Today: My Jogging Date With Jim Nutter Sr. by Bill Nigro

It’s said that Omaha has it’s oracle…

In the wilds of Kansas City, we have a gentleman by the name of James B. Nutter, Sr. A local real estate tycoon  who some say is a kingmaker. Having reportedly picked mayor after mayor, city councilman after city councilman. Mr. Nutter has been a bit more low key the past few years but that doesn’t mean that inquiring minds don’t still want to know who the man with the polically Midas touch is picking in the upcoming mayoral finale between Sly James and Mike Burke.

Enter (somewhat) nosey Westport businessman and neighborhood jogger dude Bill Nigro.

Nigro likes to stop in on Nutter at his Westport office from time to time and chew the neighborhood and political phat.

"I inviited Mr. Nutter to the Party of the Decade for Sly James and the City Council candidates Sunday at the Beaumont Club," Nigro says. "The funny thing is, he was eating pretzels while I was talking to him and he told me he was supporting the other candidate, Mike Burke.

Nigro’s group, the Kansas City Business Rights Coalition plans to serve beer and pretzels at the Sly show Sunday.

"He looked great," Nigro says of Nutter. "We had a fun conversation and his recall from the past is incredible. He’s always entertaining to talk to – he and my dad were friends."

As for Nutter’s outlook on Sly, "He doesn’t dislike him," Nigro says. "He thinks there are two good choices out there. He just likes Mike Burke better."

Nutter’s prediction on who will win it all?

"I didn’t really ask him," Nigro says.
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16 Responses to Today: My Jogging Date With Jim Nutter Sr. by Bill Nigro

  1. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    An Award for Jr.?
    Nutter’s prediction on who will win it all?

    “I didn’t really ask him,” Nigro says.


    Jr.: If they gave a Pulitzer for “crack, ace reporting on stories with absolutely no useful information in them,” you would win it, hands down.

  2. Matt says:

    More Nigro self-promotion enabled by HC
    Hearne, things are getting a bit thin for your blog huh? The “Grand Exaggerator” Nigro gets profs for dropping in on the Peanut and then reports what we all already know. What a joke.

    Get Glazer’s sex stories back on here asap. They’re the only thing worth checking in for.



    Nigro, Nutter Nod No at Negro

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    And the crack media criticism goes to the anony hater named….TIAD!

  5. WildaBeest says:

    Worthless story, wrong dateline, and racist to boot
    If you cannot ASK the big question, then you wasted your time in filing this post.
    Also not mentioned is that Jim Nutter is in very ill health, having already lost one leg to diabetes.
    (Gee, if Hearne wrote it, he’d say Nutter was on his last leg!!!)
    The editor has the wrong dateline. Nov. 30, -1 ???
    And now the Race Baiting King comment uses a variation of the N. word.

    This needs to be deleted. The entire thing. It wasn’t a waste of a tree, since its online, but it’s a waste of the readers’ brain cells.
    I call for KCConfidential to delete all mentions of the two N. words on ALL comments and in all posts.
    Not just for stories about the mayor’s race, but ALL stories.
    It is disrepectful, it is hurtful, it is ignorant, it cannot be justified in ANY way. And it is racist.

  6. TIAD says:

    It’s Not Hate
    Jr., it’s not hate, it’s just tough love.

  7. smartman says:

    N Word
    Holy Moly, now we can’t say Nutter, Nigro or Negro! Typically Nutter versus Nigro would be like Secretariat versus a can of Alpo. Mr. Nigro might be right this time, which would raise his level on the political totem pole. With Messrs James and Burke I think you’ve got 2 sides of the same coin. There just isn’t that much significant difference between them, Like Potsy and Ralph Malph. I’m lookin’ for Fonzie but would settle for Chachi. To get this city back in shape is going to require a strong definition of what our goals are and the absolute commitment of the Mayor, Council, Civic and Business leaders and citizens to row the boat in the same direction. I don’t think either candidate has the ability to articulate that vision or the skills and power to make it happen.

  8. Tracy Thomas says:

    Smartman, how smart is it lamenting what you cannot change
    So the primary is over. And gosh, I didn’t see YOU file for office! Too busy wiping the cheetos off your keyboard? Or bellowing at your construction workers? I love how you claim to be so smart, yet you complain about what cannot be changed. So–who do you support for Mayor?

    I do agree that the real power is with The Twelve. The others have equal votes to our weak mayor form of governing. And so, are you donating money or doing anything to elect the right people for those six council races? There is precious little attention to those races. What say you, Smart Man, about the decisions that the voters can actually MAKE to improve the sad fate of KCMO?

  9. smartman says:

    Serenity Prayer
    Unfortunately, Ms. Tracy there are many things I can’t change. I prefer to focus my energies on things that I can. While the Lord has blessed me with many gifts, skills and talents the glad suffering of fools is not among that list so that pretty much disqualifies me from public office and discourse. I don’t bellow at my employee’s I work side by side with them. I have never donated money to candidates at the city/county/local level but I have and am currently donating my time making phone calls ,distributing flyers or driving people to the polls which more often than not is appreciated much more than a $100.00 check. It’s easy to write a check and say your part of the process isn’t it? What’s it take, 20 seconds? In this election cycle, including the E-Tax I will have close to 60 hours of my time donated. If things get too uncomfortable for me in KCMO I will just move to another state. I am a customer of the government. It is up to the goverment to make and keep me happy or I’ll vote with my feet and move to another state. For my contribution I will be a rock solid citizen, business owner and neighbor. How many driveways and sidewalks did you shovel this winter in your neighborhood? Even if I were given dictatorial powers over KCMO it would take me at least 10 years to get us back to that 50’s and 60’s era of greatness. Remember those days when Dallas was a podunk shithole? Politics has become a game of conflict, ongoing conflict for the sake of conflict, and not one of productive robust debate, consensus and progress. Why on earth would any sane person get involved in idealogical debate when the only conversation needs to be about right and wrong. Most people don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate logically. They debate from emotion. It’s very easy to change a mind. It’s almost impossible to change a heart. And sorry, no Cheeto’s. They’re too acidic. I try to maintain a ph level in my body of at least 6. Did you know that one of the lowest cost things you can do to be healthy and avoid disease is to have a ph level in your body of at least 6 or 7? Your doctor won’t tell you that, neither will the government or the AMA. Know why? Healthy people are bad for the medical business. It used to be what’s good for GM is good for the country, now it’s what’s good for big medicine and big pharma. That’s my gift to you today Miss Tracy, the gift of health. Go get some ph test strips and whiz on them. See what’s going on inside your body. You might be surprised by what you learn.

  10. Tracy Thomas says:

    I’m a 6.5 thanks!
    Yes, Smartman, I did know that secret. I am into homeopathic and naturopathic medicine. Didn’t shovel anyone else’s drive this winter but my own, pushing with my one good arm. I am rehabbing from broken rotator cuff and crushed heel surgeries, having lived in a nursing home for 12 weeks this summer. But in the past, I did shovel two neighbors’ driveways. Both men. Maybe if I recover use of my limbs, I can help those guys out again.

    I served for 5 years on the Shawnee City Council, the only woman and the only non-Catholic until I taught Mickey Sandifer how to finally get his GED, and he replaced me. I walked door to door 42 hours a year, with a clipboard and a Kleenex, learning what my neighbors wanted, while I asked for their support. So, good for you for working on the campaigns. In 1979, when I lived in KCMO before crime drove me to JoCo, I was the first woman to manage a mayoral campaign–Joel Pelofsky. We defeated Wheeler, but Berkley won in the general.

    Might I ask are you for or against the Etax? I think it should be repealed. Too many eggs in one basket. The result is businesses flock to JoCo. KCMO needs to distribute the burden differently. I did laugh today when I got my bill for JoCo Wastewater. It went up 43%, but the brochure preposterously claimed the most “noticeable” change was my new Customer Number!!!! I am glad I’m not on the KCMO Council–the task of replacing all the sewers is daunting, and I don’t know how they will manage it. But the E-tax is driving the best and brightest and richest out of that town.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Yessir, Mr. Matt Sir! Coming right up!

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks, Tracy

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Oh sorry. I just thought you had too much time on your hands. Forgive me.

  14. Hearne says:

    Could this comments section feud have come full circle?
    With Tracy and the smartman hugging it out – post meltdown – while my non-story tidbit flushes out the journalism school wannabes with a penchant bestowing catchy nicknames and throwing stones while hiding behind their fog enshrowded glass houses.


    Spring must have sprung.

  15. ToIsADi says:

    Wrong Again, Jr.
    The first day of spring is March 20th. I assume you will be issuing a full correction?

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Are you really this in search of a life?

    Not to worry, you’re welcome to vent that spleen of yours here on KCC any old time.

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