Starbeams: Thawing Out Finger, T-Mobile Lady in Pink, HBO Channels Hitler & Sheen

With temperatures warming this weekend, I’ve suddenly realized that I’ve been wearing mittens so long I’ve forgotten how to give the finger.



Here’s an idea.  When they baptize members of the Westboro (Attorney) Church, they should hold them under water for 20 minutes.


Rumors have surfaced about Overland Park-based Sprint possibly buying T-Mobile.  They don’t really gain a strategic advantage, but it might give them enough leverage to FIRE THAT ANNOYING CHICK IN THE PINK DRESS.


HBO Is Developing a Show About Magicians Fighting Adolf Hitler and It Might Be Based on a True Story.  The show is called Hobgoblin is about a group of guys who created some elaborate illusions to deceive the Germans.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the market for another TV show about Hitler.


Warner Brothers sent Charlie Sheen an 11-page letter explaining why he was fired.  Am I the only person worried about the poor chubby kid on Two and a Half Men?


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