OTC: Jacob Pullen Working On Becoming K-State Legend


Texas guard Cory Joseph, right, races for the loose ball with Kansas State guard Jacob Pullen during Monday's game in Austin, Texas. K-State won 75-70.  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS“Obviously, this is what legends are made of.”
Stan Weber, commenting on the incredible play of Jacob Pullen over the second half of the Big 12 season, 810 AM
GH: Pullen’s legend hit the national stage last March when he went nuclear in the NCAA tourney. Everyone who saw Pullen exchange missiles with Xavier’s Jordan Crawford in the Cats’ 101-96 OT win in the Sweet 16 knew The Beard was someone to be feared. It is a large reason why he was a preseason All-American. He then played poorly against Duke in November and his season spiraled with bad losses, team drama and an ugly suspension. Then Pullen got a fortuitous bounce in the lane at Iowa State and hit a game-winning lay-up that began K-State’s season revival. Is Pullen a legend? He sure as hell looks like one. Read on.
“We’ve watched this (Kansas State) team be very mercurial and that’s because Jacob Pullen has been mercurial.”
Fran Fraschilla, college basketball TV analyst, 810 AM
“Unreal! Absolutely unreal what this team has done over the last month and a half.”
Nick Wright, on Kansas State turning their season around, 610 AM
GH: Dead. Buried. Lucky if they make the NIT. Anyone with a basketball IQ in double digits knew K-State was a mess and done on February 1st. One month later people are whispering they could win the Big 12 tourney and grab a three or four seed – even with nine losses. They are that torrid. They are that good of a story. Hell, they are simply playing that good.
“K-State is very happy (to be down only two at half) because Pullen can take this game over in the second half.”
Digger Phelps, ESPN
GH: When Phelps made this comment Pullen had four points. Digger’s words could not have been more prophetic. Pullen scored 20 points for the game and time after time led the Wildcats through, around and past the tall Texans.
“He’s about as good as there is at stepping back and hitting a shot from three-point range.”
Bob Knight, on Pullen, ESPN
“If he’s the leading scorer in the conference and he’s the best defender, how can you even consider anybody else (for Big 12 Player of the Year)? It’s dumb! It’s over! It’s got to be Jacob Pullen.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Pullen’s Cats started 1-4 in the conference and his shooting percentage and overall play was not POTY caliber. All that changed in February. Is it enough to take the award from KU’s Marcus Morris? It will be very interesting to see what happens.
“Just because he stepped back in and played last night (after his injury) is no indication to me of what’s going on there. The adrenaline kicks in.”
Stan Weber, on the severity of Pullen’s injured hand, 810 AM
GH: Frank Martin has reportedly said the x-rays of Pullen’s right hand and wrist came back negative. Just in case you’re Doc Sadler (or not the sharpest tool in the shed), that’s a good thing.
“I think we play inside, don’t we? I don’t think altitude affects you if you’re inside the building. Altitude’s something I think just affects people outside the building.”
Doc Sadler, Nebraska basketball coach, when asked how he viewed the altitude factor in Boulder, 810 AM
GH: Doc sounded serious. I’m not positive he wasn’t pulling the reporter’s leg but it sure didn’t sound like it. Let’s hope Doc stays away from teaching any classes on gravity at Big 10 Nebraska.
“I think (Rodney) McGruder has to be in there with the second-team All-Big 12 team. He is that good.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: We are starting to see that K-State has a couple of pieces in place for next season’s team in McGruder and Jordan Henriquez-Roberts. It will be interesting to see if Dalonte Hill brings in some help for those two to keep things interesting inside Bramlage for the new Big 12.  
“Terrific run in Feb. for K-State. Cats go 7-1 with wins over KU, MU and Texas. Rest my case for Frank Martin as Big 12 Coach of the Year.”
Jack Harry, Twitter
GH: It appears Jack Harry has drunk the purple Kool-Aid and is now under the spell of the charming yet wicked Frank Martin. Martin’s team had a great run in February but we are talking about a team that was picked to win the conference and also rated preseason top-five national. So how does Martin, who might be able to finish fourth in the conference, rate COTY? Martin winked at him and Harry fainted. Read on.
“Frank Martin wired for sound tonight. Classic stuff. We had to so some judicious editing if you know what I mean. He’s great to deal with.”
Jack Harry, promoting a segment on his TV 41 sportscast, Twitter
GH: Frank plays the media like they were girls in a high school study hall and far too many of them play their roles to perfection. Frank is great to deal with? Since when? Earlier this month the guy refused to answer tough, legit questions about Curtis Kelly and his program and then stormed out of the presser. If Todd Haley had acted like Frank Martin did to the media, Harry would be cranking up his Jack-in-the-Box theme music to tee off on him instead of promoting him for COTY.
“West Virginia is like Kansas State – they’re going to get into the tournament but I don’t know how much damage they can do.”
Fran Fraschilla, college basketball TV analyst, 810 AM
GH: Yes, there are still some nonbelievers out there.
“Kansas State’s basketball team is the only local team I root against – and that’s because of Frank Martin. … I’m not apologizing to Frank Martin. That’s not coming until he shapes up on the sideline.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Martin is stubborn enough to he think his obnoxious sideline behavior doesn’t need adjusting. And no one at K-State appears to have the balls to adjust it for him.
“I think Turgeon’s done the best coaching job but Self will be the (Big 12) coach of the year.”
Doug Gottlieb, ESPN basketball analyst, 810 AM
GH: The job Tad Boyle has done at Colorado is pretty notable as well. But you have to give it to Self if he closes with his seventh consecutive Big 12 title. What an incredible, incredible feat.
“Why does Kansas State own Texas in both football and basketball? It is just uncanny and ridiculous! For all this talk that there’s not enough parity in this league, K-State is doing its part!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Sometimes it is best to simply enjoy the gift rather than attempt to understand and ask why. Ron Prince is the guy who started the Cats’ run against Texas so it may be the result of a secret agreement.
“I hate hearing, ‘My bad.’ That’s become one of my pet peeves.”
Bob Knight, ESPN
GH: “Hey Knight! My bad.”
“And right now (Alec) Burks is my vote for Big 12 Player of the Year.”
Mike DeArmond, Twitter
GH: Colorado’s Burks is deserving but he won’t win it due to the Beebe effect. Marcus Morris has this one all but wrapped in a bow.
“Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter who gets injured (at Kansas) or who Bill Self suspends, they have great depth.”
Fran Fraschilla, college basketball TV analyst, 810 AM
“Missouri coach Mike Anderson is the most logical first call for Arkansas if, as widely speculated, it makes a change. Anderson, who was Nolan Richardson’s longtime right-hand man in Fayetteville, has turned down big money before; like last year with Oregon reportedly offering in excess of $2 million dollars. But Arkansas is seen as a destination job.”
Doug Gottlieb, ESPN
GH: Let’s look at this from Anderson’s viewpoint. 1) Arkansas has a first-class facility with a rabid basketball fan base. 2) SEC hoops have been much softer than the Big 12, although Kentucky and Florida can’t stay down forever. 3) Mizzou’s fever for basketball continues to suffer from QuinSnyderitis. I hear lots of excuses for all those empty seats at Mizzou Arena but the TV screen doesn’t lie. Anderson has to feel a bit unloved at Mizzou and a move back to Arkansas might make a lot of sense to him. From Mizzou’s viewpoint, Anderson is a classy guy who has elevated the program but not come all that close to recruiting the kind of talent to challenge for a Big 12 conference title – and while Tiger fans like and respect him, they don’t love him.
“KU has whipped us so many times since I’ve been here it wears me out. I’m four years into the (Texas A&M) job now. It’s totally different now. It’s just another game.”
Mark Turgeon, when asked about coming back to Allen Fieldhouse where he was played, 810 AM
“I just saw King’s Speech. It was DEAD ON!!! I taught myself all of the strategies that King George VI learned in the movie. If I have followers who stutter. Have faith!! Things will get better. Someday, somehow find Confidence in your thoughts, the words will Follow fluidly.”
Kim English, Mizzou senior, who also had to overcome being a stutterer, Twitter
GregHall24@yahoo.com an Twitter / greghall24
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13 Responses to OTC: Jacob Pullen Working On Becoming K-State Legend

  1. John says:

    Most misirable sports towns…Forbes magazine.
    No. 7 Kansas City
    Teams: Chiefs, Royals, Kings, Scouts
    Championship round record: 3-2
    Semifinal round record: 5-6
    Total Seasons/championships: 118/3
    Last title: 1985

    Admit it; just reading the words “Kansas City” induces glazed eyes and the sudden need for a nap. The NBA and NHL both skipped town, and the city’s sports postseason history is mostly defined by George Brett’s Royals falling just short against the Yankees. Kansas City built the Sprint Center, but no one has come.

  2. good on ksu says:

    good on them
    very very nice last night ksu, thank you 🙂
    as far as mu tonight?? the ywil LOSE as usual… fking losers that they are…… hahahaha mu sucks so hard they make Heidi Fliess look like a school girl, mu is so used to being the loser beatches, mu loves taking it up the ass from charlie sheen. fk mu fk duke fk texas. GO UCLA GO KU ….fk mu those bigmouth but always losing coksukces .fk them and every mu fan, you all suck, mu is nothing but a bunch of droopy eyed armelss children .GO NEBRASKA!!! HAVE FUN KICKING mu little pussy asses

  3. Charlie Sheen says:

    and, of course, they lose, again
    not to rub it in, or anything, but mu sucks.
    mu is is a loser school with loser fans who breed the loser mentality.
    mu could not even take care of business at Nebraska tonight, thsoe losers could kick Nebraska out of the big 12 in style, nope, leave to mu loser to lose,again, of course becasue that is what mu losers so so well, lose.

    Did I mention what a bunch mouthy trash talking losers misery fans are?… which then obligates others to trash talk them back, put them in their loser place… maybe someday mu morons might develop some class, but I doubt. why? becasue they are losers, they always have been losers, they always will be losers.

    misery home of losers.

  4. smartman says:

    I have farts that are more legendary than Jacob Pullen. At my 30 year HS reunion people still remembered the bomb that cleared out Sociology class. In 30 years not too many people will be talking about Pullen’s end of season run from 2011. At my 60 year reunion my SBD will still be talked about. Frank Martin is a Sonny Corleone wanna be. He’ll get whacked and will NEVER be THE GODFATHER. He’s further from being a championship winning coach than Marty Schottenheimer. KU is like Target,
    K State is like Walmart. MU is like Sears. That’s so true it’s sad and doesn’t even require a punchline for effect. Bad things happen in three’s. DiPardo, Griggs….who’s gonna be in the 3 slot?

  5. Man says:

    too much shopping? or not enough?
    KU is like Target?
    What the fuck does that even mean?
    KU is about to win its SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE BIG 12 TITLE. All the naysaying idiots can blab all they want, but that is a FACT, and that is very impressive stat.

    and…. Talk all you want to about KC sucking as sports town, just thank goodness we have the Jayhawks to keep us entertained.

    I am now thing smartman may be a smart woman, with all the shopping comparisons, which do not even make sense. Please laeve sports to the men.

  6. Ptolemy says:

    Pullen and Texas-punking
    Actually LHCBS started KState’s domination over Texas, smacking Ricky Williams and Matthew McConahay in the mouth in Austin.

    Exactly what stat do you think gives Marcus Morris the edge in POY race?

    Pullen leads the league in scoring.

    Morris leads the league in Field Goal %.

    After that, Pullen is ahead of Morris in: Assists, Free Throw %, Steals, 3-pt Fiald Goal %, 3-pt field goals made, and Assist/Turnover Ratio.

    Morris is ahead of Pullen only in Rebounds and Defensive Rebounds.

    Markieff leads in more categories than Marcus does. I think you are counting them together.

    Pullen is hands-down Big 12 Player of the Year.

  7. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I am suh suh suh suh…so ha-haaaaa-happy f f f f f f for Kim Eng….Eng….Eng….Eng…Kim English

  8. STATS says:

    “Exactly what stat do you think gives Marcus Morris the edge in POY race”
    The most important stat,-TEAM WINS.

    KU 27-2 / 12-2
    ksu 21-9 / 9-6

  9. bschloz says:

    the beard is back
    Hello March…St.Pattys…Tourney…Royals..Big 12…easy parlay.
    There about 20 Teams that can win the Title.
    Really like Mcgruders game also like Jordan Henriquez-Roberts (plus I wanted to write his name one time).
    Big 12 should make some noise in tourney.
    Greg I’m playing your pool this year.

  10. mark x says:

    Finally …
    After 35 years of following college basketball, I finally agree with Bobby Knight about something:

  11. Gabba Gabba Hey says:

    Yes sir, give that man a prize, there are about 10 teams favored to win the March dance off, another 10 that could win, and maybe 5 more that could luck it out. The NCAA tourny is as good as it gets as far as picking a national champion, unlike the stupid ass BCS nonsense.

    It takes all the skill and even more luck. Not only do you have to beat the refs and the other team, you also have to beat the bracket location, and the unbalanced method of placing teams. IT IS CRAZY, IT IS FUN, IT IS THE BEST!!!!

    Whomever wins it, deserves it, GO MARCH MADNESS!!! GO!!!

  12. JimmyD says:

    Jake cemented his legacy last year going shot for shot with Crawford and going for 34 against BYU while holding the golden boy Jimmer to 4-13 shooting.

  13. Greg Hall says:

    GH: b, You’ll love it. I’ve put together an 8-person draft for what I call my NCAA Basketball Extravaganza for over 30 years. Each participant drafts eight teams from the field of 64 and follows them throughout the tourney. We have adjusted the draft to allow for the four additional teams in that you draft two teams for the price of one when it comes to the play-in games. I’ll post complete rules next week for anyone interested.

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