Glazer: An Era Nears Its End With Death Of Bill Grigsby

He was a Kansas City star…

Broadcaster Bill Grigsby will be missed by, well everyone. Starting with me. I knew Bill when I was a kid, even before he hosted the Otis Taylor HALL OF FAME push at Stanfords in Westport with Len Dawson in 2003.  Yes, I saw Billy boy at radio stations doing commercials until about a year ago when he just couldn’t do it anymore. What a guy’s guy, what a fun, funny man.

Who didn’t love Bill Grigsby?

We all have stories about this colorful man, many of which probably shouldn’t be told at this point.
But just to get right to the point, Grigs was a LADIES MAN to no end.

Women loved him and boy he loved them. Nobody, and I mean nobody, well maybe Buck O’Neil, on the senior circuit could get away with the naughty lines and the often foul content of the jokes’ Billy dished out.


Hey, the guy loved to have a cocktail or 10. Kinda like he was Kansas City’s Dean Martin character. You heard him on the air with HIS BELOVED LEONARD (Dawson). God, he loved Lenny. And make no mistake Grigsby was a late night hit wherever he went. Billy must have hosted several thousand shows.

What’s more, Bill Grigsby did every Chiefs pep rally I ever promoted.

At least 10 with all the playoffs. And he never asked for a dime. He loved it! He came to Stanford’s often for charity events or just to be in the midst of the fun. And no, I’m not talking about the late night dance club.

I think Grigsby was Len Dawson’s only true love outside the game, at least Len acted that way.

Both men used to eat dinner with my father, Stan in the late 60’s and 70’s. Lenny hung out a lot until his most recent marriage. And every time I ran into Bill Grigsby he had a smile and was upbeat. Even when the Chiefs stunk.

Nobody – and I mean nobody – loved this town like Bill Grigsby.

We should all try and live our lives in some ways as he did. I used to do the Mike Murphy Show with Bill, Len and Mike. I was the youngster and they loved to talk about the old KC of the 50’s, when Kansas City actually mattered.  The Playboy Club, a real Downtown, the old Jasper’s on Wornall Road, Gaetano‘s, Jess and Jim’s steakhouse, the then BRAND NEW HOT SPOT, PLAZA III on the PLAZA and THE NIGHTCLUB HOT NIGHT SPOT ON THE PLAZA, THE END ZONE

Those were their halcyon days – ladies, cocktails and Super Bowls. No more.
I just can’t say enough fun things about this man. He was, well, one of a kind.

God love you Billy Boy, you were the best of us.

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11 Responses to Glazer: An Era Nears Its End With Death Of Bill Grigsby

  1. KU Fan says:

    Very Nice Glazer
    Bill was wonderful. I enjoyed him. Sweet post Craig.

  2. Football Fan says:

    Miss You Bill
    The Chiefs will never be the same on air without “Its a Beautiful Day”, he was the greatest. Good story.

  3. bschloz says:

    HOF Broadcaster
    Nice post— KC guy all the way.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Along with the late Harold Ensley ‘The Sportsman’s Friend’, Bill Grigsby was a most memorable figure media history Kansas City… R.I.P

    Stram, Hunt, DiPardo, Grigsby… all gone now. Who’s next, Toma? Lenny? Rest the 1960’s & with it boys of yesteryear who brought KC it’s to this day still greatest moment in history?

    Personally, I’d like to hear what sentiments to share another old-timer, Tom Hedrick – greatest Chiefs play-by-play man in history & one whom Grigsby ably paired with as greatest voice tandem in club history…

  5. newbaum turk says:

    Several years ago (10?) Grigsby was talking about his Mountain Valley Spring water on air during a Chiefs game to which Lenny Dawson replied “The only water in that drink is the melted ice.” It cracked me up. I always felt Greg Hall got the shaft for saying something about Grisby’s drinking when everyone knew it was true.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    Captaaaaain Deeeeees!
    Praaaaaice Chopppppperrrrrr! I know his career was volumes more than those ads but he put passion into everything. Even discount grocers and fast seafood.

    We need more characters in this town. We need more guys that can dish it out with the best of them and take it too. We need more guys that hang em out there.

    The guys out front now are worried about their metrosexual existence, and if they will offend the chamber of commerce.

    Grigs was awesome!

  7. smartman says:

    I’ll Drink To That
    No one could make me change stations faster. The over the top BEAUTIFUL, the growling Price Chopper, et al, were simply painful and annoying. 101 KCFX was banished from my FM channel selections years ago.

    Comparing Grigs to Dean Martin? That’ll give you octomom quality stretch marks.

    Grigs was no Harry Caray.

    The fact that The Star rolled JOPO out for their send off, in my opinion, speaks volumes that most won’t understand.

    Anyone’s passing is a sad event and my prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.

    Hold onto those memories of KC’s better days. Much like the Roman Empire our BEST days are behind us. Poor schools, morons posing as civic leaders that don’t or can’t lead have doomed us to at least another two decades before we can begin to return to greatness. And before that time is up we’ll need another new arena so we can attract an NBA or NHL franchise.

  8. Morey says:

    He Was A Kansas City Man For All Seasons
    Craig good to see you have a warm heart. He was such a fun person, as you said, always up, never down. Not many like that guy. My best to his family.

  9. Big Brother says:

    Things Will Never BE AS GOOD
    Those were the days folks. When OUR city was on the move upward. No longer. Lenny,Grigsy,Stram,Wheeler, The Plaza,Westport,George Brett, Tom Watson, man those were the days.

  10. Mike says:

    Nice analogy…
    I had never thought of that one until you mentioned it, but you’re right:

    Ol’ Grigs was this town’s Dean Martin. He seemed to personify the role of KC’s social chair/emcee better than most anyone else in town.

    Very good comparison.

    And Grigsby was possibly the only person on earth that could make you not feel totally shitty after a Chiefs’ playoff loss in the 90’s. I remember after the ’95 playoff loss especially, he went on a quick message before the broadcast wrapped to not go home and kick the dog, that tomorrow would be a ‘beeeaaauuuuuuteeefull day’.

    We’ll miss ya, Grigs.

  11. Rocko says:

    he copped “BEEEYOOOUTIFUL” catchphrase from Jimmy Breslin
    New York columnist, personality & mayoral candidate.

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