Hearne: Star Stumbles, Puts Pirate Broadway Grease Gear On Sale

It’s no secret that times are tough at 18th and Grand…

Anything and everything is for sale these days for a price. Sunday comics, business listings, death notices. But there are limits, as the newspaper learned today the hard way after KC Confidential noticed it was hawking merchandise festooned with photos purloined from Broadway Across America’s production of "Grease" at the Music Hall.

The Star posted a dozen photographs taken opening night at the musical by photographer Allison Long. Ostensibly to run with its review of the show. But an advisory invited readers to purchase everything from photos,  and coffee mugs to t-shirts and mouse pads – even a "keepsake box" for anywhere from $8.50 to $89.95.

A move placed the Star into competition with the play’s merchandise and souvenir sales.

"Where is it being advertised for sale?" a rep for theater company asked after KCC‘s inquiry.

"You mean they sell those pictures?" a stunned Theater League head Mark Edelman asked. "I don’t think they can do that – they can’t do that. I’ve never heard of that. As an attorney, I can promise you if they did that with ‘Wicked’ they would be in serious trouble."

Eight hours later – presumably after a scolding – the Star pulled its offer to sell the purloined Grease pics merch.

"Apparently someone forgot to check a box on the website – you know how that goes – and these pics ended up on the merch site," Edelman reports. "It’s been corrected."

Something about the Star‘s policy being to only use the photos to accompany news stories.

Leaving the question of how many readers bought the Grease gear – like I did – stopping just short of completing the transaction.

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9 Responses to Hearne: Star Stumbles, Puts Pirate Broadway Grease Gear On Sale

  1. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    Jr. Strikes Again

    In case you don’t already know it, mistakes happen. Just like all the typos and bad grammar in the articles on KCC.

  2. Hearne says:

    Ya don’t say…
    And your prize for that enlightenment is….a $34.95 bootleg Grease in Kansas City Keepsake Box.

  3. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    Jr. Strikes Back
    Yeah, it was probably a mistake, but it sounded like you want them brought up on federal (and maybe even felony) charges.

  4. Hearne says:

    Nah, just giving ’em a hard time for the fun of it
    Craig’s the one who wants to nuke everybody, remember?

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    And don’t forget…
    I was reporting the reactions the local theater company’s had to what the Star did. It was their reaction not mine, I just quoted ’em.

    I also thought it was an interesting way to note that the Star is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to get people to cough up more cash. A year ago last Thanksgiving they even bagged subscribers for an extra buck or so to pay for all the extra ads they sold. Remember that one?

    I am curious what will happen to folks who bought bootleg coffee mugs and the like before I tipped off the theater folks and they got the newspaper take the offer down.

  6. mr brown says:

    Whiny Bitch
    Man, you’re a whiny bitch

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    How many different names you gonna write under, Pot?

  8. hearneseviltwin says:

    At least as many as you dude!

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    I got one and it’s the real deal

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