Hearne: Pitch Editor Plants Mythical Schmooze on Tony

About this week’s Pitch cover story…

The one about blasphemous blogger Tony Botello. The dude here on KC Confidential the comments crowd can’t say enough kind words about. The writer who single-handedly reinvented the term "cup half full" where Kansas City is concerned.

That guy.

New, out-of-towner Pitch editor Joe Tone set aside the intense acrimony of Pitch writers like Nadia Pflaum and laid a massive, journalistic kiss on Mr.T. Nevermind the over-hyped "Exclusive!" splashed across the paper’s cover. I mean, really.

It’s not like’t Tone cornered Osama bin Ladenscored a phoner with the Unabomber or talked Star editor Mike Fannin into a one-on-one about his twin DUIs or assault conviction.


And while we’re on the topic of the Pitch cover, Tone may want to further celebrate his "exclusive" by running a correction in next week’s issue; Tony DOES NOT live in his mom’s basement.

"There’s no bedroom in my mom’s basement," Botello revealed in an exclusive interview. "All my mail (still) goes to my mom’s house and I’m registered to vote there but I live down the street."

Full disclosure: Botello does live and work out of a basement apartment – his own.

Tone did toss Pitch writers a bone – omitting that Botello writes for KC Confidential. And that the "blogger" who’s ex grrrlfriend Star staffer Tim Finn was banged by Botello for banging, was, uh, me. And for Tone’s second printed error, he misquotes Botello as having asked how said blogger’s balls "taste in your mouth."

You won’t won’t find those four words in any of Tony’s copy.

Which brings us to who else Tone went out of his way to leave out of the story – Botello’s Public Enemy No. 1 at the Pitch – staff writer Nadia Pflaum

"He did and that was a huge omission," Botello says. "They totally left out Nadia, which is where they got a lot of their Jenee Osterheldt stuff from, because those two are friends."

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7 Responses to Hearne: Pitch Editor Plants Mythical Schmooze on Tony

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    Uhhh, Hearne, would you like to try rewriting this sentence in an intelligible form?

    “…omitting that Botello writes for KC Confidential and that the “blogger” who’s ex grrrlfriend Star staffer Tim Finn was banged by Botello for banging, was, uh, me.”

    Unless this is the new 21st century grammar, I think you may have missed a comma and/or apostrophe or two.

  2. craig glazer says:

    Way To Go Tony
    Very Nice Tony. Great Story. You’ve earned it Tony.

  3. smartman says:

    Here’s Juanny
    What a load of hooey. The Sexican, The Meaner Beaner, The Boracle of the Boulevard get’s his doo-doo in the Pitch. Unemployable, emotionally crippled, probably not too healthy either; more self absorbed than a maxi pad on a three day end of the month bender. Power corrupts. Absolutely NO POWER is just what TKC has.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not a problem, thanks for noticing!

  5. Merle Tagladucci says:

    He’s a fucking blogger. Tough job.

  6. Joe says:

    “Nevermind the over-hyped “Exclusive!” splashed across the paper’s cover. ”

    I thought it was pretty clear they were being ironic since Tony liberally uses EXCLUSIVE in his blog.

  7. Rick in PV says:

    You need a copy editor, Hearne!
    “Mythical shmooze”? WTF? Mythical means “fabled, fabulous, legendary” as opposed to “actual, existent or real.” The shmooze (you mean the Pitch article, right?) actually occurred, so why use the adjective “mythical?” Further, you say TKC “reinvented the term ‘cup half full’ where Kansas City is concerned.” That would mean TKC is optimistic, when, in fact, he is relentlessly negative and pessimistic about our city and those who try to make things happen here. That would be seeing the “glass half empty,” rather than half-full. Just saying.

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