Jack Goes Confidential: Johnny Depp Voiced Fantasy Surprises For Kids, Adults

The second fantasy-adventure on the docket this weekend is RANGO

It’s an animated fantasy tale of a displaced lizard-chameleon. A dude with a definite identity crisis who finds himself out of the restrictive confines of his terrarium and in a waterless western dessert (critter) town called Dirt.

Got all that?

There he discovers the hero inside him, becoming its new sheriff and trying to get to the bottom of the water shortage with all signs pointing to a corrupt local banker.
It’s difficult to properly describe RANGO. Suffice it to say it’s got both kid and adult appeal!
The film pays homage to just about every old Western genre cliche from HIGH NOON to BLAZING SADDLES, And you’ll find similar characters and references throughout.
But hold on Amigo, how did Las Vegas get into the mix here?
You’d swear it was a Tim Burton creation—but it isn’t.

It’s clever, fresh and original. So expect the unexpected.

With voice talents led by Johnny Depp, here is the spirit of the west—but definitely on the other side of the road.
3 funky-fantasy fingers out of 5 for RANGO!


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