OTC: ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb Goes Live W/ Cop Stop On WHB 810


While ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb was talking with WHB’s Soren Petro March 1st, Gottlieb noticed an Oklahoma State Trooper in his rearview mirror and was forced to pull over. Luckily, Gottlieb’s rental car was equipped with Bluetooth and the entire conversation was captured for the Kansas City audience. Here are some excerpts from Gottlieb’s crime, interrogation and escape.
“Hey, I just got pulled over.”
Doug Gottlieb, in a live on-air interview with Soren Petro Tuesday (3/1/11) afternoon as he was pulled over by an Oklahoma police officer , 810 AM
GH: Gottlieb showed almost no emotion as he relayed this news to Petro and his audience. I got the feeling this happens to Gottlieb about as often as he fills up his gas tank.
“Yeah, I know. I don’t care. The Fighting Illini is not a tourney team?”
Soren Petro, ignoring Gottlieb’s plight and continuing on with his interview, 810 AM
GH: Petro showed even less concern than Gottlieb that a cop’s lights were now flashing in DG’s mirror. Petro continued to pepper Gottlieb with tourney questions as the analyst readied his license for the officer. I mean, The Fighting Illini? I think that question can wait until March 2012.
“For the final (question), can you set the phone up on the dash so we can hear you get interrogated?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Best line of the interview. Petro said it with the same tone he used to ask about the Illini. Brilliant stuff.
“I got a Bluetooth.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
“You gotta what?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro, displaying his Syracuse education and his deep understanding of all things technical (prior to 1996). The next voices we hear belong to the officer and Gottlieb via the car’s Bluetooth speaker. Petro and his staff stayed remarkably silent throughout the entire conversation and we all got to eavesdrop. Here are some pieces of that conversation OTC style.
Cop: “You look familiar. [Officer then looks at Gottlieb’s license) Oh, now I know. Okay. Are you in town visiting?”
GH: Gottlieb isn’t the most handsome ESPN analyst but his schnoz is hard to forget – especially if you’re viewing it profile from the copper’s point of view.
DG: “I’m going to a game in Stillwater.”
GH: Gottlieb gambles here somewhat that this cop is an Oklahoma State fan and not a Sooner fan. Maybe the fact the cop didn’t start wiping his ass with Gottlieb’s license was a tipoff.
Cop: “How’s everything going?”
GH: The cop’s tone immediately changes to a friendly, chatty tone. The kind of tone none of us have ever experienced while sitting in the driver’s seat conversing with a cop through the car window. This guy is definitely a Cowboy and not a Boomer. Score one for Gottlieb.
DG: “It’s going better than since last season.”
Cop: “Hahahaha!”
GH: Gottlieb elicited an energetic and almost schoolboy laugh from the Oklahoma patrolman with this one-liner. Obviously, the Oklahoma cops are easily amused.
Cop: “You were only going like seven-o when I waved to you. … Where do you live now?”
GH: No cop I have ever known has used the word “only” at any point in any conversation with me. That’s MY word!
DG: “Connecticut.”
GH: Translation: Or Russia to an Oklahoman.
Cop: “Do you like it there okay?”
GD: “I’d rather still be here.”
GH: Golden PR move by Gottlieb by dropping the I’d-rather-be-in-Oklahoma-than-that-godforsaken-Connecticut line to the Sooner State Trooper. As Charlie Sheen would say, “Winner!”
Cop: “How’s everything been going with your new job (at ESPN)? How long you been doing it now?”
DG: “Shoot, almost eight years.”
GH: Interesting that Gottlieb would get the word “shoot” into this interrogation since that was not his forte as a point guard at Oklahoma State – nor was wearing his shorts correctly at Allen Fieldhouse. It is also interesting that eight years in Oklahoma still constitutes the usage of the term “new.”
Cop: “I listen to you guys all the time. I know they have you back on there now and then and I enjoy it. My girlfriend’s a diehard OSU fan. I am, but I’m not crazy like her. When OU’s playing and the quarterback goes back to pass she’ll say stuff like, ‘I hope the guy breaks his leg!’ I’m not that (bad).”
GH: This is Oklahoma and despite Gottlieb being a former OSU point guard and a college basketball analyst for ESPN, this cop is talking football. Hell, he might not even know Gottlieb was a basketball player. Maybe he thinks he’s the spring football analyst at ESPN.
DG: “Once you start covering stuff, you’re not that extreme anymore. I actually like Oklahoma now in both basketball and football. I just don’t want them to beat Oklahoma State.”
GH: Translation: “Pay me enough money and I’ll even root for Texas.”
Cop: “I’m the same way. She’s toned it down some but she’s still pretty crazy.”
GH: I dated an Oklahoma State coed once. Let’s just say Charlie Sheen would have liked her.  
Cop: “Nice to see ya! Be careful!”
DG: “Alright.”
GH: And with that, the cop let Gottlieb off to resume his drive to Stillwater.
DG: “There you go, Soren.”
GH: Gottlieb knew he was broadcasting his entire conversation with the cop over 810’s 50,000-watt radio signal and he was brilliant in not letting the cop know or freaking out and cutting the phone connection. This one will live in infamy in sports talk radio.
Soren: “Wow! Wow! Wow!”
Doug Stewart: “Is this the second time you’ve gotten pulled over during one of our segments?”
GH: Gottlieb confirmed this was his second live on-air pullover with the 810 staff. He did not receive a ticket that time either. What we learned – Gottlieb can talk faster than he even drives. And he drives fast.
DG: “In Connecticut no one knows who you are. Whereas you go anywhere else and everybody knows who you are.”
GH: Translation: ESPN’s penetration into the homes of UConn fans is far below the other 49 states. Can we blame that on Lew Perkins too?
DG: “I was a little nervous. I don’t like getting tickets. And people ask me why I want to move back (to Oklahoma). I was speeding technically, but you know…”
GH: Gottlieb never sounded nervous. He sounded more like he was talking to an autograph hound.
DG: “I think we just improved this segment massively with that last little deal.”
Petro: “It was a turd until that point – I’ll be honest with you. That bailed us out.”
GH: Great radio sometimes just happens because it’s live and the people involved recognize when something like this falls into their laps to just run with it instead of away from it. We are all better off for Gottlieb’s and Petro’s sense for what makes good radio.
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11 Responses to OTC: ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb Goes Live W/ Cop Stop On WHB 810

  1. Doug says:

    Okie HWP
    I was lucky enough to hear that live. That was the best 11 minutes of radio this town has heard in years.

  2. Doog says:

    I pray to god that this segment is on the 810 podcast app for iPhone….I can listen to it again and again, yet still remain amazed.

  3. smartman says:

    RU4 REAL
    Great Radio? Holy Shit Gregger get a life! This kinda crap is on TV and the internet in OVER ABUN-DUNCE. It’s not like the G-Man got busted with some weed, blow or a 13 year old girl in his rental sled. Or even that the cop wanted a photo or autograph or some favor. I’ve gotten stopped plenty of times and find that if you’re sober, cooperative and honest you get a pass, celebrity or not. What might have been great is not listening to chubby thighs Pantload Petro for 11 minutes. The fact that ANYONE would think this is/was GREAT RADIO shows how low the bar has been set in KC.

  4. LMAO says:

    Best gh thread EVER.

    I have a rule – DONT GO TO OKLAHOMA. period. JUST DONT GO THERE.

    Hilareous to hear it worked out for him, but he aint me, or you. I dont go there, neither should you.

  5. JimmyD says:

    is one of the last places you wanna be riding “dirty” in! They will make your life a living hell. Much respect for Gottlieb for not getting the ticket. Anytime someone gets over on a cop is a good day. Absolutely good radio!

  6. advisor says:

    Good radio / good thread
    Oh smartwoman, calm down, and go shopping at Walmart, it will make you feel better sweetie. Buy some shoes or a purse or something.

  7. mark x says:

    … agreed, CLASSIC ..

  8. Greg says:

    My experience w/ Oklahoma cops
    GH: It was 1975 and I was driving to Stillwater with a buddy in an oil-burning 1964 Rambler wagon. If we left the back window down we were in dire danger of being gassed by the tailpipe fumes. A cop pulls us over in a two-stop light sized town just after we stopped for gas. We were not only not speeding, we couldn

  9. History says:

    I will not dwell on the personal resaons for not going to Oklahoma, becasue I wont argue the point. It is a rule, dont go tehre, whne you do, and you regret it, juts rememeber I TOLD YOU SO.

    I am supposing the reason Oklahoma is such a fkd place is rooted in the loons who established the state. Does anyone remember how/why/who founded that nut job state? It is not quite the same tale a Boston. Boston has families that go back 10-15 generations.
    As far as Oklahoma??, lets just say, the type of people who took the offer of free land came from no where with nothing to lose, and that was about 2-3 genersations ago. All these goofballs all lined up at the border and YEEEHHAA!!!! LETS GO. Thta is nutty mna, just fkn nuts. The state was founded by loser. Losers from somewhere else, going to bumfuck Ok lahoma to getem some feee land. What kind of heritage is that? What does it breed? It breeds the types of hicks that make Oklahoma a place to NEVER VISIT.

  10. chuck says:

    In Oklahoma, no one can hear you scream.

  11. Oklahoma born says:

    Until you’re here (and can spell??) – just be quiet.
    It is amazing to me about all of the negative comments about Oklahoma from writers who can’t spell basic four letter words. Really???

    There are problems in our state (esp the right wing crazies running the govt) – but all in all, it is filled with a bunch of nice people.

    BTW, I am a fourth generation and my family came here AFTER the land run. What a bunch of nonsense that you guys are spewing…..

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