Take 64: My Thoughts On The Brackets & NCAA Tourney


  • You would think the schedulers could figure out a way to not start the Mizzou and K-State games with 20 minutes of each other. The Kansas City market housed the NCAA offices for decades and was home to more Final Fours than any other city. So how about showing us some love and spacing the opening round games for our three area teams over two days in a way we can watch them?
  • Not only are the Mizzou and K-State games being played at the same time tonight, they are both tipping off at about 9:00 PM (CT). Since we already lost that hour to DST last weekend, some of us are gonna need to be tased to make it through the second half. Can you imagine what Jack Harry must go through to stay awake past 11:00 PM? He’s probably gonna miss the entire set of afternoon games while he’s napping with Gary Lezak’s dogs down at TV-41’s studios.
  • It looks like the experts either love K-State to make it to the Final Four or see them as the perfect 5-12 upset against Utah State. The more I learn about Utah State, the more I fear for the Beard and his buds. They play six seniors and two juniors and have won 30 games. That is a resume no team wants to run into in March. That said, I bought K-State as one of my eight teams in our company NCAA Extravaganza so I am rocking purple this weekend! (But I did pick Utah State in my bracket – gotta have an upset pick here and there ya know.)
  • I want to believe that Mike Anderson has built his Tigers for this tournament – as has been evident the past two years. But I lost all hope watching his team disintegrate over the past few weeks. Cincinnati looks like a formidable foe and I’m not sure it would take even a half-assed foe to beat the Mizzou I saw at Sprint Center last week. If Phil Pressey can return to his mid-season form and help Marcus Denmon lead an offensive barrage from the three-point arc, Mizzou could win a couple of games. I have zero faith in Ricardo Ratliffe doing anything but wearing the varnish off the floor. What a disappointment the “Big 12 Newcomer of the Year” has been.
  • Kansas is my pick to win it all – despite how average they looked last Thursday against Oklahoma State. I think KU and Ohio State are the surest bets to make the Final Four. My other two picks to make it to Houston are Texas and Pittsburgh. My sleeper Elite 8 team is Xavier and I also like Mark Turgeon to get his A&M Aggies to the E8. I think UConn goes out early and I am staying as far away from all Big 10 teams (besides OSU) as if they were Tokyo.
  • How about those Huskers? Tom Osborne gives Doc Sadler an extension to his contract to stretch him out to 2016 and his Children of the Corn go down to Wichita and gets Malachied by the Wheat Shockers. Getting spanked 76-49 by a non-BCS school is bad enough but Doc chose not to appear on the Husker radio network for his postgame interview. That is about as bush an act as I can think of for a guy making $800K this year to coach lousy basketball. Man up Doc and do the interview – every game.
  • I don’t know how this all worked out here in KC but having St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, the opening rounds of the NCAA tourney, 75-degree weather and women not wearing parkas all happening on the same day must mean something. I am thinking today is the perfect day to buy that lottery ticket toward retirement.
  • I am dining on corned beef for lunch and I’m washing it down with a green McShake from McDonald’s. Enjoy your day and good luck to you and your brackets.
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11 Responses to Take 64: My Thoughts On The Brackets & NCAA Tourney

  1. craig glazer says:

    KU Can Do This
    Good call, I like the Jayhawks to take this thing. Many say there are no big-time talented teams, the KU team is talented. Should win it all.

  2. Fake Harley/Real jojo says:

    If you want someone to come to your house and taser you…

  3. Tweet says:

    Should be retweeted here to, eh?
    TheBigLead NCAA Tournament Schedule & Announcer Assignments for Thursday’s games


  4. BAM says:

    btw- I love the truTV/ TNT /TBS/ CBS thingy, it is a great idea.

    BAM!!! MADNESSS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Who picked Morrehead over Louieville?? WWWWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  5. smartman says:

    et tu KU
    If Jimmy The Greek were alive he would explain how the NCAA Champ this year will come from the BIG EAST since those boys were bred to be championsip caliber ballers.

  6. Jimmy The Greek says:

    11/68. For the simplton, It may appear to be simple math. If a conference has more teams in the tourny than any other, the odds might seem to favor that, however in a year (like this) when the over all talent level is low , a school like KU is favored to win it all.

    If KU plays pissed off with a vengeance and thier white kids can keep making those 3 pointers on the out side and the twins do their thing on the inside, and the team plays well as a team, and if can do better at making free throws and if they stop throwing passes to the opponent coach (sitting on the bench) then KU WILL BE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in 2011, capping another brilliant year by Coach Self and the Kansas Jayhawk Mens Basketball program.

  7. smartman says:

    “If is the middle word in life.” Colonel Walter E. Kurtz as played by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

  8. bschloz says:

    Every Year
    I get sucked into the action….seeing a Moorehead St. do it to Pitino makes me insanely happy. Fuck the brackets.
    Watching it at the office on NCAA.com is even better.
    Also enjoy listening to opening rounds in the car….nice to hear A game guys give the call.
    Had to drive down Warwick to get to the office this afternoon…KC St. Patty’s day is the best! Wish its was still on Grand.

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

  9. Brady Morningstar for 3'eeeee .......GOT IT! says:

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

    Brady Morningstar for 3’eeeee …….GOT IT!

    : ) OH BOISE IDAHO!!!!

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    Kentucky Conflict
    I bet Louisville is ticked. Why did the committee make two teams from Kentucky face off in the first round. We would be pissed if Wichita State made it in and they faced K-State in Game 1…. How about MU vs. Missouri State in game one? This commitee is clueless.

  11. WINNING says:

    My Thoughts On The First day of the NCAA Tourney
    More than lived up to expectations. What a glorious day, warm, parade, beers, and back to back to back basketball shown on 4 seperate channels so no complaints of which games are shown…. and like Christmas 2 days in a row we kick start this mutha again tomorrow at 11:30 am……….. IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! AAA!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! few things in life still ive up to expectations, but this touney (at least today) still does it, it is amazing..

    Props to KSU, you guys are holding up your end….nice work, no matter the out come of your game,,, but you will WINNING

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