Today: How KC’s Mayor’s Race Played Out & What’s Next for Dirty Tricksters

One of KC’s most influential business and civic leaders handicapped Tuesday’s mayoral contest for KCC…

And as some of you have noted, he didn’t quite get it right.

"Maybe your civic heavy hitter would like to weigh in on the chances of the Royals winning a World Series and the Chiefs getting into the Super Bowl!" cracked BarKeeper in the comments section. "Maybe sports is his strong suit, ’cause politics ain’t."

So, as promised, let’s take that trip back to the Horse’s Mouth and check out The Explanation.

"What happened was Mike Burke beat Deb Hermann up north worse than I thought he would," he says. "Mike Sanders had endorsed Hermann and (longtime political kingmaker) Jim Nutter gave her his financial support. And I thought that would translate into something more than it did. And Jim Rowland got nothing out of Freedom. You pay for that endorsement but it was worth nothing. So if you take what I missed on those two and add their votes into the other candidates – Burke and Sly James – that’s where I went wrong."

Other than those two surprises, the published forecast measured up pretty well; Klein got his 1 percent. Rowland got 13 versus a predicted 15. Funk got 21 versus 23. And Wheeler got 1 instead of 2.

The civic leader’s overview of the primary:

"I’ve got mixed emotions about Funkhouser," he says. "I kinda wished that he’d faced Burke – it would have been a more fun race to watch. But on the other hand, it was fun watching him get his ass handed to him.

With the candidates vowing to take the high road, what’s will happen with dirty tricksters like Steve Glorioso, Pat Gray and Jeff Roe where the mayor’s race is concerned?

"Somebody will get involved but these are both good guys. Kansas City totally won Tuesday night. I think you’ll see a very clean campaign. I agree that it’s hard to tell these two apart but I don’t think you’ll see anything except a very positive, issue-oriented campaign. They’re both smart guys."
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2 Responses to Today: How KC’s Mayor’s Race Played Out & What’s Next for Dirty Tricksters

  1. craig glazer says:

    One Guy Had it Right, ME
    Good article, but one guy, your man, had it right all along. When you need to know who will the race or the game, come see the King of Sting.

  2. Tracy Thomas says:

    This just in: Sly James will REFUSE to hire Jeff Roe–OR Gra
    His campaign confirmed it. Good for Sly. He’s not a bottom feeder or negative campaigner.
    Except for the racists up north who voted for Funk, most of Funk’s 21% will move over to Sly James, and not Mike Burke.
    PS–full disclosure, I gave Burke, a fellow Centurion, $100 in the primary. But now I am not backing him.

    Gray is busy fighting NOBODY on the E-tax. And how rich is KC that instead of having the E-tax vote the same time as the Mayor/Council General Election on March 22, they are making the election board run ANOTHER SEPARATE ELECTION, exactly 14 days later, April 5 on the E-tax.

    And people wonder why government spends so much taxpayer money…

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