OTC: The Kim’s English Can Often Be Difficult To Understand


“Some media members, especially ones in Kansas City, love to twist and screw things up to make it something it’s not.”
Kim English, when asked by Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John about his controversial comments regarding his Mizzou team quitting against Texas A&M in the Big 12 tourney, 810 AM
GH: I sure wish Kim would have named names – or better yet Bukaty and SSJ could have done a better job in the interview and asked him to name names. Was it Kevin Kietzman on KC radio English thinks burned him? Mike DeArmond’s story in The Star? Jack Harry on TV 41? Does English think the KC media is much tougher than the St. Louis scribes? Lots of good questions went unasked here by 810’s Border Patrol.
“I just didn’t expect us to go out like that. It’s the first time in my however many games I thought we quit.”
Kim English, following Mizzou’s loss to Texas A&M last week, Kansas City Star
GH: This is the quote that brought English so much media attention. I read it and heard English’s recorded voice verbalize this thought on radio. He was not misquoted or taken out of context. But he wants us all to believe it is the media’s fault this is controversial. Read on.
“Not quit in lay down and give them the game, but in the sense that we didn’t fight as hard as we should have to win that game.”
Kim English, attempting to clarify his “quit” statement while talking to the Border Patrol on Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: Kim might need a refresher course in English. To quit or lay down is remarkably similar to not fighting as hard as you should have. I don’t see any fault with the media’s interpretation.
“My teammates didn’t care at all. They knew exactly what I meant. … The way (my teammates) were re-asked the question, made it sound like there was some kind of controversy that doesn’t exist.”
Kim English, 810 AM
GH: The media simply asked English’s teammates what they thought of Kim saying he thought “we quit.” The controversy is housed in English’s words, not the media’s asking of them.
“I don’t know what Kim meant, but I don’t feel that anyone out there quit.”
Marcus Denmon, when asked about English’s ‘quit’ comment, Kansas City Star
GH: At least one of English’s teammates didn’t know what Kim meant. Everybody loves Kim English – especially the media. He is always willing to talk, doesn’t speak in double negatives and he’s a great looking guy with few visible tattoos. But when you actually listen to his words, you have to begin to wonder what’s going on inside his pretty little head. Read on.
“I wish I wouldn’t have said it, just the people I said it to.”
Kim English, when asked by SSJ if he regretted saying his team quit against A&M, 810 AM
GH: Just because a student athlete speaks well does not mean he/she is well spoken.
“I mean being an eight seed is kind of a blessing but it’s a curse as well.”
Kim English, Missouri junior, TV 41
“Just completed my Bracket. It’s gonna be some fun exciting games. Kinda disappointed that some of my followers are asking who I have winning the tournament. Hopefully 68 teams chose their own team.”
Kim English, Twitter
GH: Let’s hope Kimmie filled out a bracket for our Off The Couch contest. I think his picks are at least one I can beat.
“I don’t know if they have these in Kansas City but the Benihana in DC is really, really good.”
Kim English, on some of his favorite places to eat back home, Twitter
GH: This reminded me of The Office episode when the guys took Michael out to the Benihana in Scranton to help him get over breaking up with his girlfriend. Andy calls Benihana an “Asian Hooters.” Michael and Dwight bring back Asian waitresses to the office Christmas party but Michael has to mark one of them with a Sharpie to tell them apart. Here is a link to some video clips. I also remember that the Scranton Chamber of Commerce was upset about this episode because there is no Benihana’s in Scranton. I guess nothing else about the show is controversial.
“Yes I have Kansas St. in my Final 4. I love Frank Martin. & I’m terrified of Frank Martin. They win, I’m brilliant. They lose, I get to live.”
Jim Rome, Twitter
“I’ve got Kansas State in my Final Four, fellas.”
Mike DeCourcy, of The Sporting News, to Bukaty and SSJ, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty responded that he too has the Cats advancing to the Final Four. I am not as high on KSU’s draw as some of the experts. Utah State looks damn tough to me.
“Kansas State might win but there is no question, it’s not even debatable that Utah State is the most undervalued team in this tournament.”
Bob Valvano, brother of Jim Valvano, in a conversation with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
“(Utah State) is kind of a combination style of Kansas and Nebraska.”
Frank Martin, on K-State’s opening opponent in the NCAA tournament, while talking to Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Isn’t that like a combination of Roseanne Barr and Scarlet Johansson? I don’t know of two more different teams in the Big 12 than Kansas and Nebraska. Does Utah State have an offensive team and a defensive team? Does their head coach wear a headset?
“Can we win without (Jacob Pullen)? Absolutely! But it’s much easier with him.”
Frank Martin, when asked by Petro about Pullen’s importance to the Wildcats, 810 AM
GH: K-State has already tried it without Pullen this season and didn’t like it. It is my opinion the Cats are going to need Pullen, Kelly and everybody else wearing purple to bring their Kansas game against Utah State. This is going to be one tough opener for KSU.
“If things are going well at point guard – good luck trying to beat Kansas.”
Tom Keegan, columnist for Lawrence Journal World, 610 AM
GH: Many of the experts have KU winning it all – just like they predicted last year. I too like the Jayhawks over Ohio State in the final. I also have Texas and Pitt in my FF. That means there is little chance for any of them to make it to Houston.
“If Kansas beats Louisville, Kansas will win the national championship. I think that’s their biggest hurdle…. The winner of UCLA / Michigan State will go to the Final Four. And I’m not one of these yayhoos who does multiple brackets. I’ve got one bracket.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I too am a one-bracket kind of guy. Nothing against those who fill out multiples but it kind of dilutes your picks the more brackets you claim to author.
“Please I like KU I just feel Louisville can create problems 4 Jayhawks. Do not take personally. Bill Self is terrific & u fans r loyal.”
Dick Vitale, who must be getting hammered by some KU fans for not picking the Jayhawks, Twitter
“They’re both super smart basketball people. I think the Morris twins are so smart!”
Tom Keegan, columnist for the Lawrence Journal World, talking with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler about the KU twins, 610 AM
GH: You would like to think that smart basketball players would understand how to control their elbows during play. I have yet to see evidence that either of the twins is all that hoops savvy when it comes to referees.
“I know that’s a farfetched conspiracy theory but I think that (Tyshawn Taylor’s) suspension was done for a reason and not because Taylor violated any rules.”
Bob Fescoe, who stated he believes Bill Self had no specific reason to suspend TT but instead did it purely to motivate his point guard, 610 AM
GH: The pause from Josh Klingler after Fescoe made this kooky statement told all. Klingler had to be looking at Fescoe as if he sprouted a Jayhawk beak and blue wings.
“That was brought to my attention by quite a few members of our current basketball team.”
Danny Manning, when asked by Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John if he was aware that Michigan’s Fab 5 documentary on ESPN cited Manning in his Kansas uniform as one of the reasons they did not want to wear the tight, short basketball shorts that were popular at the time, 810 AM
“It do become mental.”
Mateen Cleaves, former member of Michigan State’s 2000 national championship team, on the one-and-done nature of the NCAA tournament, with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio
“I’ve got a WNIT game tonight. Wichita State is playing Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Why in the wide, wide world of sports is there a women’s NIT? Can you imagine the “crowds” for these matchups? If women’s sports had to pay their way through gate receipts and TV contracts, the coaches would make less than the Chemistry profs – which makes a whole lot of sense to me. Ask UNO’s football and wrestling teams up in Omaha what they think of Title 9.
“(Kelly’s Bar in Westport) says they’ll do two weeks of business in the 16 hours they’re open on St. Patrick’s Day.”
Ellen Schenk, 980 AM
GH: Kelly’s opens at 9:00 AM on Thursday. There was a time my friends and I would be there at 8:00 waiting to get in to join the party. I am damn glad those days are behind me and that I’m still around to remember them. For those of you still in that phase of your evolution, enjoy.

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8 Responses to OTC: The Kim’s English Can Often Be Difficult To Understand

  1. JP says:

    It’s Madness Time!!!!
    The Kim English comment has less to do with Mizzou and more to do with talk radio. It’s an easy subject to waste time. I don’t like college kids being scrutinized like pros. When they get a check, fire away. Otherwise direct the questions to Mike Anderson. The speculation about Anderson is another issue. I don’t think he leaves with the guys he has coming back, however anything is possible.

    K-State got no breaks with their first round draw. They are either a Final Four team or a 1st round defeat. I think if they get past Utah State, lookout. Their bracket is very winnable, if they get past Utah State. For the record, the Experts show on ESPNU had both Missouri and Kansas State losing in the first round and KU getting to the championship game. I have to agree with Bob Valvano (who was on the Experts show, and is very entertaining to listen to), if KU gets past Louisville, they will go at least to the Championship game. Bring on the tournament.

  2. Kyle Rohde says:

    Greg – don’t forget that last year, the KU women set a Big XII women’s basketball record for attendance for the women’s NIT championship. It was a blast, less than 500 empty seats and as loud as a men’s game when the Jayhawks are playing a mid-level team like Nebraska or Iowa State.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    gone after one
    Gezzzz do you even watch sports? No comment on thast badass 3pt shot from last night? oh well, what do I expect?

    Too bad they GAVE CU’s spot to mu. It would be MUCH better Bball if it had gone to a deserving team like Colorado, stupidass mu couldnt win a real game if they ~~~~~~fill in the blank~~~~~~ mu will lose, it is what mu does, no one is better at losing than mu, what did they think the big “L” on thier forehead means? OK mu morons tellu s how you think KU will not win IT ALL, that is all you got, Ku has alreay had 10 years worth of mu succeses in one year this….but will go…. I wish Obama would pick KU to win it asll, buit hey…… it is a comphy bandwagon of WINNERS!!!!! WIINING DUH!!!

    QUOTES FROM THE IDIOT WHO PICKED THE JAYHAWKS TO FINSH 5TH IN THE BIG 12? WHY WOULD YOU EVEN QUOTE HIM???? …oh I know, you hate KU too you would walk five miles for a shitty ragging the Jayhawks quote…..,,,,douchers of feather …

  4. Cliffy says:

    Ever said something you wish you hadn’t?
    How about comparing Shan Shariff to Bin Laden because of his last name then passing it off as “edgy” humor?

    How about predicting the KSU football player who saluted would be a “household name.” I can’t remember his name. Nobody else can either.

    Who said he thought it was a terrible mistake for Self to allow his players to go to the Robinson funeral?

    Should I go on?

  5. Gavin says:

    Yes, please, do go on. I’m kinda enjoying this. I think that, when all is said and done, Greg will be shown to (again) be wrong in his avid slurping of Rick Barnes as a coach (as a recruiter, he admittedly deserves the tongue baths regularly given in this space), but time will tell if I’m right or wrong about this.

    Oh! I have one. Greg thinks that Brian McRae is the best defensive centerfielder the Royals ever had. Never mind that it’s questionable whether he was even better than Carlos Beltran, Hall thinks he was better than Amos Otis. I like B-Mac as a player and everything, but a better defensive centerfielder than Amos Otis? I don’t normally assume a guy is on drugs, but that has to make you wonder, doesn’t it?

  6. bschloz says:

    I really went out on a limb here.
    Wish I was in Vegas this weekend just 1 time.

  7. Gilbert says:

    HUSKERS FANS shuy your mouths and HANG YOUR HEADs IN Shame
    BIG RED??? more like BIG DEAD… DOA!!!

    SHAME ON THE NU HUSKERS, you are a disgrace.


  8. Jiminy says:

    cue the crickets
    Why so noisy in here?

    What is the deal, why no clap trap from the losers? I guess they are hoping that the Jayhawks miss key shots, and come up short in the Tourbey so you can finally publish something again…… beings when your team SUCKS, you ignore it……. aka…. J O K E

    DONT COUNT ON THE JAYHAWK LOSING,,,,, “Those twins look pretty good, and if morningstar can land 3s, Jayhawks win the National Championship, if not…..weeeeeeelll …THE JAYHAWKS WON THE BIG 12 SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW!!!! AND ALSO THE BIG 12 TOURNY!!!!!!! ………..

    Just wanting to make sure readers here heard the news, becasue they will never read it in the thread headline .. HAAHAHAHAAHAHAH …… FAIR AND BALANCE LIKE FOX NEWS…. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA,

    yup fair and balanced sports ….. just like Fox news….. so if you ever get weary here, you can go to work for FOX NEWS ……..

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