OTC: NCAA Gives Colorado Bum Steer & Media Kicks Back


“I wonder if some people on the committee know that the ball is round. That sounds harsh but I wonder. … What I’m saying is these are horrible decisions. We need more basketball people on the committee.”
Jay Bilas, on his disappointment in the NCAA men’s basketball committee’s choices for the 68-team field, ESPN
GH: Bilas and the ESPN basketball experts teed up the NCAA selection committee and booted them in the ass for two hours Sunday evening. It was fun to watch and in my opinion well deserved. But would Bilas and his boys been as willing to vent on the committee if ESPN had won the broadcast rights from CBS? When was the last time you heard ESPN’s NFL analysts ripping their league’s bosses like Bilas, Digger and Dickey V did Sunday night? It all comes down to following the money and always will.
“Boy, Jay Bilas last night was just venomous! I’ve never seen him so ticked off!”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Bilas was also tweeting how great a job Digger and Hubert Davis were doing in analyzing the teams in the tourney. Jay’s not quite as frank and honest when it comes to evaluating the work of the stiffs he hangs with on the set. Digger and Hubert are two of the stiffer props on TV.
“Digger’s case for Colorado would be better if he didn’t mention ‘Alex Burk, the big guy inside.’ "
Sam Mellinger, on Digger mispronouncing both of Alec Burks’ names, Twitter

“I think this is the biggest crime of all in my mind, (Colorado) is a team that could have won at least two games in this tournament.”
Fran Fraschilla, ESPN
GH: I along with most was stunned that Colorado was left out of the tourney. Yes, their non-con scheduled ranked 325 but how do you penalize them for games they didn’t play? It is ridiculous when their conference results proved they are well deserving of a bid. Why does it matter when you played your best competition?
“(Colorado) swept Kansas State three times! Kansas State’s got a chance to get to the Final Four!”
Digger Phelps, ESPN
GH: Here is a positive for Colorado – their basketball program has not received this much positive notoriety and national publicity in the history of the school. Who would have ever thought the nation would be riveted on talking Buffs basketball in March?
"I had no words to console them. I thought we were in. It hurts. The players were shocked. It’s mind-boggling. This is a tough life’s lesson. I just feel like the way we’re playing we’re one of the top 68 teams. I know that. We have to play well in the NIT. Otherwise, talk is cheap.”
Tad Boyle, CU’s head coach, Denver Post
"It’s important that the team play well (in the NIT) and prove people wrong.”
Mike Bohn, Colorado athletic director, Denver Post
GH: I love that Colorado appears to be devastated but resolved to perform well in the NIT to prove the committee wrong. I’m not sure an early loss in the NIT will prove the committee was correct but that is how history will record this slight.
“Bill Self told me a couple of weeks ago that at their best he felt they (Kansas) might be the best team in the country. They are the deepest of all these number-one seeds. They have tremendous talent.”
Fran Fraschilla, ESPN
“This is the weakest college basketball has been. We have a paper-thin weak field. At the end of the line, this is the weakest field we have ever had.”
Jay Bilas, ESPN
“What difference does it make who’s on your team?”
Dan Dakich, analyst, arguing against Colorado getting a bid because of their NBA talent, ESPN
GH: Dakich was one of the lone voices who was okay with CU getting left out. May Ralphie leave him a large brown present under his pillow tonight.
“Totally unfair! My wife knows diddly about basketball but if you brought her here and said look at CU’s resume and VCU… This is Roseanne Barr walking in against Scarlett Johansson! No shot whatsoever!”
Dick Vitale, ESPN
GH: I could even see Roseanne watching the selection show and chuckling over that one.
“Just because a team is seeded higher doesn’t necessarily mean that the selection committee looked highly at them more than us.”
Kim English, Missouri junior, TV 41
GH: I’m pretty sure that the seeding process is in place to do exactly that, Kim. English is every media guy’s favorite interview because he likes to talk. I am starting to think thought that Kimmie is not nearly as bright as he is portrayed.
“Calling it now… the homeboy @Englishscope24 awakens in his town & mizzou beats cincy in DC on Thursday.”
Candace Buckner, KC Star high school columnist, Twitter
“Missouri got as good a draw as they could have hoped to get. That said, they’re an 11 (seed) and they’re not favored to win a game.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: I really thought Mizzou was in good shape a month ago for a Sweet 16 run. After their last few weeks, they look more like a one-and-done than a Trojan condom.
“The Big 12 is a tough conference, especially on the road.”
Mike Anderson, KCTV5
GH: Not sure that is the message I want Mizzou’s coach verbalizing for a team that returns almost everybody. Frank Martin treats the road like a challenge and a treat. CMA needs to do the same.
“You get a guy like Mike Anderson in there (at Arkansas) and he’s going to sell season tickets immediately!”
Pat Bradley, a former Arkansas player and current Little Rock talk show host, 610 AM
GH: Interesting that Anderson would sell tickets in Arkansas but struggles to fill Mizzou Arena. Lots of rumors have been swirling about Anderson and the Hogs. Read on for the guy in the know.
“80% of the stuff out there (about Mike Anderson going to Arkansas) is lies. I don’t think it will ever come to the point where Mike Anderson and Arkansas are discussing this job. I think Mike Anderson will be at Missouri next year.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: Some of the names DeArmond said he’s heard on Arkansas’ list include Mark Turgeon, Frank Martin and Tubby Smith. Can Frank talk “Woo, Pig, Sooie?”
“If you’re a K-State fan and want to go to Tucson, flights into Tucson are a $1000!”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
"I like the opponent that we are playing. I think that we have a chance to beat them. I think our seed is a slap in the face.”
Tai Wesley, Utah State senior forward, on facing K-State as the 12th seed, KSHB TV 41
GH: 30 wins and a 12 seed for Utah State. The committee loved K-State’s late-season run and rewarded them with a five seed. Interesting since their conference work was not as impressive as Colorado’s.
“I agree with the entire panel – this is not the matchup (against Oakland) that Texas wanted.”
Doug Gottlieb, ESPN
GH: Lots of folks calling for Oakland to upset Texas. Not me. Texas is one of the best teams in the field. I have them in my Final Four.
“I did talk to a number of people over the weekend and they think it might be Ohio State (that’s wins it all) and it might not even be close.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Most of the talking heads on Sunday favor a Kansas Ohio State final – and the vast majority picked Kansas to win it all. Let the madness begin.
GH: Fill out your bracket online and compete against other OTC readers here: http://otc2011.mayhem.cbssports.com/e
Password: offthecouch
I haven’t decided on what the winner will receive but maybe I can get Hearne to buy him/her one of those pocket-size Fiat 500s that he’s so jazzed about folding himself into on a daily basis. Email me if you want to sponsor the OTC Bracket Challenge prize and I’ll be happy to give you almost as much run as our local Fiat dealer is getting.
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21 Responses to OTC: NCAA Gives Colorado Bum Steer & Media Kicks Back

  1. bschloz says:

    Out of town for weekend and missed bracketology — CU is nice club but I hope we are not going to make a case for CU instead of Nova or the like.
    Every year I look for less upsets…stick with #1’s– I like KU to go all the way.
    Whats the deal with Selby? Is he using Luke Axtell’s locker…strange year.

  2. DonkeyPunch says:

    Bracket Challenge
    GH, you setting up another bracket challenge this year? Thanks in advance

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Can’t see Anderson bailing on his best friend’s kids after one year. And another thing, if the Arkansas job is so damn good, why haven’t the past two coaches done worth a damn?

  4. Laughing ... again says:

    Thanks to cbs and CU screwing
    Whew…that was a close call. eh?
    Anything to NOT talk about how great the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team is. CBS saved you last week…and it is a good thing CU provided another story line… BESIDES having to write a post about KU wining (DOMINATING) in its 4th straight BIG 12 title game WIN over Texas, THose texas pssuies have zero nadda no BIG 12 TOURNY TITLES…… NONE…..

    Saved again by another plotline…. saved by being able to write about anything besisdes mentioning KU’s 8th of 15 Big tourny titles….but that is OK…no one ever accused whats-his-name of being UNbiased. And facts be known he is as biased as they come, which may be good….because it allows us KU fans to come and talk about it ourselves……..and then the antiKu pussies can whine about beakers squalking too much…and that adds posts to KCC which gives hearne more hits on the site to show potential advertisers….. happy days.

    I amas radid a KU fan as anyone, and i have little love for any other teams,, but unlike biased blog writers, I ALWAYS give credit when credit is due, and Colorado earned their way into the NCAA tourny, they were screwed….. maybe it had some thing to do wit ___________________________ insert conspiracy theory ________________________ CU did all they needed to, they beat KSU 3 times beat Texas and even playedvery well against the gretaset basket ball team in the country, The Kansas Jayhawks. CU was screwed, no doubt about it.

    Props to KSU for not having to eat their “NO NIT” words…good job you guys.

    fk mu and fk all mu pussies anywhere… hahahaahh fkn mu idiots, always big talking NEVER DONE THING EVER. THOSE NOTHING EVER mu morons alwasy talking sht…… they never earned that right, thsoe self entitled idiots……. The mu pussies will lose AGAIN in the first round, because that is what the mu losers always do… mu ALWAYS LOSES, IT IS WHAT THEY DO, what did they think the “L” on their forehead means?


  5. ChiefHawk says:

    Flights to Tucson
    I’m sure flights from other parts of the country to Columbia MO are expensive too! Fly to Phoenix and drive down!

  6. smartman says:

    OI CU 812
    Colorado got screwed like a panel on the Performing Arts Center. Unfair as the selection process might be no one has ever been left out of the tourney that had a legit shot at winning it all. That’s a better track record than our justice system has with death row inmates. At least we have our priorities right in this country.
    KSU as a 5 seed is laughable. If they get bounced early Coach Martin is gonna have some serious splainin’ to do to keep his ass off the grill. I do hope Frank will act like a coach this tourney and lose the Sonny Corleone schtick. It’s old and embarassing. MU may be one and done. Mike Anderson would be a bigger mistake at Arkansas than Dental School. Walmart and Tyson money will lure a BIG TIME name that will put that program back in the spotlight. MU will NEVER be a BIG TIME basketball school. Brad Pitt,Cheryl Crow that dude from Madmen, some Walmart money ties and jojo aka Harley is all they got, and that’s more than most colleges can brag about.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Advice to Greg …
    Try reading some of your own stuff before you start questioning Kim English’s intelligence.

    I think it’s more than coincidence that the departing members of the B12 got post season screwings (Nubs in fb, CU in bball) and that’s OK with me.

    Greg, you better say something nice about kU before what’s-his-name ruptures out and Mr. Olathe starts pouting again.

  8. Kerouac says:




    And go NFL – CRUSH the NFLPA!

  9. eRuptionerer says:

    Still looking for an answer regarding the PLAY-IN GAMES and #1 seeds. Why is Ohio the only #1 seed to have thier first game against one of these playin teams? Shouldnt it be that each #1 seed play against each play-in game winner? I am just wondering the logic. What am I missing?

    If you have a yahoo email account ….( and you, everyone, should have 5-10, just for stupid websites which require a fake email thingy)(btw-yahoo email is easy to set up, just go there and type in fiction) (write down your lies, so you can recall them later)……..

    If you have a yahoo email account …….you can go to their sports section and do an NCAA bracket. You can do against the other 10 billion people there and/or join lil groups (nonprivate groups)…or whatever… I am sure most here know this, but if not, it is an easy way to go.

    Have fun, cuz fun is a good thing to have…

    ….unlike the poor fkrs in this video,,,,no fun zone
    heart breaking video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7fnoM7sdrE

  10. MrOlathe says:

    It’s not pouting, it’s just observing. You don’t find it a little curious that after all the ripping GH did this year on KU that he could at least give them some props for winning the conference? Then the tournament? I guess it’s more likely that Hearne would say some really nice things about a white kid who was innocently murdered.

  11. fair is fair says:

    biased is biased
    You can say that again…..

    “”It’s not pouting, it’s just observing. You don’t find it a little curious that after all the ripping GH did this year on KU that he could at least give them some props for winning the conference? Then the tournament?””

  12. Ptolemy says:

    Get Over It Already
    Where was all this angst when KState got hosed by the NCAA in Huggins’ year and again two years later? Get over it already Buffs. Did you expect somebody from the Big 12 to go to bat for you when bubble-pumping time came around? What world do you guys live in?

    KU has faceplanted 3 times in Self’s 7 years. They are three-times more likely to faceplant again than win the title.

  13. MoCrash says:

    Anderson to Arkansas: Who’s been smoking what?
    Why in blue blazes (or purple hazes) would anybody seriously consider the notion of Anderson wanting to return to Arkansas? Besides the fact that he was passed over in 2002 after taking over the team as interim head coach when Nolan Richardson was fired mid-season, this would be at best a lateral move. Arkansas once had a great program, but they are a middling team in an SEC which is not as strong as the Big 12 was — and the Big 12-2 will be. Irrespective of how one views the SEC or Arkansas program, one needs to remember Richardson’s nasty departure from Fayetteville and recognize that Anderson — whether or not he shared Richardson’s perception that the Arkansas administration was then racist, or is today — is a person for whom loyalty is among the highest principles. It would be a betrayal of his loyalty of Richardson, to whom he is still close, for Anderson to take that job. Not that he’s sure to stay at Missouri — even loyalty has a threshold — but his record with that program could bump him to a more prime job in the Big East, ACC or Big 10.

    And make no mistake about it, Mizzou fans, Anderson has done solid work in Columbia. Keep in mind that the projection of Tony Mitchell playing for the Tigers (which KK conveniently failed to mention Friday while castigating Anderson for being unable to find bigs willing to play Anderson’s style, which was actually a draw for Mitchell, a McDonald’s all-American). Yes, the 2011 Tigers are a disappointment in that they don’t play defense with the aggressiveness of the Elite 8 ’09 team, but I need more evidence to suggest that it’s a systematic failure. I think it’s young players who lack the type of leadership they got from the likes of D’Amare Carroll, J.T. Tiller and Zaire Taylor. English doesn’t hack it as a leader, since he’s never been committed to defense. If Anderson doesn’t get his team to buy into the defensive mindset, and have bonafide floor leaders to execute it, Missouri will be next year what it has the last two seasons: good enough to be in the field, but middle of the pack Big 12-2 team.

    Missouri has a favorable bracket to advance a couple of rounds, though. Cincinnati reminds me of Baylor; UConn doesn’t offer a terrible on-court mismatch, although Walker is scary good — but no more so than Pullen. I’m not saying I’d pick Mizzou, but I don’t see any studs on its half of the West bracket. San Diego St. at No. 2 is good, but I’m not sure it can get by Temple. Texas-Duke in the Round of 16 will decide the region. We’ll see about the Tigers, and whether what was once “Forty Minutes of Hell” continues to look like “Ten Minutes of Annoyance and Thirty Minutes of Don’t Give a S—.”

  14. hahahahaah says:

    Ptolemy the 2nd coming of harley
    HAHAHA….. Face plant??
    Uh son, you need an education in the NCAA tourny, because you are clueless. The dance is all about weird brackets and pairings and sites and upsets. It is not called face plant. One nationl Championship MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR A COUPLE OF EALRY EXITS…. and coming from an mu moron, a school which has never even been to the final….all I can do is chuckle

    KU’s leagacy lies in what we have done for decades and decades in the conference. Only idiots like ptolemy say things like face plant reagrding the NCAAA tourny. Many many schools do not even make the tourney, KU has made the tourny more time IN A ROW…..probably longer than you have been alive junior, what are you 19 years young?

    KU has kicked ass in the regular season for so long……so much fun. If this was NCAA football rules, KU would have played for the national championship…how many times now? ….but this is a do or die tourny..anything can happen..any team which makes the tourney can not “face plant”….unless of course it is a moron making up defintions of face plant, and we can leave that to mu morons

    Ok, are you happy troll boy? there is your troll reply.

  15. Ptolemy says:

    Get Over It Already
    Where was all this angst when KState got hosed by the NCAA in Huggins’ year and again two years later? Get over it already Buffs. Did you expect somebody from the Big 12 to go to bat for you when bubble-pumping time came around? What world do you guys live in?

    KU has faceplanted 3 times in Self’s 7 years. They are three-times more likely to faceplant again than win the title.

  16. Lee says:

    Smartman has the quote of the week
    “Colorado got screwed like a panel on the Performing Arts Center”

    It combines sports knowledge, a little profanity and a reference to the fine arts scene in Kansas City. You live up to your nickname.

  17. KU Rules says:

    I am sure KU will do great in thier bracket, and it will make for some good headlines about some teams they may facs, although Bill Self is now known more for being KU BASKETBALL COACH and his John Wooden type of domination of the Big 12 than for being a coach anywhere else, but the NCAA commitiee does like to have its fun.

    As long as kids play tough and Morningstar can land his 3 pointers and Redd can pass and drive and score the twins can grab some rebounds dunk Taylor can do his thing and… and ..and…. and …wow KU is deep on the bench, eh? KU could earn the National Championship again, they are really a bad ass team.

  18. Cliffy says:

    When somebody threatens to stop coming back to this website unless Greg stops saying mean things about his favorite team (which has happened more than once) I would call that pouting.

  19. Rainbow Man says:

    Beebe and the Big 12 leadership are really broken up over Colorado. Uh … yeah… I bet they were lighting up the phones today.

  20. Observer says:

    Bad Form
    If it was Big 12 leadership cock blocked Colorado from the NCAA tourny, that is bullshit, and I am saying that as a rabid KU fan (but I call bs bullshit)(fais ir fair) The only good thing that could happen would be if Colorado executes a blitzkrieg across the NIT destroying every team in its path….. That would set a precedent to not block good teams from the real tourny.

  21. MoCrash says:

    Big 12 not snubbing Colorado
    It would make little sense for the Big 12 to block Colorado from the NCAA field, since that would mean of loss of income to the Big 12 (each conference gets a share of the tournament purse, even for schools which are leaving a conference).

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