Tony: A Closer Look At Kansas City School Closings

A recent shutdown of more than two dozen Kansas City, Missouri Public schools was called "right-sizing" which is kind of ironic given that everything associated with the plan has gone wrong.

It’s really just the latest foible in the history of a School District that has become the biggest embarrassment and determent to KCMO growth.

Recent headlines regarding The Southwest High School Campus have continued to scare white people from the suburbs and made it seem like the KCMSD is some kind of urban war zone. That’s not too far from reality but doesn’t take into account that this downward spiral has taken place over the course of a generation.

Student arson, violence and administrative turmoil are the current buzzwords regarding the so many headlines this week. But I’ve found yet another piece of local school District fail that’s worth identifying.

Take a look at a recent video that shows the local Kansas City School architectural legacy that’s decaying every day thanks to so many empty buildings left by the KCMSD.

To be fair, there is a "repurposer" who hopes to make something out of these somewhat iconic structures that threaten to turn into nothing more than neat looking blight in local neighborhoods. But so far there hasn’t been a lot of progress. Right now there’s neither the cash for more community centers nor the will to convert old school buildings in the urban core.

So the "architecturally amazing" structures are simply crumbling more quickly than anybody could imagine and turning into yet another EXPENSIVE problem facing Kansas City Schools.
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6 Responses to Tony: A Closer Look At Kansas City School Closings

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Who the f cares.
    More blight in a blighted area.

  2. Mark says:

    That’s not a video…
    that’s a slideshow. Which of those schools edumacated you, Tone?

  3. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    Tony Is Also…
    Tony is also sometimes a “determent” to Jr.’s little website operation here. More often, though, he is probably a detriment.

  4. mark x says:

    Ditto …
    …good post, Tracy.

  5. smartman says:

    NEA Must Go
    Until we get the government and the NEA out of the education business there won’t be any serious learning taking place. As much of a joke as KCMO is, the rest of the metro districts are worse. Give ’em a grade pass ’em on thru that’s your job that’s what you do. We don’t care if they can’t read or write. Give ’em a grade pass ’em on through that’s your job that’s what you do. And don’t forget the football game tonight. Our current metro area malaise is a direct result of the absolute shit state of public education on both sides of the state line over the past 30 years. All education should be PRIVATE. You wanna have kids you pay for the little fuckers to learn. Not the taxpayers! Having kids is the ultimate act of narcissism, thinking that your fucked up genetic ancestral code will rewire this time around. Hell, look at what George and Bar Bush gave us. How ’bout that Bristol Palin. She’s a fucking brainiac. Matter of fact you should have to put up twenty grand to have a kid to pay for K-12 education. Have some skin in the game. Fuck the nanny state. All it does is create more slaves. If education was all it was cracked up to be how come all these smart Ivy League fucks that run Fortune 500 companies have run our economy into the ground? We do need to have death panels we just need to reverse the process and test kids when they’re 15. If they can’t pass a test or demonstrate some unique talent or ability to contribute to society, kill the bastards and harvest their organs for old folks that actually did something with their lives. Until we understand that morals, manners, discipline, honor, code, integrity, language, borders and culture are the essential building blocks of education, before all else we will never regain the societal greatness that made this country both feared and respected around the world.

  6. Sly James secret staff says:

    Come back to KCC, Tony
    All is forgiven, dude. We need you back. You have something to say, and your link and blink format on your Tonyskansascity blog just doesn’t feel right for anything serious or lengthy.

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