Glazer: Time to Rename Big 12, The KU Tournament & Westport King for a Day!

The somewhat phony Big 12 tournament cast a spotlight on the Power & Light District, it’s Westport that still owns St. Patrick’s Day.

I say phony about the Big 12 tourney because it brings NOBODY from out of town – zip, nothing, bull crap. It used to bring several thousand people from Iowa alone. And many, if not most of them hung in Westport, mostly at Kelly‘s. But their team is awful and has been, so they bring only a couple thousand fans, they get beat on Wednesday and leave Thursday.

No other teams really come to KC in significant numbers.

Sure they have a few hundred from each school, Texas maybe brings a couple thousand total.

But the only team that matters really is KUthey should call it the KU Tournament.

KU would sell out if they were playing Richmond!

With one of the elite college basketball programs, KU owns the Big 12 tournament which they now, almost always, win. Power & Light gets an OK crowd during the week, but nothing like Westport used to get just a handful of years ago. It’s big night for Power & Light on Saturday, but that doesn’t compare with the St. Partick’s onslaught in Westport today.

One Westport businessman estimates today’s parade had at least 50,000 attendees – double the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. 

Hey Hearne, you should have done a count on this one.

The most popular float was one with a tiny leprechaun riding a BEER BOX.

It took center stage in Westport with thousands gathered around for photos and handshakes.

Of course, there are tons of hotties roaming Westport streets and bars. Just like the old days. The nice thing so far, NO PROBLEMS. And the Good Old Days. Mike Murphy were honored by all!

Thanks to a quality crowd and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Westport main man Stuart Salomon. Club owner Stuart is a high ranking Jackson County Sheriff to boot.

So no problems. Huge crowd. Drinking like bandits.
Kelly’s had a line down the street at 10 AM today with maybe a thousand inside having a great time. Even their new deck is packed. Man why can’t Westport have this more often? Some Westporters think one day they will again.

So for one day – today – WESTPORT IS THE ENTERTAINMENT ZONE, not P&L.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Time to Rename Big 12, The KU Tournament & Westport King for a Day!

  1. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Well Put Glazer
    Ku, which I graduated from, rules the Big 12. Not so much with football, just B-ball. I went to the games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Power and Light was only real busy on Saturday night, Friday wasn’t bad, but nothing like Saturday. Thursday they didn’t have much at night anyways.

  2. Monkey Man says:

    MU Is Football, KU Basketball
    Yeah Glazer we know this already. MU is football, KU is basketball. So quit banging their damn drum.

  3. Kellys man says:

    Kellys Is On Fire Busy
    WE can’t hold anymore people. Its wonderful, girls have their tops off inside the bar and outside. Big boobs and all. Wish you were here.

  4. Good Citizen says:

    At Parade, Packed
    I’d say more like 75,000 at the St. Pat’s Parade. Lost of families, nice to see that.

  5. Media Observer says:

    No problems … really?
    If I heard correctly, there were 41 arrests for DUI at a checkpoint just outside of Westport on Thursday night. I’d say that’s a real problem. With all the party busses, group transports, free taxis and others, there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel after tossing one back. It’s a huge problem at Westport, and I’d support law enforcement conducting DUI checkpoints every Friday and Saturday night even if it saved just one family from losing a loved one from someone who chose drive a vehicle after having a drink. I may sound like a stick in the mud, but I’m not telling people not to party … just don’t drive afterward.

  6. Kerouac says:

    Just as in that other battle, the VC wins again
    Virginia Commonwealth (i.e., any 22 guys from off the street) 71 – ku (i.e., ‘PU’ – the Big 12 version of the kcindy MIRAGE) 61

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