Hearne: Sporting KC Lands US Men’s National Team, Stadium Deal w/ Lance Armstrong

This just in…

Sporting Kansas City’s Robb Heineman just announced via Twitter that the team has inked a deal to name the team’s spanking new stadium Livestrong Park.

A formal announcement will go down at the new stadium at 1 pm, reportedly with Lance Armstrong present.

"A portion of all @LIVESTRONGPark revenues will support the partnership," Heineman tweeted. "You will be a part of something"

The Austin, Texas-based Livestrong organization " provides support for people affected by cancer, founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong," Wikipedia says. "The LAF states that its mission is ‘to inspire and empower’ cancer sufferers and their families. The LAF also aims to provide practical information and tools for cancer sufferers via public health and research."

Oh, yeah…

Remember when Matt Donnelly told you in January that the US Men’s Team would play at the new stadium this summer?

Done deal. June 14th.

Tickets go on sale to the public at 10 am March 16th…

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7 Responses to Hearne: Sporting KC Lands US Men’s National Team, Stadium Deal w/ Lance Armstrong

  1. G says:

    How about the ‘roidiseum? or…
    or HGH Field? Why not just call it Needle Park?

    It’s as funny as the John Altevogt Museum of Tolerance and Dignity.

  2. smartman says:

    2P or not 2P
    This is going to blow the Paige Arena fiasco at MU off the page. Can’t wait to hear the ROI justification for this spend. Sprint Center has done so much to improve Sprint’s fortunes. Sorry honey, there’s no money at Livestrong for your next chemo treatment. They spent it on naming rights for a pitch and kit next to a furniture store in some place called Kansas. There was an article in the WSJ a couple months back about Lance and how he’s not exactly the most ethical and squeaky clean guy to do business with. You think there will be a juicebar at the park? Remember ladies, Livestrong is in bed with Nike who is in bed with Tiger Woods who was in bed with all those women he wasn’t married to. What would Lorena Bobbit do? USMNT = BFD! The USMNT is to big time futbol what Tony Chiaverini is to boxing. At least Tony coulda been a CONTENDER!

  3. smartman says:

    Sh*t, Sporting KC blew it. Winning Field at Charlie Sheen Park woulda been PERFECT. At least Charlie admits to his doping. Gotta give him points for being honest.

  4. Mr.X says:

    Smartman wrong again
    According to the article in the Star, Livestrong did not pay for the naming rights. So your cancer funding won’t be negatively impacted. Haters be hatin.

  5. smartman says:

    Tax Deduction
    Well hells bells, spank my grandma Mr. X. They couldn’t get anybody to pay for naming rights so they gave the damn thing away for free and will boomerang it into a tax deduction. Them Cerner boys is down right smart ain’t they? Yessiree boy howdy! That Laymar Hunt taught ’em real good how to rip people off. Shit, it ain’t even their money they’s given aways. They just gunna mark everything up and act as a conduit to turn hard workin foot fairy fan money into a donation aka tax deeee-duction. You’s right I ain’t so smart is I?

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Stupid team name, stupid stadium name.

  7. gbrett says:

    Leo Ashner born 12/3/25 is a pedophile. Lives in Lionsgate in the enclave in Overland Park Kansas. This guy is a pedophile.

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