Today: KC Bars & Restaurants to Throw ‘Party of the Decade’ for Sly James Sunday

This just in…

In a Kansas City mayoral race that could end in a photo finish, an association of approximately 150 local bars and restaurants has thrown its support behind attorney Sly James, and is putting its mojo where its mouth is.

In addition to posting and distributing campaign materials in their places of business, the Kansas City Business Rights Coalition is throwing a pre-election victory party for James Sunday at the Beaumont Club in Westport.

"It’s Sunday night from 6 p.m. until midnight," says KCBRC head Bill Nigro. "It’s going to be a big service industry night with predominantly restaurant and bar people. There’ll be free beer and pretzels, two bands and a DJ and free admittance to the party for people who have a Kansas City Health or Liquor card. And The Federation of Horsepower is the main act – that’s one of Johnny Dare’s favorite local bands."

Oh, and one more thing…

"The next mayor of Kansas City, Sly James, will be there," Nigro says. "He’s our candidate for mayor."

What about mayoral wannabe Mike Burke?

"We didn’t endorse him but if he shows up, he’s more than welcome to have some free beer and pretzels," Nigro says. "I know Mike Burke and the reality is if he gets in Kansas City still wins.

"And Tracy Ward will be there. She’s our candidate for the City Council 6th District at Large. She’s the favorite candidate of the group because she’s been a service industry person for a long time."

How about former KC councilman Jim Glover who’s up for another term?

"We’re actually supporting John Crawford who’s running against him," Nigro says. "You know, we interviewed all the candidates and most of the group liked Crawford better.."

 Group members screened each of the candidates before voting on which it would support.

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15 Responses to Today: KC Bars & Restaurants to Throw ‘Party of the Decade’ for Sly James Sunday

  1. craig glazer says:

    Sounds Like Fun I’ll Be There.
    Good idea Bill, see you there.

  2. smartman says:

    Follow da loser
    Whenever I have a critical decision to make I always seek the wise counsel of bartenders, waitstaff, cooks and cleaners. And with our humble version of Gotham poised for a plunge into even greater mediocrity I’m sure these humble servants and purveyors of biscuits and gravy have my best interest at heart. I’m writin’ in Glazer the Elder, (the cradle robbing statesman not to be confused with the overhyped band that spews forth Celtic rubbish) on my ballot.

  3. just tim says:

    Re: Smartman
    As KCBRC interviewed all the candidates, the most common denominator between them was that they had worked in the service industry. Our future leaders get to party with our more near future leaders, not the worst experience for people who just might care. If you check the KCBRC website you might be surprised to find all candidates endorsed by the “bartenders, waitstaff, cooks and cleaners” are in the running. A little fun is not for everybody, cheer up.

  4. chuck says:

    Full disclosure- I posted this on TKC-
    ” chuck said…
    20 years from now, Tracy Ward, KC Political doyenne, will look back on her ascendence this year, and soon to be KC political apotheosis and thank Tony and his good offices for same.

    Tony is not always wrong.

    New blood, new ideas, and new eyes are needed in local govt.

    “Sly, Tracy and a new group of heretofore mentioned candidates are Spring in Kansas City. The grass is green, the world and the worm turns.

    God bless them, and god bless their mandate, as proffered by the electorate.

    The city, could be, once again, tumuscent with hope and possibility.” (End of post)

    Wonder Bread White boys like me, whine constantly about black people not “mainstreaming” or standing up for American values, ethincs and morals. Things actually might be changeing! Look at this post from a brilliant black man who is so fuckin AMERICAN, it makes me feel like we have a chance.


    Folks, I

  5. Bill Nigro says:

    There is hope and I sure want you to attend our party. It’s really about fixing KC! Bill Nigro

  6. smartman says:

    @just tim
    C’mon Tim. Put Stretch Armstrong back in the toy box. Most of us have had a “service industry” job in our lives. Most while we were in high school or college or after college while we were figuring out what the fuck to do between 25 and death. It’s not a very exclusive club. Membership numbers are just slightly lower than males with a penis, women with breasts and sexually abstinent priests. I have far more faith in the judgement of a 16 year old working at McDonald’s and saving for college than I do the 36 year old bartender saving for a 1990 Accord and an eight ball whose raison d’etre is banging 21 year olds with a daddy complex. Hmmmm that reminds me of someone. I digress. The service industry has a very high turnover rate. Drug use is much higher than the national mean average and a low percentage of people earn enough to be able to support a spouse and child in conditions above the poverty level. I know as I have been involved as an investor in a number of restaurants and bars. This service sector endorsement is not like an endorsement from The KOC, Sertoma, Kiwanis clubs. I’m sure Mr. Nigro will try to leverage this “power play” into some form of favor down the road should Mr. James win the election. You wouldn’t suggest this whole event is without agenda would you?

  7. BarKeeper says:

    Got My Liquor Card…But….
    Might stop in for some free suds. Did Sly James secretly promise these bar owners and hash slingers a reprieve of the No Smoking ordinance? I don’t understand how they have suddenly got their panties so damp over the guy.

  8. chuck says:

    A tip of the hat, to our American Fathers-

    Rule Britannia-Its so fuckin cool.

    Its without a doubt, white people, who have brought civilization to the the apex, this pinnacle, and now, this American idea is dying. It is dying because of cowardice.

    Wayne Hodges, genius that he is, has no truck with his FUCKING SKIN!!!

    IT IS HIS FUCKING SKIN!!! Just last History Month–and MLK celebration–MLK, genius brilliant man that he was, would (IMO) shit his fuckn pants if he saw how fuckin stupid the 3rd district, and all black neighborhoods continue to honor diversity.

    MLK hated diversity.

    He wanted equality, not 1896. Plessy vs Fergusen, but Brown V topeka–and now, DIVERSITY SCREAMS FOR SPECIAL< SEPERATE TREATMENT, oh, yeah, cause I am black. Don't be so pissed off Tony--- Civilization, as bad as it is, with fucked up history, and fucked up wars----is still---a WHITE PEOPLE SHOW. White people, in spite of their faults, horrors, crimes, and (Fill in the blank) are got us to this point. Santa Anna is Mexico's big time general. Thats cool. Here is the deal---Mexicans are the hardest working muthafuckas i have ever seen in my 61 years. Your govt. sucks. You suck. Quit whining and admit, white civilization is what u want. Stability and the rule of law, could make Mexico into a superpower. Actually--fuck you---here is a great UTUBE American tribute to WHITE PEOPLE!!! So, I am thinking, 3 or 4 lthousand years, AZTECS cutting peoples heads off..... GOD BLESS WHITE PEOPLE!!!

  9. chuck says:


  10. chuck says:

    Ok, do not be ashamed of being white, please…
    Take a deep breath, and think about it. Its OK!!!

    One more time, I am white, and I am ok.

  11. Rainbow Man says:

    Smartman strikes again
    I know quite a few current and former members of the Food and Beverage trade who are millionaires now because that industry taught them how to work hard and serve their customers/ clients. What is wrong with the F&B trade? It is a tough racket but the F&B atmosphere defines a city’s culture rating. See Vegas, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Miami, LA, and even Branson. Their opinions matter. Their choice of mayor matters.

  12. Against Status Quo says:

    Service Industry People are the ULTIMATE in customer service
    This sounds like an amazing event with some pretty stellar candidates in attendance. Who better to bring a city together than those who know how to work WITH people!! All of these candidates seem to bring a burst of regeneration to KC. I have had conversations with many of them and honestly, they really seem to want community involvement + collaboration at every level. Who else has brought this energy to KC?? I will be there on Sunday!! I think there will be a transformation of city politics with these folks in office. Good luck Sly, Ward, and Crawford!!!

  13. MATT says:

    Sly is the greatest and best candidate but he’ll never-ever reverse the smoking ordinance or clear out regulated industries. He’s very smart and knows the legal implications of doing those things. Burke probably said a direct “no” on those issues and Sly was a little more clever in your vetting. Go ahead and have good party while you raise expectations.

  14. Bill Nigro says:

    Re: Matt
    I don’t want to raise expectations, but awareness about our inability to compete with surrounding communities. If the candidates don’t understand our problems with the city, then how do we fix anything. Our biggest issue is the amount of money it cost our employees for liquor and health cards. $61 is too much for minimum wage people. Kansas is free to go to work. Kansas wants to help people to go to work. They get it, while KC puts road blocks in front of people to get jobs. The 1950’s approach to city enforcement needs to be updated. Come to our event Matt. You might be suprised. Bill Nigro

  15. BarKeeper says:

    Road Blocks, He says!
    So the $61 liquor permit is a road block? I guess then, paying servers a couple bucks per hour and making them whore for tips isn’t a barrier? If restaurant workers made minimum wage, they could easily buy the dang liquor card.
    But that might prevent the wily joint owners from taking home a lunch bag full of pre-tax twenties every night after closing.
    The big issue is the smoking ordinance.

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