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Bobby “Too Late” Totsch, the Vice President and General Manager of KCTV5, made himself more available Monday to multiple media outlets than Charlie Sheen. Well, maybe not TigerBlood – but close. Kent Babb did an article quoting “Too Late” on what his story was on how KCTV5 and CBS switched Kansas City area viewers from the last few minutes of the KU/MU game. Totsch also made calls into 810’s and 610’s morning talk shows. Here is my OTC column on Totsch’s version of The Explanation. He didn’t out Michael Coleman for kissing the neck of any male coworkers but I did find his remarks – if not informative,  at least entertaining.
“Stuff happens. In this case it was a lot more technical than that.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: This is the best mouthpiece KCTV5 has to send out to speak for the station? Let’s hope Totsch didn’t get his degree from a Big 12 school. Sounds more like an SEC grad to me.
“When you’ve got three minutes to work a problem like that you typically lose and we did.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: MacGruber laughs at such talk! Three minutes? That’s like four months to McGruber and those guys in Inception’s van.
“From what I understand (all CBS affiliates) went off. It’s just a matter of who got back on. … It was triggered by the network and ultimately that was the issue for over 100 television stations. Some were able to make it back and some were not.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: Some that were able to quickly get their viewers back to the KU/MU game were CBS affiliates in Topeka, Joplin and St. Louis.
“We had an engineer on staff. We had a chief engineer there. I know everybody wants to believe we had no engineer on staff. So we were working that problem. … We always have one engineer in the building but on this day we had two because our chief engineer was there.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: I’ll bet that KCTV5’s chief engineer is happy to know he’s been bested by the papoose engineers in Topeka and Joplin.
“I know it’s a lot of technical BS at this point but it wasn’t a manpower thing. We had more people in the office than you would typically have on a Saturday. It was a combination of a perfect storm.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: Let’s hope we don’t have to rely on KCTV5 to broadcast the end of the world in 2012.
“We eventually got there. It was a little too late.”
Bobby “Too Late” Totsch, 610 AM
“The real reason we couldn’t get back on was that CBS made a major error, admittedly so. The major mistake they made was the other feed, the only feed to KCTV was the alternate feed. We have a meeting in 45 minutes with New York to go through this.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: Stuff happens, admittedly so. But tossing CBS under KCTV5’s bus is not the way to handle this damage control. Too Late waffled back and forth in every interview I heard or read where he was blaming CBS for the switch and then saying he was ultimately responsible.
“I’ll stand behind it. Ultimately it’s my responsibility. … We just have to take responsibility at this level. I take it. We fix it.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: It is my opinion that Too Late doesn’t really understand the definition of the term “ultimately responsible.” Read on.
“When two of your receivers are blacked out and CBS cooks your goose by giving you the wrong feed, you get on the phone and you scream and yell with a hundred other TV stations. The problem is we couldn’t get it back.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
“That was critical error by CBS along with the fact our equipment failed. It didn’t fail – it was blacked out. … It’s hard to say this because I want to take responsibility but it was out of our control.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: It is even harder to listen to this, Bobby.
“It took me a couple of hours just to figure out what happened. I tried to get something posted on the website and facebook. I think I got on about 7 (PM).”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: 7:00 PM? That’s over five hours after the game ended! Too Late should have ran out onto Shawnee Mission Parkway and grabbed two high school kids off the street! They would have had his post up on the web faster than Katie Horner can say “microburst.” All kidding aside, the fact Totsch allowed five hours to pass before he personally got a message to his viewers is inexcusable. He needed to call WIBW in Topeka and find out what they did or tap into their feed. Anything but what he allowed to happen. Twitter was running with this story within minutes. KCTV5 took five freaking hours to explain themselves. Can’t blame that on CBS.
“Sunspots, to the common man including myself, sounds outrageous.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: I think the common man understands sunspots. We ain’t the Gecko caveman. What we don’t understand is the Kansas City CBS affiliate not being adequately prepared to deal with sunspots during one of the most watched events during sunspot season.
“The third receiver was programmed incorrectly. It was doomed.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: This sounded like a direct shot at Charlie Weis.
“We’ve already adjusted. We’re gonna make sure we get another receiver in our building. We already have three. Most stations don’t have more than three.”
Bobby Totsch, 610 AM
GH: That’s still two more than the Chiefs have.
“The good thing is that I think all three (local) teams made the tournament!”
Bobby Totsch, VP & GM of KCTV5, 810 AM
GH: Let’s hope Too Late didn’t just jinx Mizzou.
“Bobby Totsch didn’t have to come on here. He didn’t have to talk to the Kansas City Star. We really appreciate Bobby coming on here today.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Bobby was in damage control and he needed to be. Stuff does happen but it ultimately comes down to how you respond to your clients when the stuff hits the fan. Bobby didn’t respond quickly enough or take on enough of the blame.
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22 Responses to OTC: The Explanation: KCTV5 Style

  1. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Wait a second…
    Joplin is the Des Moines of the Ozarks.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    So now Joplin has passed KC in tv technology and ability?
    Nice. Our cowtown reputation grows. I expected St Louis to be way ahead…but we’re supposed to swallow that JOPLIN MO, was able to fix the feed but not KC? Hey Totsch, why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shoveling pal. No one’s buying it.

  3. Brian says:

    Keitzman caught Totschee with his pants down
    I suppose we benefit from Keitzman’s angst against KCTV for not hiring Frank Boal. His story on 810 WHB along with his opening monologue pretty much flogged Totschee ass bright red.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    a solid company who respects its customers immediately fesses up for its mistake and tries to make it up to its customers, whether it’s their fault or not. This company grows customers after a crisis.

    a bad company takes its time, blames others and makes excuses, and then tries to convince you how good they really are. they take their customers for granted and don’t really give a crap about them. They’re about to lose customers.

    which are you hearing from kctv?

  5. MrOlathe says:

    Hey Hall…..
    Are we done beating this dead horse yet? KK has spent the last hour and a half talking about this because he does not want to talk about KU winning yet another Big 12 Conference Championship nor does he want to talk about Mc Morris winning Player of the Year. And, I know you at one point changed your mind about the horrible decision that Bill Self was making by including T-Rob’s teammates in the funeral/grieving process but how about acknowleging the 7th straight Big 12 Title?

  6. Mark says:

    “too late”
    GH: This is the best mouthpiece KCTV5 has to send out to speak for the station? Let

  7. Killer says:

    Very nice segue in gh’s mid-afternoon comedy improv… 🙂

  8. Killer says:

    Great points MrOlathe
    This is all about “Penn and Teller” type deception…LOOK OVER THERE … sothey dont have to talk about OR MAKE HEADLINES LIKE…….






    ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! YEASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

    AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JP says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this
    Props to Kevin Kietzman and good work today getting to the bottom of this. He asked the one question that I wanted to know, Why did WIBW receive the signal, but KCTV 5 didn’t. Good job on the reporting, as for “Too Late” Totsch, he should change his name to Douche. He really looks like a moron, especially throwing CBS under the bus and not taking responsibility while his engineer was off doing God knows what. KCTV 5 is now a joke and a punchline, and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on the WHB article
    I haven’t been able to listen to the radio since the drive in this morning but KK’s article on 810’s website – http://810whb.com/article/6099 is pretty informative. Clearly, Ch5 is more concerned about concocting sensationalist journalism and less concerned about the nuts and bolts of broadcasting.

  11. Super Dave says:

    Totsch, Douche! I like that has a nice ring to it.
    Come on people what do you really expect from the head of a station that has the nation

  12. Mr KansasCity says:

    As MrOlather pointed out, this is more about talking about ANYTHING except how well KU basketball did this year. It is pretty sad when people will not give credit when credit is due, but, oh well , it is what it is, and it is what we have come to expect here, they seem to have an agenda, and if the facts do not fit the agenda, they will talk about something else. “”HEY LOOK, look at that, was that there before? What is that dang deal?, what the hell is that thing, Hey you better be careful with that thing?”

    mu sucks and nebraska sucks too , they are just facts of life, deal with it, or not, fantasy land if ok too, for some.

  13. Gerald Bostock says:

    limited perspective
    I take second to no one in finding Kietzman annoyingly self-congratulatory and insincere, but it’s pretty weak for KU fans to argue that he is playing up the Channel 5 snafu because he doesn’t want to talk about the Jayhawk Awesomeness. He’s all over the Heidi Redux angle because, despite his faults, Kietzman does have a good nose for a news story, especially one like this that is perfect for Sports Talk Radio–lots of emotion, a clear bad guy, and in the end, a memorable but ultimately not meaningful event because it had no effect on the outcome of the game (with apologies to C. Sheen and the rest of you warlocks and winners who believe you can make Josh Selby miss 3-pointers with your mind control…yeah, that’s why he has sucked this year). Surely you’ve noticed KK wasn’t the only one harping on this since Saturday afternoon. I think this GH post–his second on the screwup–was up long before Kietzman began his show.

  14. NOT Gerald Bostock says:

    FTFY fixed that for you…
    “I take second to no one in finding Kietzman annoyingly self-congratulatory and insincere” but I (we all) should all take a moment and give proper accolades to the Kansas Jayhawks winning a 7th in a row Big 12 conference championship in basketball. Congrats to Bill Slef and the Jayhawks on another great year, and good luck in the NCAA tournament.


  15. Arte says:

    Congratulations KU But….
    KU winning 7 straight Big 12 titles is more a sympton of how bad the Big 12 is than how great KU is.

  16. weird al says:

    Hey killer, every time you yap on here, you just confirm what most people outside the 90 mile radius of Larence thinks of KU. How’s that athletic director..what’s his name Perkins? Nice. And we won’t mention your sorry ass football team will we? Keep yapping killer..go Northern Iowa!

  17. Killer says:

    so many mornas here
    heh, so the BIG 12 is bad? Uhm…. have you ever looked at the TOp 25 rankings?

    Do you see how many BIG 12 teams are in the Top25? Please shut up mu moran…
    and that goes the same (double) for weird alice. You mu pukes are pathertic. You
    mu douchebags pussy dork losers have NEVER been to a final 4 and you NEVER
    go to big time football bowl games. all you mu idiots have is your mouths spouting
    bullshit, please shut them.

  18. Arte says:

    Sorry Big 12 doesn’tg match up
    Not a Mizzou fan. Graduated from KU. Until some other team in the conference and steps up to win a national title or at least gets to the championship game–the Big 12 doesn’t match up. Since 1988–the Big 8/Big 12 has won 2 titles; both KU.
    The ACC: 8 titles; 3 different teams. The ACC has also won the last two in a row.
    The SEC: 5 titles; 3 different teams
    The Big East: 3 titles; 2 different teams.
    The Big 10: 2 titles; 2 different teams.
    The Pac 10: 2 titles; 2 different teams.
    Always wonder how KU would have done historically (number of league titles) if had played in the ACC or even the SEC. They are the big fish in a medium sized pond.

  19. Killer says:

    What ever you wanna dream Arte,
    Just keep bending over backwards all you want to talk shit about KU. Make up weird all the theories you want to, but it is what it is.. KU is a historically great and magical basketball school……. period.

  20. Killer says:

    What ever you wanna dream Arte,
    Just keep bending over backwards all you want to talk shit about KU. Make up weird all the theories you want to, but it is what it is.. KU is a historically great and magical basketball school……. period.

  21. weird al says:

    Killer, I’m not an MU fan. Answer the question. What about Lew Perkins? Dirty? What about football? Now, that’s a “Killer” sport and your school SUCKS. At least MU gets to a bowl game, when was the last time for you? Oh yeah, when your dirty athletic director bought one. You should be proud. You have a great basketball program. It’s pussies like you however that give it a bad name. 85% of the people outside the 90 mile radius of Lawrence hate your school. Why? Same reason people hate Duke. People like you. Entitled dumbfuck hillbillies who can’t type a sentence. Kepp yapping. You sound dumber everytime you yap.

  22. KILLER says:

    At least I am not a liar. You say above that you graduated from KU, and then you say “your school SUCKS: ….. BWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA…. YOU LOSER mu little pussy boy. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!! SO FREEKIN FUNNY!!!! mu sucks so bad that you fans have to lie that they graduated from KU just to post a thread……. what a bunch of idiots.

    Ok scum bag…lets talk… even if you are a wirthless little fuckhead.

    0) Last bowl game KU went was THE ORANGE BOWL, A REAL, WORTHY BOWL…
    1) PROVE LEW PERKINS BOUGHT us a REAL bowl game…what are you talking baout douchebag.
    2) LOOK UPO “ENTITLED” .. it means wanting something you did not EARN…..KU BASKETBALL IS WORTHY OF OUR ACCOLADES, IT is not an entitlement,,,, we support the team,,,and the team kicks ass… …
    3) Just becasue mu is a loser school does not mean you have to lash out at winners, like KU, but that is what mu morons do, and in respoinse we KU fans are more than proud enough to respond back………you are a lower than an erath worm.
    4) Who knows what went down about Lew Perkins, but KU had the class and ethics to ask him to move on…abnd he did……
    5) As far as the ticket scandal…..BBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. you little mu pussies wish you had a ticket scandal….. there has to be demand for a sandal…and NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO A LOSERS GAME, AND THAT IS WHAT mu IS, A LOSER SCHOOL, WHO ONLY SELL 1/4 THE TICKETS TO EACH GAME….OF COURSE THERE IS NO SCANDAL.

    go have another drink you drunken mu moron, Arte, you worthless fuck…anytime you want somto eat more crow…come on back and I am happy to feed it to you, you worthless mu douchebag can not even win argument…..such fkin losers….HAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA

    As far as spelling etc…..if the typing boxes here were not so small and they added some spell check or AT LEAST A PREVIEW OPTION it would help a litlle.

    GO FUK YOURSELF arte, you worthlessmu scumbag douche loser…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

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