Tony: Mark Lowrey Is The Official Pianist For The Mike Burke Campaign

Mark Lowrey is one of the most talented musicians in Kansas City. It’s no surprise that a Mayoral hopeful would want to be associated with his level of skill, versatility and — as Charlie Sheen has been saying lately — winning.

 The musician/politician relationship is tenuous at best.

They’re two different fields but at the end of the day it’s all about getting the public to dig what you’re doing. So there’s probably a bit of a natural kinship.

Additionally, we should probably talk branding. It’s a struggle for politicos to find the right fit given that their enemies will look to nitpick at every opportunity and entertainers can’t risk alienating their audience.

Luckily, this Kansas City Mayoral race is exceptionally polite, respectful, and non-partisan. Therefore, this is probably the perfect time for musician like Lowrey to get involved.

Since there really isn’t a downside in this election, let’s talk about benefits.

Obviously, the schmooze factor is pretty high in a Mayoral campaign and all of this town’s movers and shakers are going to enjoy Lowrey’s talents. These are developers, politicians, consultants and all of the local big money crowd who could fill Lowrey’s Rolodex with enough solid gigs to book private gigs for years. But there’s more too it than connections. We’re talking about Kansas City history.

Already, Lowrey is a part of a local election that has seen Council women Jan Marcason and Cindy Circo dance at Burke Campaign headquarters over the defeat of Mayor Mark Funkhouser — the First KC Incumbent to lose an election in 80 years. And for better or worse this general election should provide a few memorable moments as well.

Right now Burke seems to be leading the race and picking up one endorsement after the next.

He’s selling himself to voters as someone who represents the best this town has to offer while winning their approval. Real talk: Mark Lowrey has already accomplished as much and it’s really just nice to hear his work while tuning out so much political rhetoric.
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