STARBEAMS: KC Auto Show; Arkansas Earthquake and KFC Chicken Run

You know the economy is struggling when most people attending this week’s auto show will have to hitchhike.


Greenbrier, Arkansas registered a 4.7 earthquake Monday morning. That’s connected to the New Madrid Fault line and was the biggest quake they’ve felt since 1969.

It was strong enough to knock several cousins off each other.

Last week we told you about the guy who went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru in Overland Park and when he arrived home, he found a deposit bag full of money in his KFC bag.

This morning I went to the bank to withdraw everything in my savings account and they gave me a bucket of KFC extra crispy.
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2 Responses to STARBEAMS: KC Auto Show; Arkansas Earthquake and KFC Chicken Run

  1. bjayhawk says:

    Not funny and not smart = bad combination
    Really? I thought this site was supposed to be either edgy or smart — the above is neither by a longshot. What?….am I reading Highlights?

  2. Brian says:

    Not funny, just plain stupid
    Mr. Urich’s attempt at comedy is so poor. It is not funny at all. In fact it really is stupid. Between him and Mr. Glazer this site is struggling to keep my attention. Thanks to Greg Hall who regularly posts good columns that I enjoy very much.

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