Glazer: Call Now for Free Tickets to Superstar Comic Jim Jefferies Wednesday at Stanford’s

This week it’s Australian Super Star Jim Jefferies at Stanfords

Jim started his career in his hometown and became a big name in Australia a few years back. Then he took his show to England and got even bigger. Creative Artists Agency discovered him in Los Angeles about three years ago.And slowly they’ve showed him off at bigger venues on the West Coast. His common man style with a slight touch of genius quickly made Jim an overnight sensation.

Last year HBO gambled and gave Jim one of its five stand up comedy specials. Jim show – "I SWEAR TO GOD" – dealt with the likelihood God might not exist. A bit risky, but the result was HBO’s highest rated special of the year.
Jefferies started doing one week stints at Stanford’s in 2009. His radio interviews here sold out all of his shows. CAA thought if he can make it happen in the mid-west, he can do it anywhere. The Rock 98.9’s Johnny Dare was a huge fan after just one show. We hadn’t seen that type of response since Lisa Lampanelli took off here in 2006.

Again, Jim is a bit naughty, but tasteful in that English accent kinda way.
Jefferies likes Kansas City and the people so he’s kinda made it his home away from home. With two TV shows on the BBC, Jim is looking to move into major film work here in the U.S. With his second HBO special coming up, it will be interesting to see how he’s evolved his act.
To that end, I want KC Confidential readers to check out the crazy world of Jim Jefferies.

Be one of the first 20 callers to the club at 913 400-7500 we’ll give you a pair of free tix to Wednesday’s 8 pm show! 

The weekend will sell out, so if you need to go on those nights, Friday or Saturday at 7:45 or 9:45 you’ll have to purchase those tix.  So if you want to see a very funny and different comedy show, try the Wed. Night performance on us.

First come, first serve. I promise you it will be memorable. See ya there.


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14 Responses to Glazer: Call Now for Free Tickets to Superstar Comic Jim Jefferies Wednesday at Stanford’s

  1. smartman says:

    Funny Bastard
    Me girlfriend and I, things weren’t workin’ out so well. I wanted to come to the US for me career and she wanted to stay behind and fuck other blokes.

    Still waitin’ on that Rob Schneider HBO special.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    No thanks.
    Not worth the gas to drive to Kansas. I’ll check out other comics closer to home at the Improv up north.

  3. Jeff Spero says:

    Nice Offer
    Saw Jim two years back, killer. Yes he is worth the drive Gut Who says what others..whatever. I won’t be able to go, out of town. But those who do will remember Jimmy.

  4. Comedy Lover says:

    Can’t Win For Losing Glazer
    Here you make a kind offer and still get shit. People never fail to amaze me, that they are petty and unhappy as a whole. I will buy my tickets for Saturday. I heard Tana on KUDL say he is her favorite comedian. I’m in, thank you for the offer.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Fuck Kansas and all their businesses.
    Don’t like it? S.M.D.

  6. Gordon Gecko says:

    Jefferies Is Major League Funny
    I saw the special on HBO. He is not for the weak at heart, but such a smart funny cat. My wife and I will try and come Saturday, thanks for the offer on the weeknight, can’t do it, have to work too early on those days.

  7. downtown davey says:

    Why The Hate On Kansas
    Hey Guy Who says what other people….why the hate? I live downtown and love it, but I am not a Kansas hater. Why are you?

  8. Radio Man says:

    Glazer Will It Be Wild?
    OK Glazer, is this gonna be like the old days in Westport, strippers,drugs and you with the entourage? If so I am in, if not, I’ll watch it on TV. Sounds fun though. He is a great comic. Been to your place twice, nice, nice theatre. Best I have ever seen. However like the other man said, weeknights are tough on us older dudes.

  9. craig glazer says:

    Glad Some of You Took Advantage Of This Offering
    For those of you who wanted tix, glad you took this chance to see Jim. This was not a Hearne deal, I just thought JIm was special and they are FREE guy who thought it was a shamless plug, Jefferies needs no plugs. Anyways see you there folks….

  10. Westport Lover says:

    Miss You In Westport
    Glazer please, please bring comedy back to Westport or the Plaza. PLEASE. All is forgiven. Been to your new spot, its beautiful, but don’t you live on the Plaza, short drive that one.

  11. Kellys man says:

    Don’t Miss You!!!!
    Stay in Legends Fucker. Please. Jefferies does not believe in God, he will go to hell with you Glazer, enjoy that.

  12. Monkey Man says:

    So Will He join Gallahger and Ralphie May
    Can’t wait to see how you have a run in with this comic. Gallager punched you, Ralphie pissed on you, this should be interesting.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Relax WTFH, you don’t like promotions – something for nothing – don’t get that media engage in them?

  14. brett69 says:


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