New Jack City: What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?

It wasn’t always easy!
Back in the early 80’s porn had come out of the shadows and became fashionable. Kansas City sported a number of so-called Adult Theaters dedicated to showing it all—generally porn movies veiled in flimsy storylines. One of the most popular of these porn palaces was the Old Chelsea theater at about 13th and Broadway.
The industry produced its own stars back then. Names like Annette Haven, Annie Sprinkle, Linda Lovelace, Seka, Jesie St. James, Little Oral Annie, Misty Dawn, Traci Lords, and Hyapatia Lee dotted the sex movie horizon.
And just like mainstream stars hit the road to promote their latest films, so did their adult counterparts during their heydays.
A promotional stop for many-of the porn variety—was KY-102 and its Friday afternoon live movie magazine called JACK GOES TO THE MOVIES featuring—-me.
And I’m here to tell you that interviewing a Chuck Norris or Charlton Heston was a hell of a lot easier than popping questions to the porn-nymphets. Seems just about every question I’d ask a sex star would be taken or interpreted. Usually the wrong way.

And since JACK GOES TO THE MOVIES aired live and with no delay, things got pretty dicey at times.

Like when I asked one porn actress about how many camera takes were involved in the production of an adult flick vs. a regular movie and she answered, "It usually depends how many times the guy is able to get it up."

Or on the subject of adult movie salaries, another actress went into great detail explaining that pricing schedules depended on specific sex acts. Straight or girl-on-girl sex involved basic pricing but rim-anal, wet and fetish scene prices were negotiated up from there.
If there’s one interview that left me pretty verklemmt, it had to be when Hyapatia Lee showed up to promote THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT. (or was it SWEET YOUNG FOXES? Doesn’t matter.)

Long black hair. Beautiful Native American girl.
I recall the interview going just fine until Ms. Lee felt the urge to remove her clothes while we were chatting.
Off came her dress, then her bra, then her panties – just as (shaven) nature had intended.
As for me?  Always the pro, I kept the interview rolling despite the obvious distractions.

Damn was I proud of myself, especially since half the KY-102 staff was watching the proceedings from behind the studio window howling.
So what DO you say to a naked lady? Darned if I know.

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11 Responses to New Jack City: What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?

  1. craig glazer says:

    Met Marylin Chambers There
    Jack met Chambers there. Went out for the week, did a photo shoot for Outlaws, our restaurant at the time, had been Stanfords East. She was on 98.9 the Rock with me and Dare a couple years ago and remembered all of it. Sadly she died about a year back.

  2. HC Jr says:

    Yeah, Good Times….
    I remember “rubbing a few out” there at the Old Chelsea during the early 80s.

    H.C., Jr.

  3. Jack Fan says:

    Thanks for the mammaries
    Great stuff Jack, as usual.

    You are truley a KC original, I remember those JGTTM episodes….:) and I mainly respect how you can tell a story without coming off like a name dropping,”I am so cool”, blow hard, like whats-his-name (un-name ) does too often. Oh well,…anyway..great stuff Jack, thanks.

    Oh Hyapatia,,,, torpedo tits in the biz…. and very nice….. and beautiful

  4. Matt says:

    3rd and Wyandotte Jack
    Not 13th and Broadway. Could you imagine the Chelsea across the street from the Grace and Holy Cathedral!

  5. Supedave says:

    Jack Is Right More Or Less
    There was an Chelsea at 1228 Broadway as well. We had a Volunteer in our organization who was a projection operator for the man who owned the Old Chelsea and one other place if I remember it right. The operator I am talking about died a few years ago and he was a walking book of stories that would have you laughing till tears ran down your face. Yes wish he was here to set the story and facts straight.

    He had stories of police raids and being hauled downtown and owner coming with wads of cash to bail them all out.He would explain how it was all a part of businesss and a game with the city. It was a different time era no doubt.

    I was only to the Old Chelsea once myself and was on a blind date no less and she wanted to see Deep Throat and nobody would take her. Will have to say was the smartest blind date move I ever made in my life. I can still think of that night with a grin on my face.

  6. jon says:

    Tell it all
    Did she get oral with you after the interview or did she just hand you off?

  7. max floyd says:

    I remember you telling me after the clothes were off..that you really got up for that interview.

  8. Brian says:

    I remember
    it being on 4th Street as part of the old River Quay…. before it was the River Market

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Very funny. Do like your choice of initials though

  10. Hearne says:

    That was its final resting place, Brian
    As I remember it. Kinda recall at one point actor Ron Megee trying to do something there and finding all these bizarre posters and porn memorabilia while cleaning it up and getting the old joint ready

  11. jack p. says:

    Good stuff, Max……
    ….be sure to tip your waiters, Max’ll be there ’til Saturday 🙂

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