OTC: Pullen Spanks Huskers Despite Manic Martin


Kansas State's Curtis Kelly, right, shoots over Nebraska's Jorge Brian Diaz during Wednesday's game in Lincoln, Neb. K-State won 61-57.  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS“Biggest bubble winner last night besides Cincy was K State. Important road win at Nebraska. At least someone wants to play in this tourney.”
Seth Davis, Twitter
GH: Is Kansas State still a bubble team in Seth Davis’ eyes? Jacob Pullen is doing everything he can to avoid playing in the NIT. Read on.
“Pullen and the Wildcats have their groove back. They look like the team that was ranked preseason top five and a team that could be a load in the NCAAs. A Final Four team? Who knows? Don’t pass on them in your pool.”
Tom Shatel, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: I’m not quite as sold on K-State as a deep-run tourney team. But I am definitely sold on Jacob Pullen as a resurgent player who is as hot now as he was last March in the NCAA tourney. Pullen has had one very dramatic senior season…that is far from over.
“I don’t think we can guard any better than we did.”
Doc Sadler, on Nebraska giving up 27 points to Pullen, Omaha World Herald
GH: Pullen at times appears to be un-guardable. He drives and finishes as well as anyone in the college game and when he is on from deep, as he’s been the past three weeks, he is a one-man offensive highlight package. I’m not so sure he still can’t be named an All-American if he continues to scare 30 a game.
“I don’t think anyone has been criticized more in the history of college basketball than (Pullen). I’m glad that he’s playing the way he is and our team is succeeding.”
Frank Martin, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Has Frank ever heard of a kid named Wally Judge? Frank is a drama queen. Pullen has earned what criticism he’s received. He played poorly as a preseason All-American the first month of the season and his team underperformed. He was then suspended for three games in his senior season for a dumb shoplifting stunt. Those things don’t disappear just because Pullen finds his jumper.
“The further they get away from Bob Huggins, the less talent there is. Let’s just call it the way it is. You’ve got to be scratching your head saying is the run about to end? Looking ahead, Pullen is gone. You better start finding some players.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Frank isn’t paying Dalonte Hill $500K for his in-game input. I am concerned though that the three players who left the program in the past year (and Martin’s volatile coaching style) will have a negative effect on attracting recruits.
“While (K-State’s) assistant coach Brad Underwood pulled Martin back to the bench, Nebraska’s Brandon Richardson stepped to the line a drained both free throws, followed by two more from Brandon Ubel that pulled the Huskers within 48-47.”
Austin Meek, columnist, on Martin getting whistled for a technical foul with under six minutes left in Lincoln, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Meek and I must have seen a different game. Underwood didn’t pull Martin anywhere. He tried to calm the K-State head coach down but got a vicious dose of in-your-face venom from Martin that he typically reserves for his players. It was uncomfortably ugly – and stupid. Read on.
“K-State led by five with 5:26 to play and appeared on the verge of taking control when a technical foul on coach Frank Martin did what Nebraska’s offense couldn’t — ignite the crowd.”
Brian Rosenthal, writer, Lincoln Journal-Star
“Um, Frank Martin. Horrible coaching job there. Simply horrible to get a technical in that situation. Wow.”
Steven Sipple, columnist for Lincoln Journal-Star, Twitter
“Frank Martin went berserk — even for him. I thought he was going to hit his assistant coach. He said, ‘Get your f-ing hands off me!’ It was embarrassing. I’m sure it was embarrassing for Kansas State fans as well. I don’t give a damn how (gracious) he is off the court. What matters is what he does under the heading of his title as head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Few if any members of the media have taken as strong a stance against Martin’s antics as Shariff. I have no idea why he is alone in this. There is no defense for Martin’s in-game and on-court deportment. Bo Pelini acted like an ass when he very publicly verbally assaulted his freshman quarterback on the A&M sideline. Rumors flew that Taylor Martinez and his dad were ready to leave Nebraska over the incident. Martin pulls the same stunt 10 times each game and almost no one blinks. Kansas State deserves better even if they don’t think they do.
“Some nitwit got a technical foul and created a difficult situation. But I was proud of our guys.”
Frank Martin, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Frank is great at making a joke after the fact and avoiding the problem. And the media appears to be content to allow him to do it.
“From where they were with the suspensions and disarray, we were at the point of joking about K-State. Where you have to give a lot of credit to Jacob Pullen, you have to give a lot of credit to Frank Martin. At 1-4 who thought they could play themselves back to the top four (in the Big 12)?”
Soren Petro, who said Martin deserves consideration for Big 12 coach of the year, 810 AM
GH: Sometimes the biggest rats get the most cheese.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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11 Responses to OTC: Pullen Spanks Huskers Despite Manic Martin

  1. Jip says:

    Eric Chenowith was criticized way more than Jacob Pullen is. Not even close.

  2. MrOlathe says:

    That’s the first name that came to mind.

  3. Johnny Utah says:

    bad coach
    Martin just isn’t that good of a game coach. with 30 seconds left, up by 2 and one timeout left, pullen had the ball, with about 25 on the shot clock. that’s where you want the ball. instead, Frank calls a timeout, which allows the corn to double pullen on the inbounds pass. Freshman throws it into 50% FT shooting center, who is quickly fouled, and makes one of two. and the last 30 seconds drag out further, unnecessarily.

    Just because you have time outs doesn’t mean you should use them. It’s like Martin called it, and then tried to come up with a strategy. Have a strategy from the beginning!

  4. nick says:

    Kudos to Shan Shariff. I’ve always been stunned that his antics haven’t gotten more negative pub. Martin’s an ESPN sideshow….they have implemented the corner coaches box exclusively for him. There are MANY times a game he goes berserko and angrily screams vulgar names at his players and assistants. I don’t know how any K-State fan can’t be embarrassed by some of his behavior.

    Pullen’s been unreal of late. Doubt he can keep it up, but if he does, K-State can make a little NCAA run.

  5. harley says:

    who cares about k state…a do nothing bball program and a floundering
    football program.
    Watch the tigers…played incredible last night…best game of year…
    and watchvfor them to go deep into ncaa tournament.
    they won’t beat ku but they are a top 15 team…

  6. JimmyD says:

    Jevon Crudup
    was criticized pretty bad also. He and Chenowith both peaked their freshman years.

    Frank Martin realizes he’s a coach and an entertainer. Do you think Bobby Knight has his current gig because of his announce skills? He did win lots of games and championships although whenever I hear his name the first thing I think of is a chair

  7. JimmyD says:

    Jevon Crudup
    was criticized pretty bad also. He and Chenowith both peaked their freshman years.

    Frank Martin realizes he’s a coach and an entertainer. Do you think Bobby Knight has his current gig because of his announce skills? He did win lots of games and championships although whenever I hear his name the first thing I think of is a chair

  8. MoCrash says:

    Remember the Band Aid Man?
    Fans and the media gave Missouri’s Derrick Chevious far more grief than what Pullen has received, and there were few sports talk radio shows and no internet back then.

    One wonders when Frank Martin will throw his first chair across the court.

  9. dp says:

    That T was stupid and no doubt Frank needs to improve his in-game coaching/X and O decision making. That being said, I’d take him over any coach in the conference not named Self or Barnes. And don’t give me Anderson…he isn’t sh-t without his nephew or his college roommates’ kids. This will be Frank’s worst finish in the conference since he got to K-State…5th. Few coaches can say that. Pretty sure they have had a bye in the Big XII tournament for about 5 years in a row. Don’t think anybody but KU can say that. Is Frank perfect? Far from it, but those who dog him have no memory for anything that happened longer than 2 minutes ago. K-State was pretty much a joke for 20-25 years. Like it or not KU and MU homers, they matter and are relevant now because of what Huggy started and Martin has and is continuing to do.

  10. Ptolemy says:

    Frank vs. Bo
    The difference between Pelini and Martin is Frank yells at everyone. Pelini is selective. Everyone points to the T-Magic (sorry but you guys started that one, so you’re stuck with it) incident because other than the officials in the A+M game, that’s all they have to point to and everyone berates the officials. Martin does his schtick so many times, he gets a pass. Watch his players’ faces when he goes off on them — they pretend like he’s not saying anything.

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Frank the Wanker
    Frank Martin will get crucified next season. His team is going to be so bad Texas Tech and Iowa State may sweep them. Just like earlier this year when K-State was losing game after game and Frank just sat there on the bench packing it in, he’ll self-neuter himself next year and blame it all on his team’s “lack of leadership” and try to be cute in press conferences instead of looking at his abysmal job of recruiting. The Bob Huggins train of leftovers has almost left the station and once it’s gone, Frank’s ride will be over.

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