browser” deals, yeah I use old shitty worthless anyiayuqted IE, and i will continue to use it,,,and my horse and buggy do quite fine too…good day sir. 😉

    A ” post preview” option would be nice for stupid retrards like me (I am the typo king) who have never in my whole life submitted a nonerrored post, but I am a moron too…oh well… it is nice to blend in here.

  8. smartman says:

    Afro Sheen
    The Big Dance didn’t snort a couple of 8-Balls, didn’t threaten to kill anyone, trash any hotel rooms, bang any hookers, have to go to the ER, get fired, do any Jew-Bashing, disrespect its’ father and brother, offer advice to Lindsay Lohan, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah Why in the hell Mr. Hall, would you take one of the most pure and beautiful sporting events and compare it to a stupid fucking whackjob, sociopathic, psychpoathic, psychotic bi-polar, whackjob of a human being. How Whitlock-esque of you, or is R-Kelly Urich writing your headlines now?

  9. Tracy says:

    The spell check works by underlining wrong words in red.
    So it’s not a button. As you type, if you see words that are underlined in red, one may fix them then. Now, certain proper names that have not been certified into the dictionary, eg proper names, will still show up as red. But this at least helps.

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    park hill wrestling
    good news on the wrestlers… Up in Iowa dual meets will get 3000 spectators and the state tournament will bring in 15,000 per session…

  11. Brady Morningstar for 3'eeeee .......GOT IT! says:

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!
    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

    Thanks for spell check tip Tracy 🙂 but still, the spell check does not work on my box, no red lines showsup. This is
    just an fyi, no big deal for me… but sorry to you guysfor my bad spellin… 🙂

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!
    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!
    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!
    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

  12. bschloz says:

    Trademark it
    Brady has been Shedddin for last 7 years…its all about the DNA. Did he hit the rim?
    This really is a fun team….how many miles is it to Houston?
    Morris Twins are a story—nightmare for opponents…add 1 Thomas Robinson to the mix.

  13. Few (more)words says:

    and then you add in Josh Selby and ….
    Add in Selby ….and uh…. maybe dont add him in. He was a SUPERSTAR for one game…and has not done jack shit since. It is a mystery to me. If I was an NBA coach I wouldnt want him, If I was coach Self I coulnt care less if he stayed or if he goes….. People around here have said he needs money (who doesnt?) and will go….but …EITHER WAY KU IS LOCKED AND LOADED AGAIN ……AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!! much to the chagrin of all the haters roundeseparts……hahahaahaha

    Everyone should thank God for KU basktball other wise this area would have no real sports team. Come on you haters, even the President rides on the KU bandwagon and gives us props….KU basketball gives the KC area the spot light, other wise all people hear is about those freeks in Tpoke pickting funerals. Someone has to give us some good press and who / what else does that besdies KU, so quit hatin and jump on the cushy bandwagon, it has been agreat ride for 20-40 years for me, (btw My Grandfather and my Father and I all graduated from KU)(graduated , not just attend) Get on the bad wagon and as a bonus next year you too get to make (nasty)fun of the mu morons without eating your words….hahahaha ……. so much fun

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

  14. Rabid says:

    Nice job KSU
    Gotta a give props to KSU and Jacob Pullen, 38/65 pointsscored by him alone, but still they come up short….dang… man…….very tough loss, but I gotta hand to that team they battled tough, unlike mu and nu who sucked balls at the end, KSU had a shot at winning that fkr…. For that matter, props to a lot f teams today, OMG, what a crazed 3 days so far…… mutha fkr……

    My bracket is wounded baddly..but … ah fuck….. who cares about the brackets at this point I have only one request….

    I know we have had a great year so far, and that is all well and good, but right now, I ask please my beloved KU, please….please score early and be up by 10 at 10:00….and up by 20 points by half time… up by 30 points with 10 to go….. and win by 40 points… it is just a small, simple request because my heart and blood pressure does not like close games when it comes to my beloved KU……..close games are fine for teams like UCLA AND PITT and all those other teams…but PLEASE PLAY PISSED, PLAY ANGRY PLAY TOUGH AND SHOW THSOE ILLINI PUSSIES WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!…COME ON MEN LETS DO IT!!! LETS KICK SOME ASS…AND THEN WE CAN MOVE THE FUCK ON…… YEAH!!!!! …………..
    ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!!!!!!!!! L E T S D O I T ! ! ! !

  15. Rabid says:

    THANK YOU KU ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! THE AWS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    my only request isfor the TV network, maybe in the next game can you show some more commercial, becasue tonight the 58,0000 commmercials you showed, just did not interupt the game often enough….. oh ……and one more request…. in the next game can the announcers please talk moooooore about past events than the actually commentating about game going on, becasue the 2 dufus’es tonight just did not talk enough about past often enough……. geeeezzz wtf?

    besides that…..
    SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!!!

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