Glazer: The Awful Truth Behind The Charlie Sheen Saga

Now that the dust has settled – a little anyway – here are my thoughts on Charlie Sheen.

In many ways I feel badly for Charlie. Here’s a dude born into the wealth and stardom created by his father Martin Sheen‘s success, Charlie lead a privileged life from childhood. By the time the guy was an adult/teenager he was making some pretty big bucks. In his 20s he was already a movie star with Platoon and Wall Street. He was nominated for an Academy Award. He followed those huge hits with 50 film roles, mostly in the starring role. He even co-starred with Clint Eastwood in THE ROOKIE. Big time stuff. All before he was 35 years-old.
Even at that early age, his life got pretty redundant.. Any pretty girl he wanted was his. Any car or cars. Mansions, no problem. Travel, he saw the world many times. Lived on airplanes, in airports. Stayed in the best hotels.

It gets to you. Clearly it got to Charlie Sheen. Too much, too soon, too often.

Then came the marriage to mega-hot star Denise Richards. Now they have kids. And Charlie wasn’t anywhere near ready for that. Why? Because he can still be with tons of other women anytime he wants. Now everyone is in his face, they all want something all the time. So he tries to hide, tries to be alone. But he can’t be alone, He needs that constant mental support that he’s still a star, still doing the right things. This always happens to people who get everything too fast and too often. Life becomes boring.

Now comes the killer.
You’re alone in your hotel in Vegas, and you just got another check for seven figures. You get a call, "Hey, can you host this awards show…or can you accept an award?. You’re are a super star, baby." 

Now you feel, "Christ, I deserve some kinda fun, some big perk"  The money is not even needed anymore. "So okay, I’ll call and get some A Hookers and some blow – yeah, I deserve that.  Just tonight. Sure bet."
Next age 40 isn’t far off, and who needs these kids and this screaming wife anyway? I want to be free.

Now comes the expensive divorce, they always come.  Everyone is in his face, they all want a piece of him, "Please STOP IT AND LET ME BE ALONE. "

But he can’t be alone.

Next comes another wife and more hookers and more coke – after all he’s earned it!
So Charlie gets a TV gig, that way, no more travel. He can stay at home in LA and work. Great news; now the show is a smash hit and he gets to do it over and over and over and over.

"God I’m sick of this show and LA, get me the hell outta here!" 

Back to hookers, hotels and blow.
He looks in the mirror and 50 isn’t far off. "Boy my youth is fading, I know, I need more hot chicks and hotels and coke, that will prove I’m still young."

Finally the public finds out. There are constant run-ins with the law and the drugs and the wives and the hookers and the hotties.
Life is a nightmare. Maybe not worth living,

"SHIT I’VE DONE IT ALL, I’M STILL UNHAPPY. Why don’t people just leave me alone? I’m not hurting anyone."

But he is, his family and the people who depend on him for their income. Not to mention his kids.
Solution: There’s only one really; Sheen has to do a Robert Downey Jr..

Get clean, stay clean, for about a year.

Right now other than "reality TV," there is no work for Sheen. He is not insurable due to his behavior. No network can get insurance on him now. Not even a major studio. So no more big pay days, not much to do after all these ridiculous interviews end and everyone’s sick of CHARLIE SHEEN. That will come ASAP.

Then he’s are alone again.
Downey beat it, but that was rare. Charlie will need help from guys like Downey and Sean Penn to beat this problem.

The problem poor people have when they can’t pay bills and life gets too hard, is they start using speed and cheap hotels and hookers. And in an odd way it’s the same disease Sheen has. "Where do I go from here?" 

You shouldn’t be jealous of Sheen or hate him, there’s a little Charlie in all of us.

Hope he gets his act together and makes a comeback…Hollywood loves a comeback more than an overdose, don’t they?
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11 Responses to Glazer: The Awful Truth Behind The Charlie Sheen Saga

  1. Kellys man says:

    Sounds Like You Glazer
    You are just like this asshole

  2. Better Man says:

    So You Defend this Jerk
    Glazer why would you defend this jerk? He is a major screw up.

  3. Monkey Man says:

    High As a Mofo
    Wish I could afford his dope

  4. Maureen says:

    Why Do You Defend this guy?
    Craig, are you serious? He is a fuck up. A joke.

  5. joel wienberg says:

    Can’t Win
    See you try and be nice and look what happens.

  6. Keith says:

    Hope Its An Overdose
    He is a fool Craig.

  7. TonIsADir says:

    Nice One
    “Any pretty girl he wanted was his. Any car or cars. ”

    But I’ll bet he doesn’t want that POS Fiat 500!

    Hey, that picture of Sheen also reminds me of that unfortunate Euston kid.

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    Glazer apparently wants to share some of his insider cred, but this article provided no more insight than I could have gotten from a People magazine article.

  9. harley says:

    the guys not any where near what you say. Its not anything like that. I met some people who
    knew this guy who worked on his production staff. What’s his problem….his ego.
    Wants to world to revolve around him. Has to be constantly impressing people. Have the
    hottest women so people idolize him. Has to party so people don’t think he’s getting
    old as he ages. Has to impress people with what he says and does….and has to keep
    getting attention because henever got that as a child. On the productions he’s a pain…
    they said he was always late…..he was rude to the people he worked with…but for the
    money warners made they had to put up with him. He wanted to change scripts…had to
    be the major player. The show wascheap to produce becasue it didn’t need lots of
    sets… charlie could play himself.
    Its not the coke….its the attention….he wasdeprived as a child. His dad had no time
    for him…..and he had that feeling of being unwanted so he creates this media monster
    so people see him …..and pay attetnion to him.
    Underneath the guy is a big nothing. No heart or soul. Just craves something and anything
    that will get people to pay attention to him. A temper tantrum…screaming…yellling…
    the whores were paid so they would pay attention to him…make him their prime center
    for the time they spent with him.
    Saw him at palms club rain one night in the skyboxes. He was an asshole. Same night
    that Pauly Shore was up there. Charlie screamed and yelled because noone was paying
    attention to him. He was beligerent to everyone. One waitress really got it because
    she brought him the wrong type of vodka. Pauly was nice…talked with the people…but
    charley seemed mad at the world. Even almost walked out without paying.
    Gavin the owner hated him in his place…because he was always rude.
    So its the attention he needed to get that he never got. It goes back to wanting to
    impress people so he could be the center of attention.
    You can do blow…youcan have all the beautiful women….money….cars…but inside
    the guy was empty of anything.
    The last 2 weeks have been exactly what he wanted. People to pay attention…and they
    did and reallized that he’s a lost soul. I don’t care how good an actor he was (and he
    was and could have been great)…he had nothing. His life was one big starring role
    ….truth is we won’t know how it ends until his act gets old.
    Hope the guy makes it…with kids you’ve got to wonder. He is a great dad…because those
    sons give him all their atttention…something he never got unless he was screwing up.
    Its a call for help….maybe someonewill rescue him….but he’s not hit rock botton
    yet…and until he does the acting continues. He’s a winnner….but he ‘s also a big loser.

  10. Kerouac says:

    Like father, like son… think about it
    Sheen played ‘Bean’ to father Martin’s ‘MSgt McKinney’ in the 1990 movie ‘Cadence’; circa 2011 it appears he has blurred the roles… will fate conclude similarly?

  11. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Isn’t that what Glazer kinda said?
    “Wrong again.” Why do you say Glazer is wrong all the time? Just to get attention. Seems he’s mostly right. Your piece was kinda like his. Glazer was saying the same things in a different way wasn’t he? I think the point both of you made was simple “sometimes everything you want is not enough and you are still empty and unhappy.” I agree. Most of us will never have anything close to what Sheen has got or had, so we hate him for not appreciating that. It’s an easy concept.

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