Glazer: Why People Hate Me & The Secret of My Success

So some people out there don’t care for me…

That’s right? And some of you will say to that, who gives a flying f..k. That’s fair. But it may be of interest to others, so here’s the real dope:
When you climb out of the fishbowl, some of the other fish are going to get pissed off.

People tend to like others who mirror themselves and the way they see things or live their lives. Those kind of folks think they’re right and others are wrong. They have their point.
But when you fight the aging process and are winning to a certain extent, you can make fast enemies.

Add to that a high profile public presence and, ‘Oh brother’ now you’re an asshole.

When we’re in our teens we get this: "What the hell do you know? You’ll see how tough the world is when you get older." 


Then as we hit our mid 20s it’s, "Ah, you’re still too young. We can’t take you too seriously yet. You don’t have enough life experience."

Am I right?

Then at say age 35, now we’re talking, "OK, time to have kids, be responsible, buy a home, get into debt, just like everybody else. It’s time to grow up."

Now here’s where it gets crappy…

At age 45 it’s, "Man you look good for your age, are you still married? I don’t remember, do you have children? How’s your career going?" 

All of a sudden you’re guilty of becoming OLD. 

Men’s hair thins or goes. Your belly sticks out, no more muscle – if there ever was any. No more going out late, unless with the Mrs. Make sure you go see your kid’s basketball game on Saturday Night. 

And don’t even ask about age 55 or older, that’s twice as bad.

For women, it’s worse!

They get there even quicker. After 30, they’re treated like it’s all DOWNHILL from there.
None of this is fair. Aging is now, and always has been, a crime. Yet everyone is saving for the future, making plans for the retirement, planning for what comes next. 

The younger set – and there always is one – views folks over 40 as out of it, dumb shits too old to be cool.
But sometimes a few people don’t accept this routine. I’m of them.

As I’ve aged, I decided to stay as young as I could by living a young man’s life. Staying fit, keeping my hair looking good and being around younger men and women so I knew their feelings and lingo. Their music, the way they dress.

If it fit, I did it. If it didn’t, I stayed with what makes me comfortable.

Hey, in my mid 50’s it’s worked so far. So my contemporaries don’t like it, because they can’t do that stuff. It’s as simple as that. To them it’s always, "Why is he dating those young girls? He must pay them."  Or, "Who wants those skanks, whores, strippers and dumbbells?" 

The truth is, they’re hard to get with just your presence. It’s something up until now that I can still do. Remember, when I’m in LA and before that, lived there, they didn’t know what Stanford and Sons even was! Or is.

So brother, you’re on your own. You can’t drive that Porsche into the club!
So it’s about staying young. Add in that I play the somewhat likable villain and wallah! I’m an easy target to hate.

It takes lots of work to stay inside the game as you age. You see it with some Hollywood stars and athletes but not too many.
I know, people will say, "Glazer, we don’t like you because you’re a jerk, or criminal,etc…"

First off, those who say that likely never knew me. It’s really more like, "Who does that guy think he is with that lifestyle."
There are tricks to this trade.

Believe it or not, going to prison helped. I lost nearly five great years of my life, from age 29-34. So I wanted to gain them back. I learned to workout daily. Older inmates gave me some inside scoop on keeping my skin tight and without wrinkles by using Vaseline Intensive Care daily on my face, leaving it on in morning and evening.

Hey, it worked.

And ladies like bodies with muscle, so I worked on that. Still do.

Keeping your sex drive high, means hormones and testosterone which is legal and paid for by Blue Cross.

Ups your sex drive, helps build muscle and no, it’s not bad for you – it’s good for you if not overused. I get a shot once a week. Now before you put  that down, check it out. Women get hormone shots, why shouldn’t men?

It works and well.

Even HGH is good if done correctly and given to you legally by a doctor, depending on your medical history.  All these things add to youth and looks. If you are in shape, you can dress younger and look more upbeat. That helps. Also the way we talk and look at things is important. So you have to be around young people to understand where they’re coming from.
These are just some of the things you can do to stay young.

Nobody beats the clock, but you can slow it down. It takes effort, but it’s worth it. It really is. I’m not the only one who works on these angles.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get to do this once, so make it last and have some god damn fun!!!
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22 Responses to Glazer: Why People Hate Me & The Secret of My Success

  1. Monkey Man says:

    Is That Police Chief Jim Corwin?
    Why are those two together? Old home week? I like the story, it makes alot of sense, believe it or not.

  2. Pissed Off says:

    Dorian Grey
    I read that story about staying young as you age, with all that guy did, scary. Glazer makes some good, but obvious points here.

  3. smartman says:

    I Think
    You are less secure than the Mexican Border on Cinco de Mayo. Thank God, (I know you’re not a believer), I have friends that’ll put a bullet in my head if I ever turn into an arrogant blowhard. According to Harley the two of you have a lot in common. With that, the prosecution rests Your Honor.

  4. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Craig Glazer All The Time
    Don’t get me wrong, enjoy the Glazer tales, but man he is like the focus on this website all the time. Again, like it, but if he wasn’t a star you made him one. Like that he is a yide.

  5. Free Bird says:

    Yeah You Concieted Jerk
    So you beat the clock. Who says, you Glazer. I know you do well, if I didn’t you’d remind us. Wow thanks for the beauty tips, what are you a prison fag. I don’t need lessons from you. I am married and over 45, I don’t need to look younger, I’m not. Glazer you need to move to LA again. Jesus.

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Yep, that’s the Big Chief. Glazer played for KC Confidential’s dodge ball team against the KCMO police last year.

  7. DVD says:

    I don’t know you, so I would never say I don’t like you personally, but you do irritate the hell out of a lot of people here on KCC. But the thing is, it has nothing to do with how you look, how you live, or who you date. None of that bothers me, at least. No, the problem is that you write self-important dreck like this. I usually end up reading your stuff on the off chance that it will be one of your occasional thought-provoking pieces, but 99% of the time I’m let down because you find a way to make every topic a self-congratulatory piece about yourself. You. Are. Not. That. Interesting.

  8. chuck says:

    Actually, he IS. THAT. INTERESTING.
    JMO, but I love reading all the crazy shit he does now and used to do. Everyone reads Glaze’s stuff and he gets the most comments, so your honor, Prima Facie, he IS fucking interesting.

    Glaze don’t scare me a fuckin bit. I don’t feel insecure, or jealous, or fuckin nothing, I just wanna another crazy story.

    I am only three years older than Glaze, and I love the fact he will NOT GO GENTLY MUTHAFUCKA!!

    So Glaze, keep unapologetically polishing that ego, and sending us missives from the front.

  9. gerald bostock says:

    Charlie Sheen-local chapter
    I don’t know Craig Glazer, so I can’t say that I dislike him. But if these postings are supposed to win readers over, it’s not working. It really comes off as a smaller-wattage version of our boy Carlos Estevez–call him an asshole, his retort is “I get more pussy than you” Call him a self-involved lightweight, his answer is “I went to the Oscars a couple of times;” call him a ridiculous caricature of the Peter Pan complex, and his response is “Look at my hot car.” Maybe if I knew him, I would see a more rounded personality with some positive aspects to counteract the creepiness that pervades the persona he promotes. But based on his writings here, I’d rather read about him than hang out with him

  10. Erinn says:

    probably a nice guy, but
    you are a creepy looking cat. a good personality and physique can help there, but dark rooms are your best bet. Hate to say it, but that fat comic was right, you need to lose the coifed look. Need to draw attention away from your head. Good luck.

  11. Maureen says:

    Craig is Handsome and a Decent Guy
    Here I go again defending you Craig. Well ths photo is just ok, but the guy is handsome, so whoever erinn is, you must be looking in the the mirror at yourself. He writes these stories to get us to look at ourselves, I think, not so much him. Glazer uses himself as example, thats all. Having dated him, he is not that full of himself, he is just not pc. He is a free thinker and maybe thats what has gotten him in and out of trouble. Just so you’ll know the guy has a big heart. Everytime we went out and he saw a needy person on the street he gave them money. I know thats not a biggy, but it slently proved he is a decent sort. There was nobody around and I could tell he meant it. He is involved with helping lots of people, I saw it first hand. Yeah he plays the villian, as he says, but he’s really a pretty good egg. There Craig I cam to your rescue once again. And hey whats wrong with trying to stay young looking, we all do it. I do, I am in my early 30’s.

  12. John Ozggood says:

    Just Pointers
    I kinda agree with Glazer. We all want to extend our lives, why not try looking our best. Not a crime. It makes me want to go the gym. I think I will after eating this pizza.

  13. Markus Aurelius says:

    You are WINNING!
    Must be the tiger blood.

  14. Kellys man says:

    Corwin Is A Great Guy
    Jim Corwin does a super job!

  15. Poor Boy says:

    Some Of Us Want to Age Gracefully
    Craig some of us want to just raise a family and live a normal life. We don’t all want to be superman.

  16. Coo Koo says:

    Glazer You Are A Card
    Glazer you love to get everyone rolling don’t you. I read the Pitch today on Tony. Great story, they need to do a story on you and Hearne. Wonder why you guys weren’t mentioned. Also Tony should have pimped kcconfidential cause he writes on this website as well. Anyways, I like your insight to things, sometimes I agree with you. But you are a pill.

  17. CMac says:

    No easy jokes about his use of Vaseline while in prison? This place is slipping…

  18. Erinn says:

    look at Maureen rocking her JCCC associates psych degree
    That’s fantastic that he gives money to the homeless, is a “free thinker”(whatever that means) and likes to play a villain. it really makes the man. It tells those of us who have not have the pleasure of knowing Craig that does these things to impress ladies of low self esteem. And those individuals with low self esteem tend to flock to someone to tell them they are good enough. Sorry your folks didn’t do a good job. Enjoy the eating disorder.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Wasn’t Tony’s fault.

    The Pitch is an ultra thin-skinned organization – they can dish it out but they totally cannot take it. So when Nadia Pflaum fucked up on Facebook while posing as a neutral reporter on a Power & Light District controversy a year and a half back, I called her on it. Not just me, but a cavalcade of area journalism professors were highly critical of her actions.

    It went down hard.

    So hard that later I happened onto her and some other Pitch writers slamming shots at Lew’s in Waldo shortly. As they left, fellow Pitch reporter Peter Rugg lagged behind, and as he staggered out of the bar he stopped, shouted at me and then threw his drink at me. It was quite a scene. Rugg missed, hitting the waitress and Lew’s owner Andy Lewellen instead.

    Oh and I wrote about it here on KC Confidential, It was an amusing tale, embarrassing for him and the Pitch. I spoke with police but did not press charges.

    Still wondering why Tone didn’t want to give KCC or me any ink?

  20. Maureen says:

    Erinn is Gay
    What the hell are you reading Erinn? I just said he was a good guy, lord! Eating disorder? I doubt you have dated or been with a lady that has my looks and education. I have a fine relationship with my mother and father, thanks for caring. You come off as a gay person, that is nothing to be ahsamed of Erinn, many of my feamle friends and I hang out with gay men. You can join us at Capitol Grill on Thursday nights for cocktail hour. There are many gay men there for you to meet. Look forward to meeting you. I will be the well built blonde with six other gals at the table near the bar. We are all aged 28-32. See ya there Erinn.

  21. Black Barbie says:

    For Once You and Dare Left Me Alone
    Thank you Craig for leaving me alone this week on radio. My Momma said you was cool. That instead some white boy was fuckin with you. See how do you like it Craig. This white bitch Maureen is a tirppin, white mini-blonde ho. Sorry you should not bring your momma into these hom arguments girl.

  22. Coo Koo says:

    How or Whom Do we call to advertise on this site?
    Hearne how does a person buy an ad on this site?

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