Glazer: KC Radio King Johnny Dare Salutes Mike Murphy

Today’s radio giant in Kansas City without question is 98.9 The Rock’s Johnny Dare

Nobody else comes close.

Johnny has high praise for his former on-air pal Mike Murphy.

"One thing they will never take away from Mike Murphy is that he was the all-time King of Kansas City Radio," Dare says. "His ratings were through the roof, more than a 20 share at times. Nobody will ever do that again, NOBODY." 

Dare enjoys the top-rated morning show in Kansas City. In fact, Heck, it’s the the top rated show period with anywhere from a 9 to a 14 share. Of course there are a lot more channels and choices today than when Mike ruled local radio in the 70’s and 80’s.
"I worked with the giants of radio in this town, Randy Miller and Max Floyd," Dare says. "And nobody compares with Murphy. He was radio when radio was a bigger part of all our lives. Today we have 1,000 TV channels, tons of radio channels, Facebook, iPhones, on and on. In Mike’s world, he was who you listened to on a daily basis in this town, period.
"I’d see him in the hallway of Entercom almost every day. He’d always be telling me about a new UFO story. Maybe a tale about Big Foot on a space ship with baby Jesus as the co-pilot. Hell, sometimes I think he even believed it. But there was always a wink and a nod. Man, this guy had Charlton Heston on his show a few times. We always think about the local stars he had, but the man had the big ones as well. Hell, you don’t get any bigger than Frank Sinatra."
So from the new king to the one just passed: "I will always love that I knew him," Dare says. "Mike Murphy, the one and only king of Kansas City radio."
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18 Responses to Glazer: KC Radio King Johnny Dare Salutes Mike Murphy

  1. Radio Man says:

    Johnny Has Class
    Dare well put. I listen to morning radio. You are my favorite. Love the old days with the porn girls in live. But like Mike, those days are gone, not forgotten. Murphy was a class act and so are you. Nice words Mr. Dare.

  2. Big Brother says:

    I knew You Had it in you Dare
    Yes and the same from me Dare. Everyone thinks you are a foul mouth, rocker, biker, but this reminds me that you are a stand up guy.

  3. KU Forever says:

    You Proved me wrong
    Here I thought you were a self serving rock radio star. This shows me you really do have a big heart. Yes I know about Bikers For Babies, but this was cool of you to say Johnny.

  4. Kellys man says:

    Now If Only Glazer had Some
    Teach your pal to behave as you do Johnny. Miss your bar but not your pal, he hates Kellys and for no good reason. I liked Mike.

  5. Coo Koo says:

    Mankow Cool
    Johnny even Mankow weighed in on Mike Murphy. So cool of both of you to pay homage to the man who started big time talk radio in KC. He did. Unless you want to count Walt Bodine.

  6. Pissed Off says:

    Great Show Today With Jefferies
    Johnny heard you this morning with Jim Jefferies, laughed my rear end off. Yeah Mike Murphy was a strange but honest man. Nice words from you Johnny. Can’t believe I’m saying what follows, I actually wait for when I know you will have Glazer on and then wait for him to speak. God Damn sometimes I think he is brilliant, sometimes a major ass, but always, both of you guys light it up. My favorite part of morning radio is comedy with you two fuckers, oh yeah and the real comics. Hey who is the star of Rock Fest this year Johnny.

  7. Cowboy says:

    Mike would have been great guest on TruTV with You
    Johnny how fun would Murphy have been on your tv show, Full Throttle! How funny is that. He was one of a kind.

  8. Keith says:

    Maybe I misjudged You
    Always thought I was right about you Dare, but now maybe I think I misjudged you. Sorry. You ain’t so bad.

  9. Maureen says:

    Kind Thoughts Dare
    I listen to the show often. I was a bit young for Mike Murphy, though my mom was a fan so I heard it on the way to school sometimes. Radio sure has changed. We appreciate what you do for the city and nobody has a more fun, upbeat morning show than you do.

  10. Cool Tool says:

    Couger Fan
    Well put Johnny, Mike will be missed by thousands. I am a Carrie Coogan fan. Love that Jefferies calls her “cougar.” Funny guy. Your show is my favorite. Keep up the nice work. You have had some of your best morning shows over the last year or two.

  11. Tony Tubbs says:

    You Are A Sinner Dare
    Mr. Dare you will surely go to hell when you die. All the sex and drug talk on your program, how awful. I’m suprised good people would listen. I won’t anymore. You pretend to care about Mike Murphy’s passing, only too look good to your whores and pimps. Of course most whites are like you, fake. I believe in God unlike that prick you had on this week from England, he is a joke and to me and others not funny. Try Bill Cosby, he’s funny. But Glazer won’t hire him, cause he is black.

  12. Nathan Granner says:

    THank you!
    It’s been a hard few weeks. Mike was a singular personality. Thanks for the cheers to Mike.


  13. Black Barbie says:

    Thank You For Not Talkin On Me
    Johnny thanks for getting off my tits on the show. That Craig won’t leave it alone. I am sorry your father passed away. I never heard his show I was too young. But take care.

  14. randyraley says:

    He was a mentor and a friend. No one will ever do what he did. I think he’s just about the only person with enough balls to tell Robert Hyland of KMOX to go fuck himself. I’ll never forget his kindness. See ya, Murph

  15. Joe Cornia says:

    He Was The Best
    Who didn’t have a Mike Murphy story. He was one of a kind.

  16. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Love Jim Jefferies
    Heard him on your show Johnny, he’s my new favorite. Went to Rock Fest about five years back, had a ball, getting a bit too old for the outdoor shows, but I hear they are still just great. I still listen to you most mornings. Murphy was something else.

  17. John Ozggood says:

    Who’s the Sports Tool
    You got some new guy on sports Dare. I don’t like him, bring back Lee Flisick or the guy before him. Why did you guys dump that other sports guy?

  18. Pissed Off says:

    Dare You Are The Best
    Really have fun with your show in the morning. Listen on way to work. Don’t you ever leave us, I wouldn’t want to listen to Star 102 or those morning moron shows, just you Johnny. Thank you for the entertainment.

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