NEW JACK CITY: Drive-in Movies Jump Start the Spring Season!

There are two sure signs that spring is right around the corner,

The first: Time "springs forward" by one hour this weekend.

The Second: The season reopening of the first of Kansas City’s three Drive-In Theaters.

The big I-70, 4-screen Drive-In kicks off the 2011 season with weekend operation this Friday, March 11th.

Kansas City’s other two drive-ins, the Twin and Boulevard, will follow three weeks later by bringing back movies under the stars on April 1st.

Drive-in movies?

You bet!

Kansas City is one of the strongest markets for the outdoor motor movie emporiums in the Midwest. hicago, Denver and St. Louis screen counts combined don’t equal KC’s!

Between the I-70, Twin and Boulevard, Kansas City still offers seven first run drive-in screens which are sold out many nights during the summer season.


They’re a great value for the entertainment buck by always offering two current hit movies for less than the ticket price of just one at the indoor theaters. Adult admission price remains at $8.00 – even on the weekends – and kids age 11 and under are free!

Plus, drive-in patrons no longer have to listen through the speakers that used to hang onto car windows.

Today, simply tune your car radio to the drive-in’s radio frequency and receive sound quality as good as your car radio’s output.

In the case of the I-70 Drive-In, four different frequencies (one per screen) output the movies’ soundtracks while at the Twin, two frequencies provide sound to the cars.

Frequencies are posted at the theaters.

The Boulevard’s FM radio signal is delivered via a DTS sound system.

Of course, for those still preferring the traditional drive-in speaker experience, they’re still around and available on every speaker post.

Daryl Smith of Smith Management, operator of the I-70 and Twin drive-ins, predicts a big 2011 season for the Ozoners.

"We’re looking forward to surefire hits like Thor; the next Pirates of the Caribbean adventure,;The Hangover 2; Green Lantern; X-Men: First Class; Cars 2; Transformers: Dark of the Moon; and the conclusion to the Harry Potter franchise.

"We’re planning on showing them all," Smith said.

"They should bring out the families in droves this summer."

The I-70 Drive-In’s reopening double feature programs for this weekend are:

Screen 1: Battle: Los Angeles and Green Hornet

Screen 2: Gnomeo and Juliet and I Am Number Four

Screen 3: Just Go With It plus No Strings Attached


Screen 4: Y ogi Bear and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
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8 Responses to NEW JACK CITY: Drive-in Movies Jump Start the Spring Season!

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    reminds me of the Twin’s sign last summer when
    they were showing Dinner with Schmucks and Vampires Suck. The sign read,

    “Vampires Suck


  2. Drive me says:

    Drive me
    Let s go out to the snackbar, lets go out to the snack bar…… sung to take me out to the snack bar song.

    Ah drive ins…..takes me back to when I was kid,(yoiunger anyway) and actually had woman who loved me, and a monza hatchback, and we loaded the back of the car with blankets and pillows and snacks and party supplies and backed in to the spot ……tuned the radio ……. and popped the hatch back up and layed back there…….and it was an awesome way to see the movie, life was good…………

  3. jon says:

    Happy endings
    Went several times last summer and had a good time. The wife and I will be back this year. Who knows I might get lucky during the second feature.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good one!

  5. bschloz says:

    $1.99 Hot Dogs Baby!
    “Kansas City is one of the strongest markets for the outdoor motor movie emporiums in the Midwest. Chicago, Denver and St. Louis screen counts combined don’t equal KC’s!”
    Shouldn’t James and Burke take note of this….Give the people what they want.

    I watched the movie The American last night and it ranks #1 as the worst movie I’ve ever seen, jumping way past Ishtar.

  6. jack p. says:

    You were Warned!
    Hey bschloz,
    Hope you didn’t pay to watch “THE AMERICAN”. You have to admit that you were warned when the movie came out last June. I called it the biggest rip-off of the year in terms of misreprentation (i.e. the TV spots sold you something that the film wasn’t—as in ‘good’ and action….)
    I don’t remember reading a single review of “THE AMERICAN” that had ANYTHING decent to say about it.
    So I wonder WHY you chose it when there’s so much better stuff out there??????

  7. Idea man says:

    Many many great suggestions
    “”So I wonder WHY you chose it when there’s so much better stuff out there??????””
    Yes, lots and lots of great movies like……….. and ……. not to mention……..

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