Sounds Good: Patio Show @ Replay, Galactic @ Granada & DeVotchKa, Quixotic @ Midland

I love St. Patrick’s Day.  Granted I’m of Irish heritage, so not only can I drink a whole lot, I’m also transluscent.  You can basically see my heart beating through my skin. 

Oh, there are other benefits too.  Like, for example, I have an extremely short temper.  And I have a taste for truly repellant food. 

Yes, these are things that I enjoy every day just by virtue of being born Irish-American.  But on this one day, you too can see what it’s like to be a real Irishman. 

First things first, you’re gonna need a bucket and a shitload of green beer…   

Thursday, March 17th

St. Patio Show at the Replay!
Truckstop Honeymoon / The Sunflower Colonels / James Dean Rose & Friends / Fast Food Junkies / Brody Buster Band / The Midday Ramblers – 3PM!

A fitting place to come get your green beer on, and the weather should be perfect for one of those classic Replay patio shows.  Though the show time says 3 pm, you can bet that if you don’t start in on the carbombs before then you’ll have some catching up to do.  Lawrence’s (by way of New Orleans) favorite trailer trashists, Truckstop Honeymoon, lead the way with their tales of booze, life, things that are green, and what it’s like to be a dirt merchant.  Though purposefully stark and old timey, Truckstop’s version of down home bluegrass can make almost anyone dance a jig.  There, I said it.  Happy? 


Friday, March 18th

Galactic at the Granada in Lawrence

Sticking with the New Orleans theme, but switching over to a high octane party band, Galactic employs horns and funk the size of your momma.  Playing with them on this night are fellow New Orleaners (?) Cyril Nevill and the Rebirth Brass Band, so rest assured there will be tons of collaboration going on between the various acts.  Galactic are known for their energetic live shows where they ably crank out heavy funk, blues, hip hop, and even electronic on occasion.  Think of it as the Meters crossed with Morphine.  Get it?


Saturday, March 19th


DeVotchKa and Quixotic at the Midland in KC

This Denver band gained notoriety when they wrote and performed the majority of the music for "Little Miss Sunshine" in 2006.  Since then, the band has became popular with the quirky and interesting crowd, employing a variety of instruments like the theremin, bouzouki, trumpet, violain, accordian, piano, sousaphone, and others.  They are touring now in support of their new album, "100 Lovers," which just came out earlier this month and received a 7.8 rating from Paste Magazine.  And given that the band started as a backing group for burlesque shows, it seems almost perfect that the KC based dancing, acrobatic, fire juggling group, Quixotic, is also on the bill.
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