Glazer: Jimmy Walker Headed to KC in May to Work on Tell-All Book

Jimmy Walker has worked Stanford’s since 1995.

He’s become a close friend of mine, more than any other comic. We hang out together in LA and Vegas where Jimmy lives.
A year ago he decided it was time to write his life story. So I put him in touch with my co writing partner, Sal Manna. Sal, helped me write THE KING OF STING. My life story, or part one, anyway.

Sal’s a fantastic writer. He’s has been a top notch journalist for three-plus decades with the LA Times, People Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Rolling Stone and many others. This will be his fourth book. The working title is, EVERYTHING IS NOT DYNAMITE.
And Walker will do most of the work with Manna here in KC the first week of May while he’s at Stanford’s.

Jimmy, without question, is a comedy legend. He started his career on the Tonight Show with Jack Parr – yes before Johnny Carson took over. Later he starred in the smash hit, "Good Times" with John Amos and Janet Jackson. The CBS TV show ran for years and still runs on Nick at Night and BET.
Walker has never stopped working at a high level. Jimmy has starred or co-starred in several films, most recently as a regular with "Everyone Hates Chris" and "Scrubs," playing himself. 

Jimmy also co-hosts tons of award events and is kinda the last man standing from the old DEAN MARTIN ROASTS. a star Those star-studded shows featured everyone from Bob Hope to Muhammad Ali. You can still buy them on DVD.
Walker and Manna will focus on Jimmy’s views on the black comedy experience, as well as political and social changes that have taken place since the 60’s when Walker got started. Jimmy was once the Black Panthers top comic guest. Today he’s a Republican.

Go figure..

He even had a syndicated radio show on political issues based out of Nebraska.
One reason they want to write the book in KC, is that Sal and I are finishing a book on comedy: called Comedy Confidential.  It’s about the darker side of the comedy biz from the nation’s most notorious club owner (the king of sting)…many stories about big time comics and the biz. Its not always funny or happy as one can imagine.
Jimmy is a walking encyclopedia of the comedy world. He hung with Travolta and Freddy Prince back when they were TV kings. Walker’s first writers were Jay Leno and David Letterman. And Jimmy is often a guest on Letterman to this day.

Should be an interesting week.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Jimmy Walker Headed to KC in May to Work on Tell-All Book

  1. chuck says:


  2. Tony Tubbs says:

    A Black Act at Stanfords, Crazy
    Finally you hire a black star Mr. Glazer. A tip of the hat to you. Though he is a conservative Republican with a white audience.

  3. Coo Koo says:

    Jimmy is Clean Cut
    I saw him in Westport in 1998. I enjoyed his clean cut style.

  4. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Always Admired Walker
    JImmy is the dean of comedy. He was always kind to me in Vegas.

  5. Black Guys says:

    Figures You Two Are Pals.
    Two racists for the price of one. Jimmy is not big with the brothers.

  6. cowboy says:

    Nor Racist
    We had them both on the show. They are not racist, trust me on that one.

  7. Toco Time says:

    Walker is Cool
    Met him in Las Vegas several years ago. He was very nice to me when I asked him to sign my cap. I will check out his new book.

  8. Monkey Man says:

    The Dean Martin Roasts
    Glazer you should do roasts at Stanford and Sons. Have Walker host a couple of them.

  9. Black Barbie says:

    Love The Jimmy
    I met him with you Craig, he is not a racist. He is a black man.

  10. AJ Finney says:

    I want to open for Walker
    Craig, I’d like to co star with him? What do you think?

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