JACK GOES CONFIDENTIAL: Aliens Invade Local Megaplexes!

It’s a battle of the ALIENS this weekend at the movies!
The first is a highly-advanced extra terrestrial action-thriller, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES raining down on major cities around the world.
Who are they? Nobody knows but apparently they’re after our water!
But when their war ships hit L.A. they find Marine staff sargeant Aaron Eckhart and his troops ready for the ultimate cliche-ridden battle for human survival.
It’s an intense sci-fi docu-drama war movie with an arsenal of graphic chaos down Santa Monica Boulevard.
BATTLE: LOS ANGELES co-stars Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Rodriquez and Michael Pena. The PG-13 rated film opens citywide.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
The other, MARS NEEDS MOMS, has pesky Martians persuing earth moms to match their criteria as capable mothers for their young’uns—like Joan Cusack.
But not if nine-year-old ‘Milo’ (Seth Green) can help it, as he stows away on their spaceship and takes on the alien nation.
MARS NEEDS MOMS, a wild intergelactic PG-rated comedy-adventure was filmed in the Motion Capture process first employed in THE POLAR EXPRESS and is produced by Robert Zemeckis.

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  1. mikey says:

    re-tread idea!
    Isn’t the idea in “V” -the TV series,that the aliens are after our water supply? Day late and a dollar short!

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