Jack Goes Confidential: Mind-Bending Pill Turns Bradley Cooper’s Life ‘LIMITLESS’!

Think of the possibilities if they invented a smart pill and the FDA approved it!

That’s kinda what happens to Bradley Cooper. In LIMITLESS he plays a down-on-his-luck writer who’s introduced to a life changing, non-approved drug by his shady brother-in-law,
An experimental clear pill that enables one to overnight attain super human intelligence!

The pill allows Cooper to use 100% of his mind and turns him into the perfect version of himself.

His future now looking fantastic!

It also attracts Donald Trump-like mogul Robert DeNiro’s attention. DeNiro sees Cooper’s enhanced version as the tool to help him broker a mega corporate merger.
But with Cooper’s supply of the designer pharmaceutical miracle rapidly running out and mafia type hit men trying to control and eliminate him to get their hands on the pills, he has to stay wired long enough to elude capture and fullfill his destiny before he implodes.
Nothing lasts forever. OR DOES IT?
LIMITLESS is a fascinating brain-fueled action thriller raising 3-1/2 fingers on steroids.

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