Glazer: Hell Rejects Gallagher After Heart Attack On Stage in Minnesota

Even hell doesn’t want Gallagher

That’s what Jimmie Walker said when he emailed to tell me that Gallagher had suffered a heart attack. Gallagher – his first name is Leo – fell to the stage Thursday in Minnesota. He was working a comedy club called the Whiskey Bones Roadhouse when he suffered the attack.

Gallagher, 64, was doing his fruit and vegetable smashing routine when he simply lost it and splattered onto the stage. The event was captured on video and was released on TMZ.

As many of you may recall, Leo and I went round and round several months ago when he appeared at Stanford & Sons for two nights.

He even turned and punched me in the car after we left NBC studios where he’d just done an interview.

Gallagher was upset because he felt I got between him and the anchor person who was about to do the story. I explained to Leo that the news person was not familiar with his act and I was simply updating him on what it is Gallagher does. The guy was in his late 20’s and had never seen Leo perform live or on TV.

Leo thought I was telling him what to do and when we driving back during my explanation, he turned and hit me.

I told him not to speak to me the rest of the time he was in KC.

He did his shows and they were good. However it did take him 20 minutes to get up on stage after we’d announced him. Leo seemed to feel that we shouldn’t sell drinks during his show. The "noise" took away from his performance.


I wish him no harm. He’s, well, strange.

It’s been reported that he’s in hospital and resting and will be back in action soon.Hope he gets well and becomes normal again.

In many ways.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Hell Rejects Gallagher After Heart Attack On Stage in Minnesota

  1. Tracy Thomas says:

    Cmon Craig, don’t be like Hearne and kick the almost dead
    It’s a sign of bad breeding to criticize the dead or people in the hospital.

  2. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Tracy, Glazer is simply giving us the dope on Gallagher. What happened to him and to he and Glazer when the guy was in KC. He is not putting him down. I noticed you ran all over Hearne for some other issue on a story. I agree we shouldn’t always be so negative on things, but with all the crap Hearne and Glazer take on this site, I’m suprised they are as kind as they are. Glazer is not nearly as costic as Hearne. Hearne can be a bit hard on people.

  3. Paul Womack says:

    Craig Thank You
    Craig you don’t likely remember me. This is the first time I’ve written a comment on this or any site. You spoke to our class at UMKC about five years ago. David Free set it up. A law class, pre-law. I bought your book, it was much of what you spoke to us on that day. What these readers don’t know is how much that effects young lives like mine. You gave your story as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO. You told us how “you can’t win” and how easy it is to be busted today. Remember. I wrote a letter to the courts for you when you had your troubles. I stopped you in westport one day and thanked you Craig. See I was a dealer, and a big user. Your talk helped me rethink my life. I was 21 years old at that time. I did not become a lawyer, I became a law enforcement officer, in Missouri. I love it, I am married with two children. I wanted to thank you again. I read this website daily cause of you Craig. I get mad sometimes at how people speak about you. Just wanted you to know that there are some people who know you, well differently. You should really do more speaking to young people, it was a fantastic story with a strong messege. Worked on me. Especially the part about just one mistake or someone in your car, and bame a felony conviction on your record. Boy that hit home. Now I am clean and sober of course being a police officer. I want to come to your club with my wife one night. Sorry to go on and on here, I know its not about this story. Just wanted you to know you helped me a great deal and again thank you. P.S. loved the King of Sting. You sure were a crazy wild son of a gun.

  4. Paul Womack says:

    I don’t want people to think cops use or sell drugs. I admitted on my application I had used weed and no longer did or do. When I said deeler I meant weed in small amounts for concert tickets and things. I was never like a person making a living do it, I was a kid. Thats way behind me now. Just wanted to clear that up. I have no record or I couldn’t have become a police officer.

  5. Coo Koo says:

    Saw Gallagher in Denver two Years ago
    He was pretty funny. Seemed kinda odd though. Went to him for a an autograph and he wouldn’t speak to me. Walked off. Sorry to hear he is ill.

  6. Cowboy says:

    I Thought He Died Years Ago
    didn’t know he was still alive

  7. glazer is awesome says:

    craig thanks for the column dont listen to the guys sayin they hate you, you are great!!!

  8. Ba'ad Tupae says:

    This is KC Confidential. Despite your previous experience with Mr. Gallagher how is this relevant to KC. Same with Mr. Charlie Sheen. He has been deconstructed by many hundreds in the media. What makes your opinion of him any more unique or interesting? This place should be for Kansas City perspective not stories so Mr. Glazer can blow his own horn. Why don’t you write about Japan crisis with earthquake and tsunami? I bet you know all about nuclear reactor meltdown too.

  9. Hearne says:

    Craig is a Kansas City icon and personality
    As such a lot of people do care and are interested in what he has to say and his takes on things. You for example read them.

  10. Doog says:

    Nothing wrong with what Craig said.
    And I’ve taken Craig to task for a few things he’s written on here, but this isn’t one of them.
    Point to me one thing that was over the line on this. Point is, there isn’t.
    And Craig captured the story perfectly about Leo. People today really don’t know about him. I’m 33, and know Gallagher’s act well, since I was hooked on Comedy Central from the mid-90’s. Unfortunately, it’s been about 8 to 10 years since Comedy Central quit re-running the same tired Gallagher specials from the mid-80’s. Thank god.
    But with that, you now have a whole generation of folks that really don’t have any clue about him. And for Leo to act out at Craig the way he did at 41 shows a guy that is increasingly out of touch with his own relevancy.
    It had nothing to do with his heath scare, although his health scare is noteworthy.

  11. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Glazer Rules, Agreed
    First off guy who won’t give his name, umm, Harley, Bad Toupee, whoever: Glazer has written many artilces with national attention stories. Why is this one any different. He had a relationship with the man. Nobody said this was just a Kansas City website. I think Craig brings a local and nation perspective to things. Like it or not the writer has relationships with many stars and situations of national interest, from what I have seen and read about him. I’ve like Glazer cause I don’t anyone, I mean anyone with his wide ranging lifesytle, comedy,movies,TV,books,crime, on and on. Plus he lived in LA and was in the entertainment world there as well. People we are lucky to have his fun and often funny insight to things. Oh yeah he lives on our morning radio shows in this city. I would challenge anyone to name someone who has done more radio on more stations in the history of this town! I went to Hebrew school with Craig and his brother Jeff. Craig was notorious at 13, he got in a fist fight with our Rabbi at l5, he is a legend with the Jews in KC. Mostly for being well, an outsider bad ass. Much of what he said to us in those days came true. I know he is not big on the’god’ thing.
    Again, Craig I believe you are a big reason for the success of kcconfidential. Case in point, at work a month back two girls in my office were talking about an aricle they saw here, it was yours about ‘lost love’ they were nuts over it, they both felt it was like what happened to them. So keep up the good work you defrocked Heb.

  12. cowboy says:

    Thin Haired
    O.K. I have read several referrances to Glazer’s hair. I saw Craig many times at the station. Gotta tell ya, I never thought anything bout his hair and mine is thin so I pay attention. His looks damn good, whatever he does. I’ve had millionaire ballplayers on with fake hair and none of them looked as good as Glazers. Remember Sean Conary(007), Bruce Willis, John Tavolta, Nick Cage, Frank Sinatra, Burt Reynolds and too many too name stars had to do their hair as well. I don’t see anyone pointing at them. Know what, we always got to find a reason to put down the player, no matter what he does, unless he’s real boring, than who cares. My old pal Glazer, ain’t boring.

  13. Kellys man says:

    Nice To Have Jew Friends

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