OTC: KCTV 5 Lacks Tiger Blood In Blowing Heidi-Like KU/MU TV Broadcast


Photo detailThere are a couple of things you don’t want to screw with in regard to a Kansas or Mizzou fan. One would be his/her family. F.O.E. and all that. Another would be their ability to watch their favorite team play. And I might have those two in the wrong order. KCTV 5 is finding all about just how rabid this rivalry is. And the TV 5 guys are catching it from both the Hatfields and McCoys.
Those of us who were not in Columbia but rather watching KCTV 5’s Kansas City area feed of the KU/MU broadcast missed out on the final 15 minutes or so of the broadcast (or about the last 5 minutes on the game clock). One minute we’re watching KU pull away for a comfortable double-digit lead and suddenly CBS comes out of commercial to show us the start of the Michigan State / Michigan game. Meanwhile, Mizzou is mounting a Heidi-like comeback and has closed to within 4! Somebody warm up Quantrill’s and John Brown’s posses and let’s meet at KCTV 5’s studios in Fairway!
Here is my Off The Couch column covering this broadcasting nightmare that will now be etched into lore as another unbelievable chapter in the most heated rivalry this side of the trees at Toomer’s Corner.
“CBS just cut away from MU-KU with 5 min left in Kansas City market. Imagine Alabama – Auburn going to Kentucky – Tennessee in Birmingham. Incredible.”
Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports, Twitter
GH: I was watching from my couch (imagine that) and at first thought it was simply a live look in at the Big 10 game. But when the game lingered on my screen I started to panic. I quickly refreshed my Twitter feed and my fears were confirmed. An earthquake in Missouri’s boot heel could not have caused more of a tremor. The game was gone! Disappearing from TV sets across the two-state area quicker than a Jay Mohr sitcom. Read on.
“So we are missing the end of a game that isn’t in hand, so we can watch the start of a game between two bad Big 10 teams? Outrageous.”
Nate Bukaty, Twitter
“Unbelievable things happening in Columbia and Channel 5 in KC showing Michigan – Michigan State.”
Blair Kerkhoff, as Mizzou whittled a 15-point KU lead down to 4 all after CBS had cut away from the game, Twitter
GH: I flipped on 610 Sports to listen to Bob Davis and Chris Piper broadcast the final minutes on radio. Davis was screaming and shirking with such venom it sounded like Quantrill had invaded radio row. Instead, Marcus Morris had been whistled for an intentional foul that Davis found to be almost as unseemly.
“Our parents talk about the Heidi Bowl, we can now talk about the Michigan/Michigan St Bowl.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
GH: I watched the Heidi Game in 1968 as an eighth grader sitting Indian-style in my parent’s living room on a 19-inch b/w Zenith – the only TV in the house. NBC was the guilty network in that one. 43 years later I can still remember the exact spot on the carpet where I sat with a dozen or so siblings. If Mizzou would have come back and won Saturday, 43 years from now you too would remember where your ass was as well.
“Imagine if tomorrow’s Tribune has Michigan – Michigan State on the front page and saves MU-KU coverage for agate [small type on the back pages]. That would be bad.”
Dave Matter, columnist for the Columbia Tribune, Twitter
GH: KCTV 5 and CBS didn’t even give us agate type. They ripped out the climax of our book and inserted some drivel about some place called Michigan.
“KCTV5 is looking into the why the end of the KU-Missouri game was pre-empted. We will update with more information as soon as we can.”
KCTV5, at 1:58 PM (CT), well after the end of the KU/MU game, Twitter
GH: This was the first acknowledgment I saw from KCTV 5, the local CBS affiliate, that they realized they had screwed up. I saw no on-screen crawl at the bottom of the screen during the Michigan / Michigan State game. This tweet came well after many KU and MU fans had typed Twitter into such a frenzy that my iPad was smoking!
“Maybe it was one of those morons at Buffalo Wild Wings punching buttons??”
@FakeNedYost, Twitter
“I can’t fucking believe what CBS just did. What assholes.”
@MaskedScheduler, Twitter
GH: Insiders tell me that @maskedscheduler is actually Preston Beckman, who is the VP of Scheduling for Fox and also the parent of a KU student. Sop maybe all this venom is not simply from clueless viewers who don’t understand the complexity of how TV works.
“I DON’T like you. Not at all. … Shame, shame, shame. You made your bed, now you go to last place where you belong.”
Doug Fishel, on KCTV 5’s Viewer’s Forum
“Katie Horner just broke into @KCTV5 programming to announce it’s raining F-Bombs at the studio.”
@FakeNedYost, Twitter
“Seth Davis your people at CBS have screwed up this KU MU game so bad. You people should be embarrassed to be the home of March Madness.”
Nate Bukaty, Twitter
GH: If this happens to a KU or MU game during March Madness the previous viewer acrimony directed at KCTV 5’s Katie Horner will look like Woodstock in comparison to the wrath that will rain down.
“And just for one time in history, Mizzou and Kansas fans were united against a cause.”
Brian McGannon, Twitter
“People, it’s CBS national’s decision on what gets sent to what affiliates. Somebody’s effing up huge, but they’re not in KC,
Sam Mellinger, Twitter
GH: Mellinger, The Kansas City Star’s lead sports columnist, waged such a staunch and fervent Twitter defense of KCTV 5 during this debacle that had me thinking maybe his mom works there. Read on for more of Sam’s attempt to calm the flash mob of hysteria toward KCTV 5.
“This isn’t KCTV’s fault, they have no control over what CBS sends over the satellite.”
Sam Mellinger, Twitter
GH: My first question to Sam would be how do you know whose fault this is? And why doesn’t TV 5 have control of changing their CBS feed? Reports from around the country had the KU/MU game still being broadcast in Topeka, St. Louis and other areas. So how come KCTV got caught literally asleep at the switch?
“KCTV will hear a LOT of complaints, but all they could do is call CBS nat’l to ask it gets fixed, which I assume they did.”
Sam Mellinger, Twitter
GH: I assumed that KCTV 5 had no one paying attention to the satellite feed and once the switch occurred they were caught without someone in studio who knew anything more than how to read a teleprompter.
“Whatever. I give up. KCTV should be beaten with bags full of soap. Just remember, KC Star never cuts away. Not even in a blizzard.”
Sam Mellinger, Twitter
GH: I’m pretty sure Mellinger was getting hammered by Twits about his zone-blitz defense of KCTV 5. Read on for why I think it makes sense to question everything excuse KCTV 5 offered.
“CBS says it was sun spots. SUN SPOTS!!! Might as well have said Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.”
Jayhawk1982 (Ben Thompson), Twitter
GH: This was the first excuse that I saw on KCTV’s crawl. Sunspots? So we are to believe that sunspots interrupted KCTV 5’s network feed at EXACTLY the same time as Michigan / Michigan State tipped off? The worst thing you can do when you screw up is not acknowledge your mistake. In this regard KCTV 5 gets an F-minus on their report card. Read on.
“Who is the bigger idiot the one that cut away from the KU/MU game or the one who blamed it on sunspots?”
@rckchkhwk (Adam), Twitter
“And, if that’s not enough, WIBW had the same thing happen on their feed and the engineer (as I understand it) simply went to a different feed and switched to it. That’s why KCTV has additional credibility liability. Any bozo with the switches at his fingers should have been easily able to find another feed and switch to it. As one caller to the radio indicated, better to apologize for a decision (which he/she wouldn’t even have had to do) than to ask for permission (which he/she probably didn’t do).”
Martin Manley, KansasCity.com
“Well, first things first tonight. During this afternoon’s KU/MU game, CBS’ satellite feed was lost. CBS and KCTV 5 sincerely apologize to all the viewers out there who missed out on the final few minutes of the Border War. Due to the difficulties, we worked through CBS network to arrange a rebroadcast of the second half of the game in its entirety. You can catch it following our 10 o’clock newscast.”
Amy Anderson, weekend news anchor @ KCTV 5, opening Saturday’s 6:00 PM newscast
GH: Anderson, a not-so-well-known weekend anchor was chosen to deliver the most important corporate message to TV 5’s viewers that the station will very likely broadcast this year. Nothing against Amy but where was her boss? Or better yet her boss’s boss? This apology called for somebody in a suit looking very, very humble and embarrassed. By rolling out Anderson to do attempt to clean up their mess, KCTV 5 looked like they could care less that they pissed off almost every sports fan in their two-state area. Michael Coleman as their sports anchor is evidence of that as well.
“Sometimes when you do that and the network finds out about it you can get in trouble.”
John Doolittle, responding to a caller named Keith who informed him that WIBW out of Topeka was able to switch back to the KU/MU feed by saying, “A WIBW engineer was smart enough to figure it out.”

Jayhawk Postgame Show
GH: Any wonder that after 25 years in radio John Doolittle’s hosting KU’s pre- and post-game shows?
“KCTV 5 will air the ENTIRE 2nd half of the KU/MU game after our 10pm news tonight (note, 10pm might go on late).”
KCTV5, Twitter
GH: Sorry, but who really gives two shits about seeing the final 15 minutes of the broadcast nine hours after the fact? Is KCTV 5 now in the newspaper business?
“Contrary to popular belief, Fox4 has nothing to do with KCTV 5 and the Mizzou/KU debacle. We apologize we cannot take your complaints.”
Sam Atwell, of the Fox 4 news desk, Twitter
GH: This was one of my favorite tweets. Fox 4 felt the need to set the record straight that this was not their Heidi.
“I am proud of social media today. We’re not allowing CBS to lie to us. Power to the people.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter

GH: Twitter and the Internet never shined brighter. Screw with us and we’ll alert the world of your incompetence.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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22 Responses to OTC: KCTV 5 Lacks Tiger Blood In Blowing Heidi-Like KU/MU TV Broadcast

  1. Still Pissed Off says:

    A quitter mu fan did this
    SUNSPOTS???? LOL, yeah right…. This reaks of a quitter mentality, pulling the plug when things looked bad, versus having the back bone to play until the end. This is a mentality I saw more and more often while playing online video games….. when I used to play XBO360 a lot, but I cut back because there are just too many quitters playing online video games.

    If anyone else plays XBOX360 online (against human opponents), you know what I am talking about.. It ruins all the fun of practicing and building a good team, in hopes of battling online against others only to see that when you are ahead by a nice margin the other pussy quits or pulls the plug. WTF? The worst part part about XBOX is they usually do not penalize the quitters online record….thus it breeds a quitter mentality. At least when mu pulled the plug yesterday, they got the loss,,, fkn them, fk evrything about mu, bunch of quitters.

    I guarantee you that I have never quit anything in mid game. If I suck at a game, I may stop playing overall, but I NEVER QUIT IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME. I would never deny a better player an earned win. After all, It is just a game, and I think good sportmenship is important in life. Being a good sport, makes one a better player and a better human, and you can not win if you do not finish the game, and comebacks from behind are the sweetest victories. People could learn good sportsmenship from online gaming, but instead it seems to be teaching people it is ok to plug (LIKE YESTERDAY), or quit in mid game, if it looks like you are going to lose.

    When I see a punk bitch is a quitter and bad sportsmen, then all bets are off, and they are fucked. If they wanna play cheap, that is easy… mu must teach a class called “how to trash talk, be a bad sport and play cheap whne yoyu have done nothing” it must be a required class.

    mu fans, like the one who pulled the plug yesterday, are the worst spoiled sports I have ver seen, what a bunch od sissies

    Before this little stunt yesterday, if they had come back to win, I would been first to say good job, just like I gave congratsto ksu for winning against KU the other week, but as it is…going forward, I have nothing but contept for mu quitters/ plug pullers / big mouths for nothing / whiney / poor sportsmen of mu.

    mu fans are the worst, I spit on them. what a bunch of pussies. That shitty school has never even made the final four, and still they yack like they have done something, The yare nothiong but a bunch of trash talking for nothing idiots. Fck all mu teams and fck all mu fans,

  2. smartman says:

    Life Goes On
    It’s a FUCKING BASKETBALL GAME! Not like it was the OJ verdict,The Bachelor or American Idol finale or even Obama’s resignation speech. People are getting whacked in Libya to get 1/10 of the freedom we have and you piss and moan about this? Shame on You!

    Jay Mohr reference BRILLIANT!

    So the weekend engineer at KCTV probably had a rough Friday night. Too many Old Style’s and wings from Go Chicken Go. He’s feeling kinda bloated and decides to try and pinch a loaf thinking the game is in hand. He heads to the throne with his Maxim magazine and gets caught up in an article or maybe he starts making some mayo while looking at the pictures of some soon to be famous twat and next thing you know some glitch occurs in an outboard piece of digital gear he’s not in the position to correct it ’cause he’s in the middle of auto-erotic defacation and you’d think the world came to an end. Nigger Please! I’m sure my version is closer to the truth than sunspots. Maybe there’s an app for that?

    Always have a radio nearby. Always have extra batteries for the radio. BE PREPARED!

  3. Glow1 says:

    I wonder…
    I wonder if this happened to Ch. 9 vs. Ch. 5 if the level of anger and vile thrown would be the same. Ch. 5 made “gotcha” journalism it’s calling card over the past few years. You think if a local non-media business screwed up, they wouldn’t be out with cameras blazing waiting for the soundbite? The sword cuts both ways and I’m proud to say that I was part of the Twitter posse that turned the tables on them and made them feel more than uncomfortable for something that more than likely was an innocent mistake.

  4. bschloz says:

    Ok so I thought MU would cover that at home and all….had to work yesterday so watched 1st half in sports bar. Looked like Hawks were pulling away so left with about 15 to go to run a few errands. Yes, B. Davis was pretty jazzed up…go back to the office and turn on 61.com and cant believe they don’t stream the game…SHIT I took my boombox home in 1998. After couple of lame web searches to find my game I experience the last 7 minutes on the little YHOO Boxscore. I must of hit reload 300 times. I didn’t even know it got blacked out until I got a text.

    # Winning when it appears to be losing.

  5. bschloz says:

    Sir, you have special gift with words.

  6. smartman says:

    Thank you, Thank you very much!

    And now a song for that poor constipated KCTV engineer that disappointed so many this weekend.

    Sing to the tune of Suspicious Minds.

    I’m trying to crap. It won’t come out. I need some Metamucil baby! I just can’t see. What’s stuck inside of me. I need some Metamucil Baby! I can’t go on all day tryin’ to make it grind. My bowels are all locked up. I’m in a bind. Viva Viagra my ass!

  7. harley says:

    While all the “experts” picked mu to win this game…i knew ku would win it. MU “40 minutes of heck” poor style of
    play wears the players out and they don’t have the energy to shoot right.
    I was glad they cut the game off early…Missouri could not have shot a worse game. Missouri’s style of
    play is getting old in the big 12. the big 12 teams now know how to break this “press” if you could call it
    that. It was once potent but now the teams all know how to break it…and with midget guards like
    dixon and pressey they can run right around them evbery time.
    Its time for anderson to take his style of basketball back down to arkansas. It might do well in the
    ncaa tournament where teams arent used to it….but it’s old and worn out against big 12 teams.
    Let anderson go back to arkansas….bring in a top assistant from a top program or pay the big bucks
    for abig time coach who’s style matches the players he has. It’s time…with the talent mu has in the
    blocks now a really good coach would make the move.
    but most importantly MU has to take the reins off the coach…and lets him recruit some stars with a
    few past problems………if you want to recruit the big time kids…you have to take a chance on some
    kids with some past problems and hope they pan out…if not ….you can get a recurring top 15-40
    ranked team every year.






  8. Sage says:

    Harley is a typical mu idiot
    HAHAHAAHAHAHHA Harley you are fool, as is every mizzou moron. mu has never even been to the final four, and yet you keep flapping your stupid lips. mu sucks, it always has and always will. I spit on everything about mu. fk that fake ass bs done nothing school. When mu pussies see they are going to lose, they would rather pull the plug than see the inevitable. crawl back in your hole you worthless mu puke.

  9. Harry Balczak says:

    Now there is a question on every sporting event on Channel 5
    Will they switch away? Will I get to see the whole game? There always will be a question as to whether you will see the entire event, or will Channel 5 leave you hanging?

  10. Mark X says:

    In the race to the bottom …
    …KCTV5 wins.

    After living in KC for 30 years, I can state that 5 has finally reached bottom. I remember when I move here in 1979 they reigned supreme. They’ve been cost cutting themselves to death. What do you beat the ‘engineer’ was 23 year old, fresh-out-of-college, weekend part timer? Week-end & late night staff aren’t exactly the A team. They ” …experienced technical difficulties out of our control.”? Bullsh*t, more likely they experienced technical difficulties outside the level of their understanding and expertise. You get what you pay for, KCTV5 … Sunspots? … yeah … THAT’S the ticket!


    “Not like it was the OJ verdict,The Bachelor or American Idol finale or even Obama’s resignation speech.” –nice one, smartman

    RE: Sam Mellinger … what a moron. The STAR’s golden boy … well, folks, he isn’t. Flacking for TV5 isn’t very becoming, Sammy.

    RE: Heidi Bowl …good analogy, Hall. Unfortunately, no one under 50 gets it. (google it, kiddies)

  11. HARLEY says:

    hall..you would have thought this whole episdoe that someone was killed or
    injured…that someone had been hurt….that this entire episode of losing the last 3 minutes
    of the game was a national disaster.
    It was…to the 240,000 ku fans in a nation of 300 million who gave a fuck. Noone cared except
    for you. You made this out to be like a criminal ev ent and that we need a full government investigation
    into this disaster.
    Hall you are a failure. You’re an old washed up writer with nothing better to write about. I hope hearne
    isn’t paying you because you are worthless. and your old references to old incidents done 40 years
    ago have no significance to us readers except for the 60 year old’s like hearne…glazer and you and
    the guy with the fake german accent.
    Come on hall….get over it. It will be okay…and the game went according to my prediction against all those
    sports experts on cbs/whb/610/you/and the rest of the knownothing fools who are paid to express the
    wrong prediction.
    Grow up hall…you’re in your 60’s….this is not the end of the world…your dog is okay…the family’s
    okay….next week this will just be a bad memory. You have other more important things to worry
    about as an old man…such as making sure to wear your depends…where they “hid” your blood
    pressure mediciane….making sure you don’t fall down the stairs….and rememebering what time
    Lawrence Welk comes on the tv. Now go to bed…its 4:30!

  12. Johnny Utah says:

    never forget
    if you don’t hold power accountable when they fail the people, they will continue to fail the people. Good job Hall exposing the kctv/cbs lies. CBS f-ed up and switched the game. kctv should have found another feed, like in topeka, wichita and STL. they didn’t. they failed. and then they lied and tried to cover up.

    a boycott of the network and its advertisers is not out of line. if they would have been honest and fessed up, they could be forgiven. they choose lies and hiding.

  13. I am IN says:

    I am with Johnny Utah 100%, boycott CBS. they are fuking goofballs

  14. Jim says:

    Harley is “Special”
    Harley, who the hell is in charge of your keyboard? Are you dictating your thoughts to Michael J. Fox? There are so many typos and misspelled words in your comments that they appear to be a test for dyslectics. But hey, you always spell HALL correctly.

  15. randyraley says:

    Same in StL
    Don’t blame Channel 5, the same thing happened in St. Louis. It was a network problem, not a local one.
    KMOV here did the same exact thing.
    When it comes to getting into the NCAA tournament, the committee will take a Big East team with 12-13 losses over a team like Missouri State anyday. Reason? TV markets baby, it’s all about that now.
    Regarding MU, I can shoot 3-27 from the three point line and have many times. Mizzou had them on the ropes and beaten up but when you don’t hit your shots, you don’t win. Simple. Unless someone pulls a Northern Iowa, it will be tough to beat KU. Tough underneath and killer shooters. Did I just say that? Kill me now…

  16. JP says:

    You really do get to see it all in life!!!!
    The Heidi game occurred when I was still in diapers. I thought after that debacle that nothing like that would ever happen again. Boy, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Greg, thank you for giving us the ins and outs of everything related to this mess. Wichita, Topeka and St. Louis got the end of the game, Kansas City (the biggest combined KU-MU market) didn’t. Somebody screwed the pooch at Channel 5 and CBS. While this isn’t life or death, this is a major fuckup that could have been avoided.

    I noticed Bobby Totsch was allover the sports stations today, trying to explain this away. What he could never explain is why stations in Wichita and Topeka had the same glitch and were able to override. That is the fuckup on Channel 5’s part. CBS should have NEVER switched away from this game, until there were zeros across the board. Only send the markets of interest to the next game. This was bungling all around. I wish now ESPN had gotten the tournament. Screw KCTV 5, they are a local joke anyway and screw CBS. This should have NEVER happened to begin with.

  17. JP says:

    One other point
    Kudos to Jack Harry for pointing out the ridiculous nature of this glitch. I expect all the radio and TV stations to circle the wagons around KCTV 5 and make excuses. The bottom line, KU and MU fans got the shaft. If MU had come back and won, Harley and other MU fans would have been up in arms.

  18. Killer says:

    Killem all
    Screw TV5 and screw anyone who wants to make excuses for TV5, and while we are at it screw anyone who is still rooting for this crap team from mu, for that matter screw each and every mu fan who has ever existed. mu sucks i spit on all of you. mu sucks, they always have and they always will. That piece of sht school has never even been to the final 4, what a joke.

    TV5 sucks and the lil bitch mu fan at CBS who did this should be fired, it was intentional and this sunspot BS is a bunch of crap. As we have learned, TV5 is now run out of Atlanta and that is why they could not fix this quick, like they did in many other markets. FUCK TV5 FOR FARMING OUT WORK, what a fking debacle. I AM BOYCOTTING ALLTHINGS TV5 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, FK TV5 AND FK mu, and fk mu fans. Who could possibly keep on talking BS about that crappy team like that? what a joke.

  19. Markus Aurelius says:

    Listened to Ch5’s GM on 810 this morning and he clarified
    ….absolutely nothing. Still couldn’t articulate why Topeka and Wichita were able to switch back but KCTV was not. From what I could cull from his comments it sounded like he was saying Ch. 5 has 3 satellite receivers/transmitters and that 2 of them were out due to sunspots and that the 3rd receiver/transmitter was receiving the alternate feed from CBS. What he never answered was whether or not KCTV was playing the alternate feed from the outset of the game. Nor did he say at what point the other transmitters were knocked out by sunspots. His intentional vagueness and general defensiveness certainly leads one to believe there is more to it than is being told and that KCTV screwed up in some manner that they are not disclosing.

    Questions that should have been answered if they were trying to be honest and forthright:

    (1) At what time did the sunspots initially knock out your signal?
    (2) Was KCTV’s broadcast feed of the game the alternate CBS feed from the outset of the game or was the broadcast feed switched to CBS’ alternate feed mid-game. If that latter, at what time did you switch to the alternate feed and why was this done?
    (3) Why would Topeka and Wichita have been able to get their feeds back up while KCTV could not? In other words, what was unique to KCTV that did not exist at those other stations?

    Seems to me that someone needs to do a bit of KCTV’s “investigative journalism” on this debacle and turn the tables on them.

  20. Killer says:

    Controlled from Atlanta
    I think the main problem is Ch5 is controlled fro mAtlanta, if someone can clarify how / why / what / when Ch5 would give up local control to making crap possible like this I would love to hear it. I thinkl the FCC and NCAA should have a look at this and make sure viewers and fans are not short changed in the future.

  21. Morey says:

    AKAIK you’ve got the aswner in one!

  22. hahqoqshrto says:

    TZjB6x ojmclyvnossk

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