Glazer: Burke Slights Party Zones, Overhypes Sprint, KU Should Skip Big 12 Dance

This is the one big week in our one and only "entertainment district," according to Mayoral candidate Mike Burke.

He said as much on Nick Wright’s show on  610 Sports.

Hmmm, guess that means Westport, the Plaza, Martini Corner and Waldo are closing down.
I’ll tell you this, if I’m KU, I’d like to, well, not play.

There’s nothing in this tournament for KU. Nothing good. They can only get someone hurt or lose an early game to jeopardize their No 1 spot in the NCAA Tournament. Maybe in cases like KU’s they should be allowed to forfeit because it can only hurt them. They have nothing to prove and whatever they will eventually may prove will come in the Big One, the Dance, March Madness.

Yes, I know, they can get even with K-State or Texas – big wow – who cares?

The nation only cares about one thing, who is in the Final Four and who wins it. Kansas has a good shot to make the Final Four. They’re number two in the nation behind only Ohio State. They have two losses and so does Ohio State, everyone else has at least four (ranked teams that matter).
If you looked at the bracket (the likely one in the KC Star) yesterday, KU looks like it has a fairly easy path to the Final Four. The only team that looks dangerous to them is Purdue.
Lets face it, KU has three NBA guys in that kinda starting line-up. Both Morris brothers and Thomas Robinson. Robinson will lead KU next year. He’s very "Dwayne Wade-ish," big, strong and tough – especially under the hoop.
If KU’s stopped, we all know what the reason will be; average point guard play and just above average defense.

Coach Bill Self must figure out how to fix this. Clearly you’d like Josh Selby to be hot, but he isn’t. The other guards are kinda just good, not great. And we all know that guard play usually decides the Big Dance. KU has three bigs that are tremendous, the Morris twins and Robinson.

In fact, the Morris twins are the best 3-point big men I think KU has ever had.
The dark horse for the tournament, the big one, is clearly K-State.

it’s just tough to go the distance on the back of one player. Texas has faded, the rest of the Big 12 are not so great. MU and Texas A&M don’t look very strong. The bubble teams are just that, Colorado and Nebraska, won’t go far if they get in.
Well at least KC makes some dough on the Big 12.

God knows the Power and Light District needs it. And everyone will enjoy Sprint Center. What did Mike Burke call it – oh yeah – "one of the best in the nation." 

Mike, you need to get out more. It’s very average compared to about 20 others across the nation.

However it should be a good time. Enjoy.

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17 Responses to Glazer: Burke Slights Party Zones, Overhypes Sprint, KU Should Skip Big 12 Dance

  1. Darth Vadar says:

    forfeit ?
    Forfeit ??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! yeah that is about what one would expect out you and your advice, and is typical of the the advcie which come froms this site regarding KU. So muich stupid advice being given by so many stupid people …AND THEN……… HOPING BEYOND HOPE THAT SOMETHING GOES WRONG.. SO THEN YOU CAN SAY…

    SEE?? I TOLD YOU SO….that shit is for pussies….. fkn pussies…in the peanut gallery.

    KUMens Basketball plays basketball, that is what they do…they need none of your pussy advice to “” forfeit “” that is for losers, so I guess it fits you…..

    KU will play,, it is what they do…
    they will play and if something happens, then it happens and then they deal with it LIKE MEN, …. that is how men operate.

  2. harley says:

    didyou see the north carolina team the other nite? On fire. Ku will have to play teams with big
    men and when they do its lights out in lawrence. Their guards are horrible and kansas seems to
    get half their points in dunks and layups. Had anderson not blown it he would have moved to
    a zone defense and forced the ku guards to shoot outside….mu would have won (if they could have
    made a few more baskets)…
    ku can’t play good teams with big men…and once they face a big east thug team with grat
    guards (theres at least 6 teams in the big east who will beat ku)….its oveer.
    As far a ku not playing in the tournament….thats stupid but true…..
    watch for those east coast teams who play tough games every nite….not like ku who gets
    to beat up on smaller…less talented teams.
    I’m watching all the games at mcfaddens…come down and visit.
    Thanks to everyone.

  3. Darth Vadar says:

    It is so amusing to read all the mu fans make their predictions about THE MIGHT KANSAS JAYHAWKS, they are unworthy to do so, but it is a free country, and even though mu sucks hard, there is juts no shutting them up, but it is kind of sad that is all they have. It is sad that they do not have anything of their own to talk about about…… then they are to resorting to pimping (primpimping about)schools like unc and duke…….oh how sad for mu fans.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Darth Vader…
    Living up to every stereotype that opposing fans have about KU fans. Well done, sir! And after March Madness is over, they’ll all disappear again as the rest of their sad sack athletic department is subjected to what amounts to prison sex by the rest of the Big 12 conference.

  5. KU Lover says:

    Glazer, good call, this team is ready for the real post season. KU has a good chance to win it all. I love Thomas Robinson. Sometimes the best team doesn’t win it all, like last year.

  6. Darth Vadar says:

    Oh you mean mean KU fans , rooting for your team,
    what is wrong with you 2 KU which visit this site?
    This place is for disfunctional mu fans who root for
    a school which has done nothing, how dare you root
    for a school worth rooting for, Dont you know it makes
    the mu pussies feel bad…. shame shame shame…

    How dare you root for a team which deserves it?
    Dont you know it is only politically correct to root for shit teams like mu? You mus be politically correct, thus If your team is great you must sit by and say nothing while the mu morons talk shit, and the authors of this site say nothing positive. What is the matter with you,,,shame shame shame!!!!! BBWWAAHAHAHAAHAH HAHA HAHA H

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    You don’t even have to make stuff up…
    Vadar and those like him live up to all the stereotypes. No one begrudges anyone for cheering for their school of choice. It’s being an obnoxious, pompous jackasses that gets people irritated with KU fans. And this view is from a guy that attended neither KU, nor MU nor KSU and didn’t even grow up in the KC area. Just a guy on the outside looking in, making observations.

  8. awwwwwwwww says:

    awwwwww too fkn bad, cry me a fkn river
    Too fkn bad that obnoxious, pompous jackasses can get thin skinned fkn pussies people irritated with KU fans, mu fans are far worse and have done far less.cry me a fkn river.

  9. harley says:

    wait til ku gets beat
    then all the ku cockroaches go underground til next march. How about those athleetic programs
    at ku….did i mention football….worst in then ation?
    come on ku fans….don’t hang your hat on this team in the tournament…you’re gonna get beat..
    and then get trashed in november at arrowhead..
    i’ll be writing a huge story when they lose….its not that i dislike ku…i just believe they are not
    championship caliber. No guards…and once they play a team with big thug players like
    the tatoo twins they lose.
    Id you disagree…fine…..i’ll eat crow if i’m wrong….but chances are ku will not make it to
    final four. Not this year….maybe in 5 years…not this year.
    and I’ve been critical of my team mu allseason…i am an equal opportunity bitcher…
    but check my postings…i’m right more often than glazer/hall/kk/sowrong petro/
    harry/boal/even trhe national writers and broadcasters….so there.

  10. Laughing AGAIN at Harley says:

    Harley is the perfect example
    Harley is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF IDIOT mu fan who talks and talks and talks COMBINED WITH THE FACT THAT HIS pathetic mu has NEVER DONE A FUKING THING IN ANY SPORT. He raves about that shitty football team going to nobody football bowls and usually losing toteams like Navy… what a joke.

    All idiots like Harley have is bashing on KU, what a joke that is, what a concept…….typical mu moron.

  11. Kerouac says:

    “KU Should Skip Big 12 Dance”
    BAYLOR 86 – ku 51

    heh heh heh!

    : )

  12. AND.... says:

    And even if / WHEN
    AND if / WHEN KU goes to the final 4 or wins the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP …AGAIN….. those mu naysaying idiots will be right back at it…….with all the ” lost too many players to the pros ” talk……… go back to post 2008, read the comments…… all they said was…LOST TOO M ANY PLAYER…WONT REPEAT IN THE BIG 12……blah blah blah…..WELL GUESS WHAT???? …. ….but

    But dont worry, we KU fans will be here to remind them, to take up the slack……… and if that grates on the thin skinned pussies with no affiliation, tough sht….If mu morons did not talk so much shit so often, so loud….KU fans woiuld not have to remind how much mu sucks and how well KU does….. ha …I spit on mu fans….their school has NVER done jack shit….go to a real bowl, and then brag it up… until then..STFU…..although I have little hope you will……(and besides ..what fun would that be?) 😉

  13. One final comment says:

    I used to include ksu in my hateful rants…but I stopped that after they were impressive….. That is all I ask…. I am VERY willing to admit whne a team does good, and last year I starting having some respect for ksu, and I think the ksu fansstarted giving KU proper respect…….. and it is all good…….. but mu fuckhead fans just dont get it, mu wants accolades while suckingballs…..plau mu fans love to hate…they spread the hate…they love to talk shit about KU(see Harley above)……I reply…fine…. bring it on…ALL DAY ALLNIGHT… until mu does something impressive….fk em….


    OH MY…..nebraska losses a heartbreaker….
    CYA nu….and leave the 12 million on the table ….and get the fk out>>>>>>

  14. d says:

    It matters to the KU players.

    And the coaches.

    And the fans.

    Douchebags with funny hair cuts, not so much.

  15. Boner says:

    Not to mention the boners all the hard core KU basketball fans get being able to watch their beloved team play 3 days in row … B O I N G ! ! ( fun fact- female KU fans have been known to get clit boners watching the Jayhawk play 3 days in a row B O I N G ! ! ! )

  16. KU Forever says:

    Harley You Don’t Know Anything!!!!
    You are putting down the KU basketball program at Kansas. Harley its one of the two or three best of alltime. Not opinion:Fact. So what are you talking about? KU has a great team, ranked NUMBER TWO in the nation. THE PRESIDENT PICKED THEM TO WIN IT LAST YEAR, REMEMBER? We were ranked uh, Number ONE. At least we show up in the end when it matters, oh yes NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2008. Did your pee brain forget. And about your predictions Harley, you picke Pittsburgh to win the Superbowl. It was your hated friend Glazer who not only picked them to win, but he picked them in pre-season to win it all. The egomaniac also picked the AFC and NFC games, you didn’t. So what makes you a genius, oh you went to MU, sorry.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Prison sex? Ouch.

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