OTC: Is Bill Self Worth $7 Mill? / BYU’s Honor Code Is Insane


“KU under Self has won seven straight Big12 titles, 1 natioal title in 8 seasons. Can u imagine what Self is worth on open market? 7 mill a year?”
Gary Bedore, writer for KUSports.com, Twitter
GH: Interesting query. Kansas wouldn’t trade Bill Self for Phil Jackson – but how much is he worth to their basketball program, the university’s image, Lawrence business owners and employees and the fan base’s positive psyche? He gets paid a ridiculous $3.1/year but that might cheap.
“(Roy Williams) was so thinned skinned. He became a different person after the first three years (at Kansas). He was a different human being. I’d take Bill Self any day of the week.”
Frank Boal, when asked if he preferred Roy or Bill as a basketball coach, 810 AM
GH: Self is a unique head coach in today’s millionaire coaching fraternity. He doesn’t act like he’s got $20 million in the bank. He still acts like he did when he was coaching Tulsa and calling into Steven St. John’s evening show in the early ‘90s. All you have to do is listen to one of Self’s Salty Iguana commercials to know he doesn’t hold his nose too high – despite his rock-star salary.
“During the time out they introduced Larry Brown on the video board and people leaped to their feet like they were giving away money!”
Bob Davis, on the PA announcement of the former KU head coach at the A&M game, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: When I heard Davis’ colorful description of the crowd’s reaction to Brown, it made me think of Roy. Brown left KU after the 1988 season with the school on probation and in a plight that had them hiring their sixth of seventh choice in Roy Williams. But Brown is revered by Kansas fans. Roy, not so much. Will Roy ever be back to receive a similar ovation? Well, the Jayhawk fans did buy Norm Stewart a rocking chair and cheered him after he retired.
“He’s probably thinking, ‘Why did I ever leave?’”
Chris Piper, when asked by Davis what he thought Larry Brown was thinking as he viewed the Senior Night surroundings at Allen Fieldhouse, Jayhawk Radio Network
“A senior frrrommm Chicaaagooo…”
Eric Danielson, Jayhawks PA voice at Allen Fieldhouse, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: I listened to much of the first half of the A&M/KU game on the radio while jogging Wednesday night. [Still trying to train for that little jaunt I’ve got coming up in Boston next month.] Someone made the incredibly smart decision to play Danielson’s player introductions live over the radio. Wow! The aura and ambiance that surrounds a KU home game at Allen Fieldhouse is accentuated by Danielson’s bone-tingling voice. What a great show this guy puts on! I was running south into a no-moon breeze on Shoal Creek Parkway at eight o’clock at night and I could not help but grin as Danielson spit out the names of the Jayhawks’ starting lineup. I’m pretty sure that stretch of my run counts as fartlek.
“KU didn’t celebrate the title. No net-cutting and Self wouldn’t let players wear the T-shirts to the presser. It would be comical if they cut down nets in Columbia. Suicidal. But comical.”
Tully Corcoran, writer for CJonline.com, Twitter
GH: I heard Kevin Kietzman on his Wednesday show talk about how KU’s players would be celebrating the Big 12 title if they beat A&M by wearing their championship shirts and hats while cutting down the nets in front of their fans. Maybe Self heard the same show. Would Kansas pull a Billy Tubbs on Saturday and snip nets on their opponent’s court? As Mad Jack would say, ‘No way!’
“We just get no publicity and we haven’t had great home crowds. It’s been tough on our kids.”
Mark Turgeon, A&M head coach, in an interview with Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Turgeon is such a downer. He rarely smiles and always comes across to me as a guy who is singlehandedly pushing a boulder up Everest. Instead of publicly enjoying the fact he’s making a great living at a great university with a great facility in a state with a great recruiting base, Turg wants to whine and moan and bitch. The radio voice for A&M told Soren Petro earlier this week that Turgeon would one day like to be the head coach at Kansas. I don’t think KU could stomach his sourpuss after experiencing Self.
“Travis Releford must have been hurt or had a 1 game suspension. He didn’t even play in the last 30 sec of the game when Bill Self cleared the bench for the crowd to recognize the Seniors and Morris Twins. Maybe Self gave him a 1 game suspension without making a big deal about it like they did with Taylor. Who knows?”
JHawk74, in a reader post on KUSports.com
GH: How good is Kansas? Releford would start for every other team in the conference except Texas. But so would Mario Little and Elijah Johnson. Self’s team is so deep he can suspend players, not play players, redshirt players and still roll the conference’s three-seed by 13 points.
“Well, (Tyshawn Taylor’s) back. Now I think we can move on and quit worrying about why he was suspended.”
Bob Fescoe, as Taylor’s suspension was lifted before the A&M game, Jayhawk Radio pregame show
GH: Fescoe is the most biased sports talk show host I have heard in my time listening to Kansas City radio. I guess he thinks being the Kansas shill insures him of at least the Jayhawk audience. But I refuse to believe the Jayhawk fan base is that ignorant. Fescoe, on the other hand, is banking on it. Read on.
 “NICE road win by missourah (Saturday), oh wait nevermind huge win for KSU. Pullen was awesome again loved it. … I hope mu is out of the top 25 this wk. They r so over rated its not funny. That being said they will probably beat ku sat just to spite me.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
“It’s clear Cam Newton doesn’t think about what he’s going to say before he says it.”
Bob Fescoe, on some of the Auburn QB’s quotes this past weekend at the NFL Combine, 610 AM
GH: Irony meet Fescoe.
“Do you understand how bad the bubble is? (Missouri) would have to lose games they can’t possibly play!”
Mike DeCourcy, when asked by Steven St. John if Mizzou is in jeopardy of being on the NCAA bubble if they lose to KU and lose in the opening round of the Big 12 tourney, 810 AM
“Teams that can’t win on the road typically don’t stick around long in March.”
Mike DeCourcy, on Mizzou’s 1-7 road record in the Big 12, 810 AM
“This is a dangerous team now, guys. They are Elite 8 good again.”
Mike DeCourcy, on the torrid February run by Kansas State, 810 AM
“I’m excited about K-State maybe going farther in this NCAA Tournament than Kansas.”
Gary Lezak, TV 41’s mega meteorologist but a not-so-closet sports fan, 810 AM
GH: It would be very fun and very exciting for Kansas City to see a KSU/KU title game at Sprint Center next Saturday. Lots of games yet though still need to be played.
“Big 12 Men’s & Women’s Brackets Inside!”
Kansas City Star advertising section cover
GH: I opened the double-truck landscape pullout section of the brackets and was amused at The Star’s chutzpah. Yeah, they have the brackets for both Big 12 tourneys displayed but since not all the seeds have yet to be determined, none of the teams or pairings are in place. It’s just two blank brackets with dates and games times. Phillips 66 should ask for their money back.
"I think it’s a great code of conduct. It teaches discipline, teaches kids to not live in a world of instant gratification. It’s a different culture — and I love that culture.”
Danny Ainge, a BYU grad who is also a bishop in the Mormon Church, on Brandon Davies being dropped from the BYU team after he admitted to breaking the school’s honor code by having sex with his girlfriend, FoxSports.com
GH: My word for this punishment is simply – insane. This is simply another reason why to me organized religion is a manmade obstacle to happiness. Why can’t an individual worship (or not) in his or her own way without a set of rules to punish them? Insane.  
“George Mason’s sports management department did a study following its magical and improbable Final Four run back in 2006 and it estimated that it received more than $650 million of free publicity — and that doesn’t include the millions of actual dollars the school and the league earned by virtue of the Patriots getting to the Final Four.”
Jeff Goodman, columnist, FoxSports.com
GH: That would be one very expensive hump for a church that values tithing almost as much as polygamy. Why would we expect an 18-year-old boy to uphold a contract he signs out of high school that forbids caffeine, alcohol, facial hair and premarital sex during his college years? Insane.
“I was recruited by BYU, and didn’t know coffee, tea, and nookie were no-no’s. Told about disdain for profanity. Then, I played for Coach K. Best honor code is at West Point: ‘A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.’ ”
Jay Bilas, Twitter
GH: I would simply add to that – treat others as you wish to be treated. Sure would shorten the bible by a few chapters.
“BYU might as well disband sports. With new focus on their ‘code,’ good luck getting recruits. What percent of collegians do what he did? 95?”
Gary Bedore, LJW writer, Twitter
GH: 95% of BYU’s student athletes have probably fallen short of their code during their college years. If there were a strict adherence to this insane code BYU wouldn’t be able to field a team in any men’s or women’s sport. Telling college kids ‘no’ has only served as an accelerant to the forbidden behavior – for as long as there have been colleges.
“Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled an iPad2 that is thinner, lighter and faster.”
Kansas City Star
GH: Sounds exactly like every one of Kelsey Grammer’s new brides.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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16 Responses to OTC: Is Bill Self Worth $7 Mill? / BYU’s Honor Code Is Insane

  1. Gavin says:

    BYU is right
    I’m not a fan of the Mormons. I think the’re goofy at best and dangerous at worst. I don’t agree with them about religion, politics or social issues. I think their church is a breeding ground of racist, homophobic misogyny formed by a bunch of corrupt men willing to lie about pretty much anything.

    All that being said, BYU did the right thing. Personally, I think that there is almost no point to being a college athlete if you take trim off the table. Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot of good stuff to be learned from a good coach and I get that there are lessons about teamwork and fortitude and those things do have value, but I have got to believe that one of the best things about being a stud at a D-1 program is the bevy of women throwing themselves at you.

    Still, BYU is putting their principles ahead of basketball and I think that’s to be applauded even if I don’t think very much of their principles in the first place. Bilas may never have known what was in the honor code, but Brandon Davies sure did because he signed it. If he wanted to get laid, he should have gone to Utah or damn near any other school in the country and he could have enjoyed premarital sex without fear of hurting the team. But the rule is the rule. He knew about it and knew the penalty for breaking it. BYU actually stands for something in this case. Again, I don’t value what they’re standing for but whether I value it doesn’t matter to them. BYU is a private institution and they get to make their own rules. If Davies didn’t want to live by them, he should have gone some place else.

    Personally, I think the penalty is harsh, but it sounds like he’s still “with” the team and they aren’t shunning him and that’s good. I think this will hurt BYU in recruiting as well, but BYU thinks that saving the man’s soul is more valuable than basketball and I think that’s worthy of high regard even if their priorities are misplaced.

  2. John says:

    I think there should be a compare and contrast. Cam Newton by all accounts broke an honor code this year and got a slap on the wrist for it. He won the Heisman, won a National Championship. Now he calls himself an

  3. smartman says:

    Strike Two
    Holy Shit Gregger! Off base two days in a row. You should be in camp with the Royals. Who died and made you Joseph Smith? Last I checked we, in the USandA at least, all had free will with the exception of maybe 17% of the folks that are too dumb to realize it exists. If someone wants to join a religion, club, team, school or other organization and accept the rules they have,no matter how stupid they may be, that’s their decision. If they break those rules there are consequences that they probably knew about. What’s so strange about that? No way Bill Self or any coach is worth 7 million. Hell, most people are paid far more than their REALLY worth in the big scheme of things. Whitlock, JoPo, Hearne making six figures at the Star for the stuff they wrote. My neighbor got a quote from a BIG NAME PLUMBER named BOB to install a humidifier on their furnace. Labor was $450.00. I did it for free in less than an hour. But the rules are the rules eat what you kill and get what you can get.Just remember, we are some very lucky and fortunate sonsofbitches to live in this country. God Bless America, Yahweh, Budda, Allah, Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard too.

  4. Jayhawk Fan says:

    EARNING 7 CONSECUTIVE CONFERENCE TITLES, in a big time conference, is historic. Look at the numbers over time. No one can say the Big 12 is a push over league. Look how many BIG 12 teams regularly are top 25 teams rated, and then consdier KU wins 7 titles IN A ROW, THAT IS SO AWESOME. Compare that to any otehr scholl from any other time, and it is impressive. Of course the Great John Woodem is the awesomest, but…. Ku and Coach Self are prettyy awesome.

    Bill Self is a great coach, I am so happy we have him. Allen Field is a great place to play, I am so happy we have it. KU is the greatest college basketball school in America, and the MIGHTY KANSAS MENS BASKETBALL PROGRAM is the greatest sports team in a 500 mile radius of Kansas City. It continues to perplex me why there are so many haters. Heck back in the day I used to give NU their due regarding footbal, it is waht it is and when you are good you are good…and KU IS GREAT… Sure it is unfair that we have the phog, sure it is unfair that we have all the best players wanting to play for us, but hey, that is what the history of winning does for us.

    Once again…… who knows what will happen in this dang March madnes dance… if it was guarantee, what fun would that be?…. but also once again KU is a number one seed……… what ever that is worth….. realy it is all about matchups and placements, just like last year UNI was a good match against us……. oh well…… but no matter what happens KU basketball has already had another great year.

    I think we could win the National Championship 2011, but in the tourny, anything can happen. Therre is no room of a bad game or missed shots. The ball MUST go in the basket DMAN IT!!! DONT MISS!!! and get thsoe fkn rebounds whne they miss!!!! JUST DO IT!!!! ……… No matter what you can bet the farmthat I will be watching every second and screaming my head off!!!! YES!!!!! I am very proud of the my coach the way he turns boys into men…… as he forms individuals into a team. That is all we canask for. THANK YOU COACH SELF, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

    I hope the twins come back and Selby stays, but if not, we are still locked and loaed again, as usuaul, but I am sure all the naysayers will be picking us to do poorly, again, as they always do, and as usual THEY WILL BE WRONG BECAUSE KU BASKETBALL KICKS ASS!!!


  5. shecky says:

    GH: Why can

  6. John says:

    Just saw Around the Horn
    Bob Ryan had a great point about the the BYU honor code.

    To paraphrase, he said it was refreshing and you have to give it up applaud BYU for doing this in a day where college athletes get in trouble for sexual assault, assaults, drug usage, robbery and DUI

  7. Harry Balczak says:

    Why would you go to BYU anyway?
    Bow down to the old white male authoritarians VOLUNTARILY?? No thanks It was his fault for going there in the first place. It can only end badly unless you get brainwashed into the cult.

  8. Raised Morman says:

    Missing the boat
    Full disclosure, I was raised Morman. As an adult I am no longer. It just isn’t for me, but if it is right for others, so be it. Ok so first off the Morman Church in now way supports or allows polygamy. It hasn’t practiced this in decades. It was a misguided error to do it in the first place, they realized it and corrected it. I also never saw anything racist in the church in all my time there. The church does strongly encourage a 10% tith, but there is no “offering” done during survice like many churches. So I don’t see much difference between tithing and offering. It is very bigoted to throw the pologomy thing out there and is even more so bigoted to condem a group for thier beliefs. No one is forced to be a Morman.

    95% of the students that attend BYU (athletes or otherwise) are devout Mormans who adhire to that code of conduct every single day. This is weather it is a policy or not. That is in fact how they live. Yes, there is a school out there where 95% of the students don’t drink, smoke, or have premerital sex. Actually if you research, you will find that Mormans marry at an early age compared to the general population (my theory is they are anxious to have sex). The Morman divorce rate is also extremely low. There are many reason for this. Some the guilt of being a divorced Morman. Anyway, tangent. BYU has been this way for quite some time and have recruited quality student athletes. They do so because they recruit 95% Mormans.

    BYU should be comended for putting thier code and morality above a possible final four run. They are exactly what they say they are. Anyone with any knowledge of that religion is not at all surprised by the suspension.

    Sorry Greg, but in this case you come of pretty bigoted. Clearly your not at all religious and that is your right. But it is also a right to be religious.

  9. mu sucks says:

    jr big 12 schools are pathetic
    mu is such a crappy school and so bad a sports. It is a joke that stupid (ignorant) mu fans are so mouthy. Poor loser schlocks.

  10. mark x says:

    Gavin is correct…
    … and you are not.

    Do you REALLY believe any student at BYU doesn’t know the honor code? It’s pretty simple, Hall, don’t go to a school, join a church, join a organization, or work for an employer that has rules you don

  11. Imo says:

    Jaded GH…
    GH,sounds like you had some miserable religious experience growing up, I am sorry for that. I am not a Morman and I agree somewhat with Gavin but no one forces these kids to go to BYU. Wow, imagine living by a moral code with accountability.
    Life with no rules or consequences, now wouldn’t that would make for a wonderful society……

    Good for BYU, if you don’t like it, don’t send your kids there.

  12. randyraley says:

    MU fan
    As an alumni of Iowa (whose basketball team truly sucks) and a fan of MU, I hope to counter some of “mu suck”s stupid truly ignorant comments above…this has been such a terribly disappointing season for those of us who thought this was a much better team. A team that was once ranked in the top 10 plays the worst half of basketball against NU that I have ever seen. Seriously, MU, four free throws in the entire game? This team has no soul and apparently no heart. When a fourth seed is in your grasp and you lay a turd like that, you’ll get what you deserve. Mike Anderson may be a great coach, but he’s yet to prove it here. In reality, I don’t think he’s taken them any farther than Quin did and THAT sucks. Let the thrashing by KU begin tomorrow, I think these guys (except Denmon) have quit. So “mu sucks”, learn capitalization and sentence structure, it may help you in the future, notice that I can actually put together a sentence and it has proper syntax. You might want to look that word up. And also notice I didn’t say one word about football, where things are decidedly different. However “crappy” MU is, wherever you went to school certainly didn’t win any academic awards.

  13. Imo says:

    Jaded GH…
    GH,sounds like you had some miserable religious experience growing up, I am sorry for that. I am not a Morman and I agree somewhat with Gavin but no one forces these kids to go to BYU. Wow, imagine living by a moral code with accountability.
    Life with no rules or consequences, now wouldn’t that would make for a wonderful society……

    Good for BYU, if you don’t like it, don’t send your kids there.

  14. Johnny Utah says:

    stick to sports GH
    BYU can run its team however it wants, code or no code. Players sign up there voluntarily. GH, don’t be a typical “open minded” liberal who is only open minded about things he agrees with and intolerant about things he doesn’t.

    anyway, criticizing all religion by the rules of one is ignorant.

  15. Laughing at randyraley says:

    An Iowa alum? and you made a choice to switch to mu fanship? LOL, The great basketball scholol in the country is 1/2 down the road and you pick mu? You always proved you were an idiot on the radio, no need to continue the evidence here. HAHAHAHA.. mu fans, so mouthy in the face of continual L O S I N G. Denial is mu fans most useful trait.

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