New Jack City: Beware Big 12 Parking Ripoff, Gouging Galore in Downtown KC

One definition of gouging is "to cheat out of money– to charge too high a price."
Welcome to the Big 12 Tournament in downtown Kansas City!
I was planning to attend a press screening of a movie at the AMC Mainstreet Wednesday afternoon. I usually park at Cosentino’s Market and end up taking home a sack full of goodies from its kickass bakery.

Not yesterday!
The AMC Mainstreet validates Cosentino’s parking for up to 3 hours. And if the movie runs a little long – no biggie – it costs a buck.

However all those bets are off when the Big 12 hits town.

So imagine my surprise when entering Cosentino’s garage at 1:30 p.m. and being told by the attendant parking was only available for short Cosentino shopping trips unless I had some kind of special Big 12-VIP Sticker.

If I stayed any longer – like for the screening – my car would be towed!

The Mainstreet’s puny parking validation being null and void during the hoopfest.
Intrepid movie critic that I am, I tried three more garages. Same deal except the third only wanted to bag me for $25.00.

I pressed on.
I’d driven all the way from Overland Park to see the movie, so I tried the lot right behind the Mainstreet.

"2-1/2 hours" I told the attendant.
"That’ll be $30.00," he shot back. "Event parking, sir."
"More like event gouging," I said.
The hell with it, screw the screening, I thought.

Is that any way to treat visitors and tourists coming to downtown?

I think not.

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19 Responses to New Jack City: Beware Big 12 Parking Ripoff, Gouging Galore in Downtown KC

  1. Dang says:

    Too high
    ThirtySchmirty….geeeeezzzz louise… Thank you for maning up and voting with your feet(wheels), that is what ya gotta do when the bullshit is that deep. THIRTY BUCKSTO PARK?? FKTHAT…. I remember when there was almost a ticket revolt when The Rolling Stones raised priced to $17.00 and that was fo a whole concert.

    $30.00 to park?….holy crap. where do they think this is?? NEW YORK CITY?

  2. Eric says:

    That’s pretty common practice to bump up the parking like that for events. I live in the Crossroads and walk to the theater, Cosentino’s and the P&L all the time. Quit being such a pussy and walk a mile.

  3. Dang says:

    Someday, stupid ass hipster Erica will hang up her socks and flipflops, maybe move out of the ghetto and buy a house…then maybe learn about the finer things in life and not be so quick to lay insults on good guys like Jack P.

    Have some respect Ercia, ah heck….. what am I talking about…. stupid hipsters usually need to have respect beat into them.( how sad that one pounch is sometimes one too many).. so for now … about just shut up until you understand.

  4. Defender of Eric says:

    ???? Go Away
    When did it become an city/districts issue that many people what to come and see an event and charge for parking? there is reason we are the fattest city! Walk for fat ass and you can park for free!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so JOCO to want to park next to the event and not pay. these are the same people that it not want a downtown ball park because they would have to walk to the event.

    Welcome to the city, where you pay to park or walk to pay less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STFU

  5. Puncher of Erica says:

    There is a lot more to it than walking issues. There is security issues, both walking along and/or having you car broken into. If you know the exact location and it isafe, OK, but if one does not know the exact area it may be ok to leave hoopty hipster crap car, but whne you grow up and buy a nice car, it is another issue…and issue of hasles….. and time……. plus there are other issues, but there is not a lot of sense going intoit/ explaining it here becasue no one here listend to logic and reason………. so my main point is ….


  6. Eric says:

    You don’t know me….
    I am a 40 + year old professional with a nice car that I have to use for my professional job and have lived in the Downtown area (between Rivermarket and Midtown) for well over 10 years. I don’t even know what a hipster is Mr (or Mrs.) ‘won’t even use your real name’. Sorry if I offended a personal friend of yours but if you come downtown during any type of event, you know you’re going to have to pay to park. If you think that Downtown is such a ghetto, don’t come down here.

  7. No Name says:

    Made it 40 years and still quick talking judging others eh?…..

    You dont know much about anything, and you should not be so fast to call anyone “PUSSY”… you do not know evryone’s circumstances so how about this, I will call downtown a ghetto and come there and if I want to bitch about parking prices then I will and I no one needs to hear someone like you judge anyone for that

    You do what you want and let others do what they want. it does not make them a pussy, unless you wanna be a tough guy and start shit, then you get waht is coming to you, maybe one punch will do the trick, but how about instead, dont start nothin, and there wont be nuthin. nuf sed.

  8. No Name says:

    AND FOR THE REOCRD…THIRTY DOLLARS TO PARK IS PRICE GOUGING IN KC….. Even if someone is going to a game down there, that is price gouguing, no question. period. I have NEVER heard that high a price to park in KC, EVER…until now, and I appreciate the stroy about it. Thanks Jack P. (whom I have never met, but have listened to for years)

  9. jon says:

    The truth hurts
    Good story from Jack. Somebody had to tell about the ripoffs downtown because no matter where you live this gouging is just a bad bad image for KC. Wonder whether the Star will do a story about it. Don’t hold your breath.

  10. StephenKC says:

    Quit your whining
    We have thousands of people visiting KC, filling hotel rooms, spending hundreds in our bars and restaurants — and you’re complaining about finding a parking space? Geesh. Have you never been downtown before? Because if you had, you would know you could have found a cheap (or free) place to park in the Crossroads, walked a few blocks and seen your precious movie. Since the wonderful addition of Sprint Center/P&L, I have not paid to park once, not once … and I’ve never walked more than five blocks (usually much less) to get to the district and/or the arena. For crying out loud … man up!

  11. The person who calls other names says:

    Really stop with the threats……..
    For the man/woman who is very angry and making threats via internet; you my friend are the biggest joke on this board. First you change someones name to a feminine name….that is a good one. Hold on hard to type and laugh out loud…………………………………….
    Ok I am back.
    I live downtown and too have never paid to park. Like Eric said if you are willing to walk parking is cheap. if you are lazy you pay! Now to the $30 to park. It is only too much if people are not parking there! See Name caller this is a little thing call supply and demand, google it and see what it says.
    Oh there really isn’t a “ghetto” around in downtown. See us who live there pay a nice sum for our places and have made changes to the neighborhood. So you should speak of what you know……………………………………………………..NOTHING

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Allow me to confirm the security issues of parking. About a half dozen parked cars on that highway overpass just south of Municipal Auditorium had their windows totally bashed out in broad daylight early last Sunday afternoon. They parked for free and then walked – probably to the Auto Show.

    I spoke to the KC Cop that was writing them all up and it was ugly. Really ugly. In some cases the damage was done for no apparent reason other than to really mess up the cars. Needless, extensive destruction.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    See the comment a few up from this on the string of broad daylight car smashings that went down last Sunday a few blocks from the AMC Mainstreet and area you suggested parking in.

    Frugal as Jack is, he’s driving a new Mercedes and I doubt that he was about to experiment with free parking spots in an unfamiliar part of town where crime is not uncommon.

  14. No Name says:

    typical douchers – stepanieKC AND ERICA
    Yup, as expected. Erica comes in calling people pussy and is called out for that grilish behavior and then another wannabe a ttough girl bitch sees the crowd and jumps in, and then she becomes offended when she is put in her place. You girls get no medals or accolades for wanting to be trendy lil hipsters living downtown, go ahead, live anywhere you want, but dont even fream that you are special. And stop judging others, as was said above… DONT START NUTHIN, WONT BE NUTHIN…….

    btw- you can see from StepanieKC’s remarks posted elsewhere on the board that she likes to randomly jumpin and start trouble as she spouts off stupid drivel…..e.g. about how she hates KU for no specific reason (maybe) the stateline, or about how she hates Bob Davis etc etc ,,,,and other bigoted hateful crap….. she is full of hate…. she is kinf of all KKK menatlity…. butthat stupiytity can be solved, usually by a srong punch to the face. A single punch isall takes to shut these asholes up, teach them some manors… punch can do the trick……
    TL/DR ; hey dimwiitted Stephanie – DONT START NUTHIN, WONT BE NUTHIN…….

    Thanks again to Jack P for a good tip on bad parking rtaes, it is too bad a couple of children here had to ugly it up, but the BOTTOM LINE is $30.00 to park for 3 hours is price gouging and risking a nice car to ghetto vandalism/ street parking is not worth it either.

    I suppose the over all moral is……. If “they” want to preview movies downtown, it is a msitake……..I hope “they” read this, and realize there is proably a better solution. Thanks Jack P, UdaMan.

  15. i own no nme says:

    I understand now
    No name i am so sorry to have ruffled your feathers, but I now know why this may have happened:

    This Jack p is your dad?

    Jack P pounds you in the ass all night long

    or lastly you are just an idiot!

    My guess is the you absolutely are an idiot that JP pounds in the ass and you call him daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One more tidbit, just stay in Grandview, because we don’t want your kind in downtown!

  16. jayhawkjed says:

    What did you expect?
    This isn’t the first rodeo people. I’ve learned to expect gouging and horrible traffic during these events which is why I TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Yes the city bus! It gouged me a whole 3 dollars yesterday, damn.

  17. jayhawkjed says:

    What did you expect?
    This isn’t the first rodeo people. I’ve learned to expect gouging and horrible traffic during these events which is why I TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Yes the city bus! It gouged me a whole 3 dollars yesterday, damn.

  18. Eric says:

    People are complaining about paying for parking but will happily go pay $8 for a light beer at the Sprint Center. Restaurants also raise prices and get rid of happy hours. To say that you are afraid of your car being vandalized if you don’t park in a garage doesn’t make me shed a tear either. Every First Friday my neighborhood gets trashed by people coming down here to party. Yesterday, I saw porta pottys knocked over and other vandalism and I’m sure it wasn’t by people that live in my neighborhood. I don’t complain because I know that overall, it is good for downtown to have people come down here. I also still don’t understand the ‘hipster’ thing when it comes to people that live downtown. I know a lot of people that live down here and it’s because that’s where there job is and it’s more convenient, they have to spend less on gas, pollute the air less etc. That makes us ‘hipsters’? What a joke. Again, if you don’t like downtown, just don’t come down here.

  19. Superdave says:

    All Been Pointed Out
    Well I see all the reasons why I don’t go to downtown events layed out here.I will not support places of business that feel its ok to take advantage of the customer during peak times. And I am sorry but what is this so called peak time crap? Simply put it is a nice way they have come up with to say I can put it to you and nothing you can do about it. Well I do something about it. I stay home or go elsewhere for some entertainment.

    I as well don

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