Today: Soreal Design to Reopen in Uptown Shoppes

One of the KC’s hippest home furnishings and designer decor depots is mounting a comeback…

Soreal Design – housed in its 1980s and 1990s hey days in the historic Warwick Theatre at 3927 Main – is reopening in  therecently rennovated Uptown Shoppes at 3600 Broadway in midtown. That according to Uptown Theater main man Larry Sells.

"Soreal Design is putting together a co-op for furniture, design and artwork," Sells says. "So we’ll rent 200, 300 and 400 square foot spaces to small up-and-coming dealers. And Soreal is one of the players."

Soreal closed years ago but much of its inventory, including its trademark art deco and pop culture art and furnishings remained in the old theater, as if frozen in time.

Until now…

‘We’ve moved a lot of things over to the Uptown Shoppes," Sells says. "And we have some news things and some old and some used. I guess you could say we have some great stuff that was made before the Age of China. Stuff that was meant to last more than 30 days. Stuff that was made in Europe and America. leather sofas – ones that have springs instead of straps that fall apart. Things made of wood instead of plastic. And we’ll have vintage clothing. I’m going to put some of my Charlie Sheen shirts in there – because I can’t support people that have a bad image – that’s a joke."

Soreal joins new Uptown Shoppes tenants Scott Fitness, Safeway Insurance. Negotiations are also underway with a restaurant and bookstore that also sells vintage records and CDs, Sells says.
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8 Responses to Today: Soreal Design to Reopen in Uptown Shoppes

  1. chuck says:

    Have Sells do something on the Kennedy assasination
    on this blog. Dude is kinda interesting and has unusual ideas.

  2. BarKeeper says:

    This Guy Sells….
    Is he the same guy that had all those projects around 36th and Broadway that never got finished?

  3. smartman says:

    It’s ELECTRIC!
    How about an update on the electric curtain at the Egyptian themed bar next to the Uptown. Larry was all about that a while back. How’s that working out? Oh yeah what about the macrobiotic restuarant he was going to open with the OG Cougar Heidi Van Pelt. The few times I’ve driven by that bar on weekends it looked like a wrap party for Roots. Hasn’t exactly turned out to be the Hemingway-esque place he had planned. More on Larry Sales please. He’s like Harley without all the stream of consciousness and spell check.

  4. chuck says:

    What smartman said.

  5. chuck says:

    Smartman and I are going to kidnap
    Larry, make him drink two pots of coffee, do a couple lines, then prop his eyes open, ala A Clockwork Orange, and show him the Zapgruder film while reading the Warren Commission out loud to him.


  6. smartman says:

    I’m with ya! What’s the frequency Larry?
    Wir werden dich toten, yah!

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, the Conspiracy Room has been up and running for well over a year now and the place looks amazing. It’s mostly a party or event rental and the times I’ve been there the place was packed looked great – lots of King Tut action. They’ve had a few smaller shows on the stage (you know, behind that curtain) and the sound and sight lines are first rate.

  8. Sean /Cummings says:

    Great store
    Hey Larry I gave my daughter that amazing bed I bought for Soreal 20 years ago….Still amazing style. Thanks and good luck Sean Cummings

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