Jack Goes Confidential: Matt Damon Fantasy Thriller Leads K.C.’s Movie Weekend!

Two new fantasy adventures on tap this weekend…
The first is a high concept romantic sci-fi fantasy thriller based on a short story by Philip K. Dick of TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT and BLADE RUNNER fame.
In THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU actor Matt Damon stars as an ambitious politician on the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate when he meets beautiful ballet dancer Emily Blunt. But the closer he gets to her the more interference he begins to experience from the forces of the Adjustment Bureau!
Who are these guys?
They’re with an entity that runs very much like any bureau. Lots of guys in suits and hats. Kind of a timeless group of people who are essentially guardian angels. Their job is to move around the world and if someone is going a little ‘Off Plan’ they give them a slight adjustment and try to get them back ON the plan.
Matter of fact, they’ve got a plan for all of us. And in Damon’s case, Ms. Blunt is no longer part of HIS!

Time for him to attempt to cross the threshold of his fate and destiny—a serious deviation from the plan!
The problem: By interfering with the plan, Damon not only sacrifices his own dreams….but hers as well!
Guess the question asked by this movie is whether we control our down destiny or do unseen forces manipulate us by altering the very fabric of time and space?
It’s an interesting concept that ultimately builds to an underwhelming payoff.

3-1/2 fateful fingers out of five for THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.


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