Glazer: Time to Kick Some Butt & Clean Up the Middle East

Nobody wants to say it. Ever!

Are you not with me on this? Don’t you think – WTF – enough with these uneducated morons. With Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and all those wonderful people that bring us beheadings, terror, expensive oil and gas, believe in Allah and that Christians and Jews must die, want to drive Israel into the sea and  – oh yeah – suicide bombers.  How much more do we have to take?

Now they are in revolt for NEW DICTATORS. New Lunatics NEEDED IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

Are you afraid to say it? I’m not. It’s time to take them out. 

It’s simple really.

It goes like this; we call Russia and China: "Hey, this is President Obama. Hi, look we’ve decided enough with these assholes, let’s divide up the oil and gas. The US will take them out. Christ, they don’t have any military to speak of. Six camel riders and a dog took down Egypt last week. We’ll do the military work unless you want to help, OK? Then we’ll give you and China 25% each on oil and gas rights. You cool with that?"

And you’ll love this...

Israel becomes the new Middle East police force.

After we take them out, the Israelis are the watch dogs. Yeah, they get control. We get 40% of the oil. We back this up with our military. Let’s face it, China and Russia no match for us – they have no offense. So in or out?"

The next question is, how do we govern after we take power?

Like I said Israel becomes the on-property police. We simply say, "Look jack offs, you pull one stunt here or in Israel or America, anywhere and say goodbye, Nuclear Time, if need be. We’ll take one of you out and we’ll still have plenty of oil."

So who does the bombing? We can, or better yet Israel. China and Russia can back us up if they like.

Look, hopefully they will accept whoever we choose as the leaders over there. And if those guys fuck us, well, no more Castros, its bye-bye time.

Our way or they’re gone.

Hey, they’ll get plenty of money for their people. We’ll send them to school, teach them to read, and for Godsake bath and get some decent God Damn clothes on. Better yet, we’ll rebuild their cities so they look at least as good as Israel. Hell, they have the dough to do it.  For once somebody will be doing something good for their people.

You like it so far? Good.

"Lets all meet and get this done while they’re busy raping our blonde newsgirl and calling her a Jew. We’re gonna show them a little trick for pulling that crap. By the way, we’ll clean out the pirates in Somalia along the way. Yeah, take them out – kill them if we need to – if they don’t surrender. Those cowards killed four older, unarmed Americans. I won’t stand for that! America won’t stand for that! Dammit, we have not forgotten 911 or the beheadings of that American Journalist they murdered.

"The clock has run out on their hateful ways of doing things. We’ll teach them to act like, well, us. Are you with me? Good. Talk soon."
By the way Oil will cross $100 a barrel in a day or two. Gas will go to 4.50 a gallon by April. And the new leader of Egypt has made his feelings clear on Israel and the US. More of the same hate.

When is enough, enough?

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47 Responses to Glazer: Time to Kick Some Butt & Clean Up the Middle East

  1. Bill says:

    Mega dittos!

    Yea, that Iraq thing went so well and paid for itself, let’s invade the entire Middle East!

  2. Smart Person says:

    Yippee! This reading made my week. You are God Damn right Glazer. The time has come to take those pricks down. To the Bill guy, my good friend, we didn’t take the oil in Iraq or kick their leaders out so yeah it failed. This time we do both. I like the Isreal as watch dog thing glazer. Forget Mayor you run for President with Dare as VP you got my vote.

  3. Marc Dubowy says:

    This column made my Day Thank You Glaze
    YES, YES,YES, lets go take these animals down. Fix OUR ECONOMY NOT THEIRS. LOVE YOU FOR WRITING THIS, please visit us in Az. soon.

  4. STAN GLAZER says:

    Who ever said we didn’t get along, I love Craig. This is my favorite thing he has written, so far. KICK THEIR ASS, TAKE THEIR GAS. YOU BET.

  5. Shane says:

    Hey Cuz With You ON This
    Our entire staff just read this and smiled. America wants these Arab jack ass’s out. We all want it. Good job.

  6. Tony Tubes says:

    My neighbor is from Iran, nice man. He wears a turbine. He is a muslium. You want him gone too? You are a racist sir. We need to befriend our middle eastern brothers. The Jews need to give Isreal back to Jordon. It belongs to them. The Jews are the ones who should go. What good are they to us?

  7. KU Fan says:

    Tony You can leave and take your neighbor with you!
    Isreal is no good? What have they done for us? They are our number one combat Allie. Why don’t you leave, move to Iraq.

  8. harley says:

    glazer….why….why…..why……why……why….do you do this to yourself? Why do you
    show your failure trying to act intelleigent. Come on …wheres black barbie…the asian
    “happy ending” girl….pumping iron lady…..mermaid with the built in floatation devices…
    please stick to what you know best.
    We tried taking over the mid east oil…and look what happeened…we fought the war and
    everyone but america cashed in on the oil in iraq. We can’t fight these epople…they kick our
    ass and how will we pay for it when we are going broke just trying to pay our own bills.
    Come on glazer…I know you never served in the military..and you were old enough for the draft
    …..did you dodge the draft?
    So now you want america to take over the world for its oil. We can’t. because we’re going to
    battle india/china/africa etc. for what oil there is left. We reached peak oil….or are near to
    that….so what do you say we should do….attack the arabs and take the oil…..great idea…
    but you be the first one to volunteer to go over there and fight these people.
    It’s easy to cry for war when you don’t have to fight. come on glazer…sign up….at 60 they
    still might take you but you’d never get thru boot camp….good thing for you is they eliiminated
    don’t ask dont tell so you know which guys to jump on in the foxholes.
    Please…please (both little glazer and papa glazer)…stop the bull shit. this is just too much.
    I understand you’re only trying to elicit some controversey but do it with something else.
    Now…when do we get to know about the porn party you attended…bring back maria…
    because I’M A LOVER….NOT A FIGHTER….

  9. harley says:

    its all speculation….no oil shipments have been stopped…its still at 60-65 billion barrels….
    theres no shortage right now….its just the big banks and oil comoditiy brokers making billions
    of dollars by shorting and manipulating the supply of oil with bullshit like libyas revolt.
    If you knew anything you’d understand business and the oil markets and how they
    operaqte. $4.00 a gallon gas isn’t the fault of the arabs…its our own amercian greedy mother
    fuckers who are going to bring this nation down to its knees.
    Instead of invading the arab world…we need to take on the banks…the wall street thieves…
    the lobbyists and the u.s. government who is fucking america over and leading us down the
    path to a third world existence.
    read about it….its our own countrymen fucking us……..

  10. Tony says:

    Glazer, Are you high? Or are you messing with us or something. We have two wars going on in the middle east as it is an we have our hands full. It’s nearly bankrupting us. We don’t have the troops, the money, or the will to invade an entire region of the world. Everything you wrote just made us all a little bit dumber.

  11. DVD says:

    Never ceases to amaze me
    It is so incredibly easy to seize the emotions of the scared and uninformed. I knew before looking at the comments section this would elicit a bunch of “hell yeahs” from people with no sense of global understanding. At any rate Craig, I would encourage you to go ask Great Britain how smart an endeavor it is try and control people and abuse their resources from halfway around the world using strong-arm tactics.

  12. Cliffy says:

    Dumb. Not funny either.
    Do you have a calling tree to alert the people who post positive comments about you? Or do you do it yourself under multiple identities? Just curious.

  13. bschloz says:

    Shock and Blog
    Reminds of the one about the CNN reporter who goes to Israel to interview 80 year old man who has prayed daily at the Wailing Wall
    She asks, “You come every day to the wall. How long have you done that and what are you praying for?”
    The old man replies, “I have come here to pray every day for 25 years. In the morning I pray for world peace and then for the brotherhood of man. I go home have a cup of tea and I come back and pray for the eradication of illness and disease from the earth.”
    The journalist is amazed. “How does it make you feel to come here every day for 25 years and pray for these things?” she asks.
    The old man looks at her and says. “Like I’m talking to a fucking wall.”

    We take a lot for granted in USA … cheap gas…dial tone…broadband…wireless…..5,000 calories a day———The Suad does not want us driving Fiats they are happy we drive guzzlers. USA uses 1/3 of OIL supply….. jojo is right on…this is a Dollar play see $UUP— cheap money and #POMO creating speculative explosion in all commodities. Couple that with 3 billion people in ASIA/INDIA/MID East who wouldn’t mind eating a steak for the first time.
    43 million Americans now on Food Stamps…. Suad is following our lead..just cut the masses a check…keep em off the streets.
    No I don’t want to bomb anyone…time to come home…. start innovating– listen to T.Boone…lets throw the next 3 trillion at the middle class and start doing massive energy infrastructure works programs.. greater than propping up BAC GS JPM

  14. Mike says:

    Jesus, Craig….
    There are just so many things wrong with your ‘analysis’ here.

    First, do you realize that the social uprisings in North Africa/Mideast have almost nothing to do with radical Islam, and more to do basic freedoms? And that this is a technologically-based, peaceful civil uprising? Welcome to the age of Facebook and Twitter, Craig. Easy access to social media has allowed the repressed (and oppressed) more avenues for communication than ever.

    And It’s not the demonstrators who resort to violence-Mubarak sent his goon squads after demonstrators in Tahrir Square, just as Quadhafi (Khaddafy) is sending paid mercenaries after demonstrators-turned-rebels.

    And Craig, Egypt doesn’t have a new leader. The military is in control to keep peace and order…since, you know, they broke ranks with Mubarak and sided with the people. The people of Egypt control their destiny, and it has nothing to do with the US.

    Also, don’t you realize that the price of oil, right now, is not tied to any one remote figment of supply and demand from the mideast? Estimates today indicate that, at most, the events in Libya impact about 500,000 barrels of oil a day. Libya produces just under 2 million barrels a day. So they’re still exporting to their European partners. We don’t take their oil. Furthermore, the Saudi’s indicate they’ve got a lot of spare capacity currently offline, because worldwide oil consumption doesn’t need production to run at 100% of capacity.

    The problems in the mideast impact oil only on the side of the commodities exchanges, and those who buy oil contracts purely for speculative purposes. (I.E., where they make money, but in effect jack up the price on the rest of us.) It’s not a supply/demand function. It’s the function of rich foks who shouldn’t be able to enter the market, but can (thanks to the Commodites Futures Modernization Act of 2000), thereby artificially inflating oil prices.

    Oh, and another reason for the Mideast uprisings? The price of food. Corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar….all items traded on commodities exchanges, which (you guessed it) the big banks have rigged to benefit them.

    But, I’m sure your wild west version of international relations will do nothing but reassure traders and banks to reduce their ‘fear premium’ (what a bullshit term) on the price of commodities. So, by all means Craig, let’s use your plan, go into the mideast, kick ass and take names, and leave the mess for Israel. I’m sure THAT will turn out well for everyone.

    …….but, if this is some weak attempt at comedy writing……dude, it ain’t working. You need to consult with one of your comedian friends if this was in any way supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. Because I didn’t chuckle at all.

  15. Rainbow Man says:

    he is right
    Glazer is right. We nuked the Japanese 65 years ago and they are our best pals. We don’t get any crap from them anymore do we?

    We forgot about winning wars. See… winning a war means you put your opponent to their freaking knees and you humble them beyond recognition. They are to have nothing left. They played… They LOST. Defeat. Destruction. Lowest of Lows. If the war is worth fighting it is worth getting an UNQUESTIONABLE SURRENDER!

    These leaders are kooks. We wouldn’t let them babysit a dog but we let them run giant countries. They practice genocide. I believe we have a responsibility to nuke them.

    I sincerely believe we need to nuke an Arab city

  16. Robertoe says:

    Classic Imperial Overstretch
    I’m glad the lead pic was all star wrestlers because thats how credible this piece is. Shit! We can;t subjugate Afghanistan. You
    re a smart guy and understand history. He who has the oil has a big advantage and we’re no longer there. What you are proposing here is classic ‘imperial overstretch’ -author Paul Kennedy’s term. It has brought down most civilizations and it will bring down ours. We’re at the cusp of the great oil war. Its why we went into Iraq and immediately started building permanent air strips & bases. Yep us Americans will go to war so we can continue to piss away oil in our gashog SUVs. Shit we’ve already done it. W invaded Iraq and concurrently gave tax credits (not deductions) to purchases of +6,000 lb vehicles.

    Folks don’t realize the U.S. was the Saudi Arabia of the oil exporting world in the 40’s, 50s & 60s. Or to phrase that another way- we pissed away half our +100 million year hydrocarbon legacy into sub-$3 bl economics. US oil production peaked in 1970 never to return again.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Robertoe is correct. There are a number of excellent books that document the US hitting peak oil and plummeting from there. Going from exporter to importer. And many scientists think the world supply will peak and then rapidly start to fall in the next 10 to 20 years or less.

    Meanwhile, we fiddle while Rome burns. Practically every country in the world gets it besides ours. The only time we buy cars that get decent mileage – with very few exceptions – is when oild and gas prices spike. You couldn’t give away big trucks and SUVs in 2008. Then the world economy went in the tank, usage went down and prices fell. Suddenly few people wanted hybrids and cars with mediocre to poor mileage were back in.

    We need – as a country – to get a clue and conserve fuel for not just the environment but for posterity and world peace. For now, 40 (mpg) is the new 20. They sell a turbo 2 cylinder version of my coming soon Fiat 500 in Europe that gets low 60s.

    Where are our leaders?

  18. Superdave says:

    Glazer Have you lost it.?
    Glazer if you are so hell bent on kicking some ass then book a flight back east but just be sure you stop when you get to Washington and New York.

    Then put on the meanest face you own and proceed to start kicking all the right butts and leave the Middle East out of it.

    But I doubt you do anything but hide behind your keyboard and stir up crap.

    Why don

  19. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Sweet Jesus, Glazer.
    Did you really just insinuate the U.S. should not worry about China’s military might? Are you really that stupid?

  20. chuck says:

    Right and wrong are concepts.
    Kill every fuckin one of them.

    I love all this PC Kumbaya bullshit you pussy fucks pound out from behind a keyboard with guts full of food and your kids in private school. 150 years ago, the Somali Pirates last 15 minutes. We drive by, lob some VT FRAG into Mogadishu, kill all the women, children, brothers, uncles and every cocksucker there, end of problem.

    You’ll quit giving a fuck about “Human Rights” when your beating your neighbor over the head with a baseball bat in a line to buy gas for 15.00 a gallon.

    Harley and some other commenters are right about the manipulation of oil prices and what we pay at the pump. Who fuckin cares? I am ok with nationalizing oil and banks later today. I am also ok with hanging those corporate fuckheads from trees in their 1000.00 suits.

    Glazer is right. Utilitarian men of action with the guts to put a gun to your fuckin head, pull the trigger, watch you bleed out, then go have lunch are required to change the course of this ship of state.

    Coward pukes who refuse to acknowledge that Islamic Muslim Fundamentalists who “Wear Turbines” (Fuck him too) hate our guts for the most part, can hold hands with the fuckin devil in hell. Who cares?

    Bloody fuckin constraint will come sooner or later as the world’s population increases and resources dwindle. It should come now, before we are furhter weakened by Pollyanna Kumbaya Diverstiy is wonderful pukes who live next door waiting for more gubbment assistance. Recorded history to this point, shows that the most dangerous creation of civilization to this point, is a 19 year old white boy with an XM25 or some reasonable facsimile.

    I went to bootcamp in 69, and I could do it again.

    Everyone looking over theri shoulders to make sure they are in step with PC comme il faut talking points will sure as hell change thier tune when the shit hits the fan.

    Kill every fuckin one of them.

  21. chuck says:

    Am I crystal on this?
    Kill their dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, sheep, everyfuckinoneofthem.

  22. DVD says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share that with us from your underground bunker. Now you can go back to reading this month’s edition of Guns & Ammo.

  23. Hearne says:

    Re Mike’s estimate Libya is only down 500,000 barrels a day
    Check this from today:

    NEW YORK (AP) – Oil prices rose again Thursday as the rebellion in Libya appeared to have shut down even more oil production than previously estimated.

    Italy’s Eni, the largest oil producer in Libya, said the violent uprising has taken 1.2 million barrels per day off the market. Previous estimates said about 1 million barrels were offline since protests began.

  24. chuck says:

    DVD-It hasn’t come yet.
    Power stems from the end of a gun barrel-Mao (Another puke fuck scumbag.)

  25. Mike says:

    Okay, so the total is at a million
    But the Libyan oil producing infrastructure is not at risk….the Libyan protesters-turned-rebels have it in their possession, I’ve read.

    Once Khadafi-Quadhafi-Khaddafy (HOW MANY SPELLINGS DOES THIS GUY HAVE?!??!?! SHIT!) goes, his paid goons go, which then will give those folks what they want. If the US and Europe have any stones right now, they’ll freeze Moammar’s international assets (which are in the billions–oil money), which should hasten the downfall. The guy’s insane anyway…did you see the report about what he said yesterday? That nutjob was blaming, in part, the fucking Unabomber for Libya’s problems!! Freeze his financial accounts, and that guy’s toast.

    Besides, as it relates to oil, Libya’s production isn’t all that much. If the US and Europe wanted to stabilize oil markets today, they could tap into their Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), which is completely stocked at 750M-plus barrels inthe US….and I think Europe has roughly 500M. Any announcement from US officials that they’ll tap a small amount from the SPR on a daily basis would make oil markets plummet, and force the shithead speculators out.

    Let the mideast civil protests run their course. It has nothing to do with terrorist groups…it has everything to do with people tired of living under despots and corrupt regimes. It’s social change.

    Besides, anyone from the Guns ‘N Ammo crowd advocating about going into those countries to kick some ass- probably is also someone who’s taking the bait about extreme government spending and deficits/debt. So, an answer to that is to incur hundreds of billions more in unfunded expenses in order to play cowboy again in the Mideast? Ummmmm, no. Fuck that. We’ve already done that, and it cost us a trillion bucks in Iraq. Money that could’ve been used domestically. Plus, to have that kind of cavalier and flippant attitude like that is a huge disrespect toward those who have to go fight and serve abroad.

  26. downtown davey says:

    Glazer is Right, But Too Over The Top
    Glazer, I agree its time to take their oil. They have done nothing to deserve keeping it, nothing. Their nations are shit. Look like shit. But to do a takeover, man that is tough. Harder than you think, maybe the threat of nukes is best! Then maybe they listen.

  27. Black Barbie says:

    Not A Whore Craig
    Damn your ass and Johnny Dare, you talkin on me all the time. You said we was all whores at the clubs now, not me, maybe them other dumb bitches. Not me. It is so slow you got to think about the money now. Most of the white boys want that action for big money in the back. Nobody cares its like a cat house for real. But I don’t tric. Stop talkin bout me as such. My manager heard you and Dare sayin shit on the radio on us. Stop it. Hey its not my fault all these bitches are broke. Bout this arab thing, fuck them.

  28. Keith says:

    Couldn’t Agree More Glazer
    Read the comments, they go both ways. Not me, their time is over. I agre they are worthless.

  29. Joe Cornia says:

    Go Craig Go
    I’m a comic at Stanfords at times. I say “Hell yes” to this.

  30. Monkey Man says:

    Lets Get Tough
    My brother is in the middle east right now. He talks to me about twice every two or three months. Man he says what you are saying. WE lose lives for no reason there. War is for winning not playing the middle.

  31. Coo Koo says:

    Glazer You Are an AssHole
    Let me get this straight, you want to take over the middle east and then divi up their shit, right? Who are you to say all this? More dead troops, more families without a parent so we can get rich? Maybe you ran a CREW in Arizona with guns and weapons, but that ain’t the same as a full scale war with the middle east. What makes you think Iseral will agree, as will China and Russia? You got inside news? I didn’t think so! STick to football and movies and broads Glazer, you are no combat commando. I know I know you were in gunbattles, so the fuck what!

  32. craig glazer says:

    I Would Sign Up
    If it meant fixing our nation, and it does, I would go and fight. I volunteered to do just that for the Feds in 1985, of course rather than go to prison, but I was willing to do it….I believe in my country, even when we make mistakes, they can be corrected in time. Guys I am well aware that the war in the middle east did not go well for us. CAUSE YOU HAVE TO FIGHT TO WIN, take the enemy out, don’t play the middle and TAKE THEIR MONEY,OIL,WHATEVER WE NEED, the spoils go to the winner, not the loser. Thats why Korea, Viet Nam
    and Iraq and Iran have failed…win, take their dough, they had their chances for the last 60 years, their nations look like a dirt,rather sand hole for the most part. Yes I know about the Saudi beaches here and there, but otherwise shitholes. They will never work within the rules of the rest of the leading nations. No China has no matching military for US or Isreal. Don’t believe me? If they did we would see it on CNN. They have large troop force but little in the air or sea…very little, Russia is too busy playing Soprano’s(mobbed up) which maybe they are right, they have zero desire to attack anyone. England has some military, France none, really just US and Isreal, and some in China….The world has never been so vacant of a military til now, just us and one friendly nation. Why should our nation be broke or rather struggle to these people who want us dead or gone? I don’t get it, explain that to me. They attacked us!

  33. craig glazer says:

    Oh I am Not 60, got a few years to go to get there.
    I am in my 50’s and in great shape so yeah I’d go! No I didn’t dodge the draft my number was 344, they went to about 200 that year and the next year ended the draft, I think in 1971 or 72.

  34. Robertoe says:

    A dirty little oil market secret
    What happened to standing up for what is right and just?

    Yep. We will launch the Great Mideast Oil War but we won’t pervail. And we’ll do it for the stupid fucking reason that we want to keep driving our gas hog SUVs.

  35. Cowboy says:

    You Are A Dog
    Craig you are a peach. You know how to hit the right buttons, all the best. Love the new radio gig. Call me.

  36. DVD says:

    Small-minded crap
    Yeah Craig, we just invade the Middle East, kill a ton of people, and walk away rich and happy. No consequences. Because that’s the way the world works, right?

  37. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Jews Don’t Want Their Land
    The jews were driven from Europe in the 30’s to what is now Isreal. They had to fight the British to gain rule over that land. Oddly their co helpers were the Arabs. Until the jews won, than the Arabs turned on what was later Isreal owned by the jews given to them by the United Nations and the United States. It’s theirs. They have done a fantastic job of turning sand lots into cities with no oil money. They are family united. all of their people serve in the army at some point. They love the United States. They act and live as we do. They elect their officials and dump them if they do the wrong things. None of their leaders get rick by stealing from the people. In many ways they are a model nation. They have only been around 60 years. Damn good at building a democracy where there was none.

  38. Doormat says:

    Needed Point Berky
    You make a good argument Berkowitz. I agree. Bet you have a Lexus though. Kidding. No you guys did a great job. My hats off to you people in Isreal.

  39. Kellys man says:

    Better Idea Let Nigro Run the Middle East
    Hey you think Bill Nigro is so smart, send him over there to run it. Maybe he can push those guys around like he does us.

  40. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Sounding German
    Craig thats kinda what the Germans thought in 1933. Unite Europe. They meant well but look how it went. Greed and power create strange bed fellows.

  41. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    You Get All The Readers Boy
    Hey I like writing on your column site cause all my friends read your stuff. Hey Joey, Chris and Walt, here I am!!!!!! I don’t have much comment on this story, I don’t care for these towel heads myself, not sure we should blow them up yet. Glazer do you hang out in Waldo or Brookside? We want you to have a drink with us, like at Hoopers on a Tuesday! Yeah. Let me know. Rock em, sock em, Glazer.

  42. Natural Fitness Barbie says:

    First of allI am not a bodybuilder, I am a fitness competitor and busuness owner. So in the future Harley, I would appreciate a little respect. WOW is all I can Say Black Barbie????? What are you talking about/? Not only did you not make any sense, you didn’t cover the story at hand. You really are not that special or awake at the hour in which this show is on the air. NOBODY cares about you, so get over yourslf. As far as the matter at hand… Craig, it’s about time we speak our minds and stop trying to be so “politically correct”.

  43. tanglez says:

    Loved your photo Holli
    You are hot girl.

  44. vince Throxton says:

    Love OE
    Craig you are a wackado and a bit of a dumpster of a human but I love your crazy, unfounded, not researched and thankfully not politically correct writings. Keep up the good work.

  45. Dean Boese says:

    Well if the World Were a Game of Risk…
    I would agree with Craig whole heartedly. I would march my pieces right into that area, roll the dice and take it over. But we are dealing with real people…real soldiers here and real religious fundamentalists there. They understand us…but we don’t understand them. It’s hard to fight people who actually believe that God blesses their war…and sing songs with lyrics like ‘Blessed is he who knocks on the door of heaven with the skulls of his enemies in his hands’. Honestly, it has little to do with the Arabs anyway, the oil companies certainly manipulate and use these events as excuses to raise the price of oil, furthermore, we in America have until recently not really done any looking into alternatives to fossil fuels…which would reduce our dependence on oil and make the Arab Countries oil reserves un-necessary.

    But I have to say, Craig, I always enjoy reading what you write…and while I may disagree with this particular idea, I certainly celebrate the spirit in which you wrote it. Keep Writing Craig…and I will keep reading.

  46. downtown davey says:

    Hey Vince Good Post
    You know, Glazer I think just shoots from the hip, you are right Vince. But the fucker has some uncanny wisedom. I guess the crazy man has seen it all. I have to admit once I quoted the guy! Oh my Word! I used to dislike him for beating up on downtown. I live down here in a loft. You know the ‘hood’ was right. I have been trying to sell this joint for over a year. I have reduced the price three times. Not even a bad offer. Very upsetting to say the least. He did say this downtown would suck, maybe I should have quoted him on that. I think it will come back some day, but when. Yeah the Arabs need to give it up. Nothing good about those people that I can see, hear or think.

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