Today: Sandstone Back for 4th Year with Rock Star Passes, July Start

Don’t look now but the Dean of the Kansas City concert scene, Chris Fritz is back…

Despite trying economic times, cutthroat competition everywhere you turn, Fritz and cohort Josh Hunt are bringing back Capitol Federal Park@Sandstone for a fourth concert season.

Only this time, they’re dodging the rain bullet

“We’ve got a great schedule lined up,” Fritz says. “But we’re starting a little later this year – we’re not trying to do April or May shows anymore. We’re not starting until July 6th with the Warped Tour.”

Fritz declined to reveal this year’s lineup but three of the shows in the can are the band 311 and another Dream Concert with top shelf Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, Journey and AC/DC cover bands.

And new this year will be a Parrot Party, with bands channeling Jimmy Buffet, the Beach Boys & Bob Marley. Think there’ll be any wildwood weed consumed at that event?

“It should be fun,” Fritz says. “Because Buffet’s going to be coming here in April – it obviously sold out in a minute. And Sprint is an excellent arena but you know, when Jimmy Buffet does an event outdoors, it’s a whole different event.”

Tickets for either show for $20 per.

Sandstone’s piece de resistance this season: The Rock Star Passes.

From now until April 4th you can buy a season pass to all Sandstone shows, with VIP parking and entry into its VIP Club.

“We started this last year before the season was even announced,” Fritz says. “And this year for 250 bucks they’re going to get a killer value. Put it this way, if they bought VIP parking, that’s $20.  If they want to go into the VIP Club, that’s an additional $20. Then if the average ticket is $40, that’s $80 for one show. This way if you go to three shows it pays for itself. And if we do 12 shows, it really pays for itself.”

Speaking of which, the magic number of shows at Sandstone this summer?

“I think 10 for sure,” Fritz says. “And if something really great happens we could do 14. But 10’s a safe number and we already have nine booked and 7 more we’re waiting on.”


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10 Responses to Today: Sandstone Back for 4th Year with Rock Star Passes, July Start

  1. Cover bands says:

    Cover bands at Sandstone. That is awesome!

  2. Old and tired says:

    $20 parking in a field
    I can see the value in the VIP ticket. Parking prices are ridiculous

  3. name2 says:

    Article Headline – Cheese
    this’s test

  4. Jared says:

    It’s been ages…
    …since I’ve been to Sandstone. Last time was years ago for a Petty show. I made the mistake of choosing VIP parking, which actually created far more problems than the usual parking area ever had (RenFest loonies notwithstanding). Throw in a completely clusterfucked security process (standing in one line for a while only to be told to move to a much longer line, thereby missing the opening act), and well, let’s just say I haven’t been eager to return.

    Which is sad. I’ve loved the venue, and will always have fond memories of eardrums and brain cells blissfully blasted into oblivion, along with the occasional bout with dehydration and heat-induced delirium.

  5. bschloz says:

    Does Glazer
    know anything about melting fuel rods? Really scary out there?

  6. Chicken Little says:

    Buy the VXX and TAN

  7. smartman says:

    La Cockaroach
    Gotta love Chris. He just won’t go away. The business model is beautiful. Get a BUNCH of tribute bands, pay them twice what they get to play in a bar, which is still one quarter or less of what ONE REAL BAND would get paid. Promote it in such a vague way that the core demo of aging stoners isn’t sure if it’s the real bands or not. Knowing that they’ll be baked enough when they show up not to care Sell tickets at almost REAL BAND prices,keep the parking,concessions and merch… Tell the tribute bands all the tickets were sold at VIP prices so you don’t have to pay bonus money. Take the money and run. Pay alimony, child support and get your meds and still have money left over for hot chicks and fast cars. Hey Chris, Sammy Hassan says to tell you hello!

  8. Cartman says:

    Yup CF’s profit plan is the best since…..

  9. Hearne says:

    But don’t forget that…
    The vast majority of the bands that will play Sandstone this summer are yet to be announced and will be headliner acts

  10. smartman says:

    Headliner Acts
    You mean like the guys that used to install headliners at Fairfax and Claycomo? Nobody plays at Sandstone because they want to. They do it because they have to since they couldn’t get a better offer at SC or Starlight. Kudos to Chris for making it work. He’s the Mr. Haney of the entertainment biz.

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