Car: Stuff You Won’t Learn About at This Week’s KC Auto Show

Here’s the deal…

Check back a little later and I’ll take you down the long and winding road of this year’s Auto Show at Bartle Hall. I’ll touch on the hotties, the notties, what to expect and the unexpected. But first, a few words from Speeding Ticket lawyer Casey Raskob from the April issue of Car and Driver. You know, a little news maybe you could use.

Starting with the "biggest truths about why and whom cops give tickets to."

""Realistically, when it comes to tickets, sports cars come first, then motorcycles," Raskob says. "Anything that makes speed obvious. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to get their attention; put a wing on your Civic. "Rich guys go second, any of your status brands. In New York City, I’ve sat behind cops who apparently only write up BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi."

What to not fail to do:

"Fight every ticket because it’s an odds game," Raskob urges. "There are odds of getting a ticket. There are odds of being pulled over by a good cop or a bad cop. There are odds of getting a write-down. When you go to court, there are odds of getting a break. Most judges are looking to give you a break – if you’re deserving."

And then there are the odds of Raskob urging speeders to pay big bucks to lawyers like him to fight tickets so he can drive a BMW. Land Rover, etc. And odds that he’s kissing up to prospective judges about their being fair-minding in the likely event that they’ll be reading C&D’s story.

And now, a moment of silence please, for the motorcycle drivers and the rich guys…

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5 Responses to Car: Stuff You Won’t Learn About at This Week’s KC Auto Show

  1. rogger says:

    Those Who Never Get Tickets
    Grandmas on bicycles and FIAT drivers! Hard to tell ’em apart.

  2. bschloz says:

    All Ya Y’all
    Betta not be speedin in Shawnee….Ya Heah

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Fight every ticket because it’s an odds game,” Raskob urges

    – why not just accept your transgression like a man/woman and do the right thing?

    I never fought my sole speeding ticket my lifetime (5 mph OTL while going downhill & passing an under the limit slow-moving vehicle when I was in my 20’s – see, I could have had a “yeah but”, but…

    As I believe and told the Officer, if someone is doing 1 mph over the limit they are breaking the law and deserve the consequences – and I sincerely accepted the ticket he was correct in giving me. For the record, that one ticket eons ago this thence young adult was driving was a Barnaby Jones special – a Ford LTD… so much for my suave/urbane lark.

    Everyone/many can give/try excuse/s… outside mental lapse, compliance or non is a choice…either case, the law should prevail. I say this having driven since the 1950’s and one who still to this day owns/drives muscle cars. Caveat: I never have/will speed upon public roads – there’s this thing called a track for that. Oh yeah, and consideration others safety, as the law.

    “When you go to court, there are odds of getting a break. Most judges are looking to give you a break – if you’re deserving.”

    – most judges are former lawyers… nuff said.

    Moral: drive 55 and stay alive (parking lots not included.)

    Now have a pleasant day.

    : )

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Better get them spectacles checked, gramps. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a granny biking it, but if you find it that confusing you may need to get your Coke bottles adjusted a mite.

  5. Harry Balczak says:

    Speed Limits are artifically low
    KC is better about this than most metros, but back east especially there are many areas that have artificially low speed limits, Indianapolis has 55 MPH on all freeways. No one obeys it, if you drive the speed limit, you create an obstacle. In the UK when they build a new motorway, they observe what speed people naturally drive on it and set the speed limits accordingly. It’s too bad we don’t do it that way in the US.

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