Today: No Sale, Lew’s ‘Zack Grienke Land’ Alive & Well Despite Pitcher’s Departure

The days (and nights) of Zach Greinke packing The K are mostly behind him…

So, in all likeihood, are the ones of his pitching starts packing popular Waldo watreing hole Lew’s Grill & Bar. Raising the question of what will become of the Facebook blasts Lew’s has been sending out the past two years for everything from a Greinke game gatherings to Beer Pong tourneys.

And the answer is nothing – Zack Geinke Land is going nowhere.

"We’re going to keep it, but we’ve had people walk in and want to buy it from us," says Lew’s co-owner Andy Lewellen. "And when he gets  to 12-0, we’ll take a look at things. Because you know, there are so many people from Wisconsin that live in Kansas City, and Lew’s is the headquarters of the University of Wisconsin Badgers."

And since Greinke starts with the Milwaukee Brewers this season…

"It’s just a coincidence, so we won’t sell (the Facebook page) probably, but we are getting offers for it," Lewellen says. "It kinda has a cache and it already has a following."


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5 Responses to Today: No Sale, Lew’s ‘Zack Grienke Land’ Alive & Well Despite Pitcher’s Departure

  1. smartman says:

    Forget Grienke Land and Groupon, Lews should offer 50% off on everything whenever the Royals LOSE. You have to order your first food and drinks before the first pitch and you have to stay until the game is over. If you leave before the game is over you pay full price.

  2. chuck says:

    smartman, I would have to think, that baiting and switching
    fans into a bar, tricking them into staying and WATCHING am entire Royals game, violates not only some local laws, but incurs some human rights violations relating to Geneva Convention Covenants.

    If Chris and Andy just start waterboarding their customers after April 15, they would draw more crowds.

    How smashed will everyone be at Lews if they have to drink a shot everytime Glass trades a future Hall of Famer?

    Here is a promo, start a bracket for all professional Baseball and Football teams, and let Kansas City fans pick either Clark Glass, or David Hunt (Heh, heh) to come in for lowest payroll in their respective leagues.

    How bout everyone in the bar, does a shot, every time a Royal strikes out or hits into a double play. “There are Cabs standing by folks!!!” Yellow Cab will kick in on the advertising.

    Whew! An entire Royals game. Evil, just evil.

  3. Sad says:

    Gosh darn it
    Heck, I used to be a bigtime sports fan, I loved watching all sorts of competion but now all I have is college sports…and NCAA football will be next to be chopped if they do not figure out the year end tournament. I fired Nascar last year after one too many “fixes” (after they cheated Clint Bowyer for no good reason excpet to help Jimmy Jophnson win another championship, B O R I N G) and then I fired the Royals for being pathetic and trading the only pitcher we had (that was the lastof many straws), the Royals showed they dont care about winning…. and now The NFL is going to be fired for being too greedy.

    So what is a sports fan to do? I suppose watch little league baseball at the local feild, maybe take up bowling and golf and maybe do some some more gardening. Gosh darn those greedy professional players and owners, they ruined a lof fun. Life is boringer and boringer. Y A W N

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    You know, those guys are pretty creative and aggressive. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them take your advice

  5. Scott says:

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