Jack Goes Confidential: Farrelly Brothers’ ‘HALL PASS’ Pushes (Funny) Envelope!

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from the Farrelly Brothers—the original pull-out-all-the stops writing, producing and directing team that hit it big with the cult classic THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.
And how can we forget DUMB AND DUMBER?
Well, they’re back and this time with NO Filters!
In their latest over the top outing, HALL PASS, they team Owen Wilson with Kansas City’s Jason Sudeikis.
The pair play best friends with plenty in common and now pretty well past their days of wedded bliss.

But they’re convinced that IF they were single, they’d be able to pick up any woman they come in contact with.
Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate play their wives who now decide to prove to them that they’ve actually got it pretty good at home. But if the boys are so hot to trot they’ll grant them a one week HALL PASS!
Translation: 7 days to do whatever they want with whomever they come up with—no questions asked!
To say its nirvana for the guys would be an understatement as they head to such sure fire pick-up emporiums as Applebees. OK, so that wasn’t the best place to score. How about the Olive Garden?
Suffice it to say, the boys quickly find out that living the single life again isn’t all they remember it to be and that they’re totally out of sync with reality.

The fact that the wives are now having some spicy fun of their own when they come across a vacationing college baseball team doesn’t help the boys’ single life fantasy either.
HALL PASS contains 3 scenes that’ll be the talk around the water cooler.
The first has Sudeikis spanking the monkey in his car—in front of his house—when a police patrol surprises him.
Second—Double frontal male nudity in a scene you’ve got to see to believe. (And no they’re not Jason and Owen’s packages.)
The third—No, I can’t give this one away. But here’s a hint!

It goes BEYOND pushing the envelope and makes the hair gel scene in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY seem tame by comparison.
But not to worry, the movie does provide a happy ending for all. More so for the gals.
Speaking of happy endings, please don’t leave the theatre auditorium when the credits begin to roll!

The comedy continues for about another 90 seconds INTO the end credits.
Half of our screening audience stopped dead in their tracks. SO STAY IN YOUR SEATS!
Biggest problem with the film: the audience’s loud laughter throughout often drowns out funny follow-up lines.
"We’ll have to go back and see it again to hear what we missed" was overheard by this reviewer from several attendees as they left the theater.
The Farrelly brothers’ HALL PASS scores 3-1/2 out of 5 rigid fingers and opens this weekend citywide.
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  1. jon says:

    Saw Hall Pass last night and agree that it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in ages. Leave it to the Farrelly’s to get the most out of a turbo sh** scene.

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