Jack Goes Confidential: Matthew McConaughey Lands OK Legal Thriller!

As THE LINCOLN LAWYER, Matthew McConaughey, for once gets to keep his shirt on!
He plays dapper yet bottom-feeding defense attorney Michael Haller–Mick for short.
His office?
The back seat of  his vintage Lincoln sedan sporting license plates that read ‘NTGUILTY.’
Business is flourishing. Lots more wins than losses. That is, until he’s set-up by being tied to a previous murder case which he had lost!
But that’s about as much as I can spill here as the storyline and clients zig, as Mick zags all over the place.
Translation: Multiple twists!
THE LINCOLN LAWYER is based on Michael Connelly’s popular ‘Mickey Haller’ novels and McConaughey interprets the character quite well.

But when it comes right down to it the movie still plays a lot like a made-for-TV entry.
Think modern-day Perry Mason with a dash of Law and Order!
The supporting cast here chuck full of impressive names even though some of their performances are blandly routine.

*** They include Marisa Tomei as the prosecuting attorney who just happens to be Mick’s ex.

*** Long-haired William H. Macy as Mick’s personal investigator.
*** John Leguizamo, the friendly bail bondsman.
*** Beverly Hills defendant Ryan Phillippe.
*** Josh Lucas the opposing attorney.
*** And Michael Pena as one of Mick’s earlier ‘cases’ who’s now doing time in San Quentin prison.
Bottom line THE LINCOLN LAWYER is basically a story of how the system works—and how the attorney(s) work the system.
Question is, whose side is Mick REALLY On?
The legal thriller raises 2-1/2 fingers.


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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Matthew McConaughey Lands OK Legal Thriller!

  1. jon says:

    Good book
    Read the book and will see the movie based on your recommendation. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Doubter says:

    Oh Jon
    Jon, in the history of movies based on books has there EVER been an instance where someone who loved the book, saw the movie and came out and said “OH THE MOVIE WAS SO CLOSE TO THE BOOK” ….not that I can recall.. I am not poo pooing I am suggesting best policy is ….. Go in not expecting anything and you will be delighted.

  3. chuck says:

    Michael Connelly’s books are really, imo, great.
    Its Chandler and Hammet in the new millenium. He elevates the genre. Not enough for a Pulitzer, like McMurtry with Lonseom Dove, but still…

  4. chuck says:

    I am a little dyslectic.

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