STARBEAMS: KC Crime Down; Union Station Up; Royals Down

Violent crime in Kansas City dropped drastically last year. Rape was down 19%. Robbery was down 19%. Assault was down 12%.The drop in crime was more than double the national average. This coincides with the year I started writing for KCCONFIDENTIAL.COM.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Union Station finished 2010 with a $4 million surplus. About half of that money came from donations.

The other half came from me paying parking tickets.




Two-time All-Star and Kansas City reliever Joakim Soria Tweeted he doesn’t like to be called the Mexicutioner. He said, "How about we change my nickname to something more positive? In support to Mexico to stop all the violence!!!"


#5. The Bullpen Kingpin

#4. The 9th inning Mexi-Meltdown

#3. The Ricky Martin of ball control

#2. NACHO average closer

#1. Que Pasa KC

Things are looking bad at Kauffman Stadium this year. Instead of singing "Friends in Low Places" during seventh inning stretch, this year everyone will sing "Unanswered Prayers."

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